How to Host a House Concert : House Concert Website Resources
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How to Host a House Concert : House Concert Website Resources

Hi! This is Jim Goettler with Expert Village.
This is a video series about producing a house concert. There is a huge huge community of
folks all around the world who are producing house concerts these days. They are reachable
on the web of course. Many folklore societies around the country throughout Canada are basically
focused on house concerts as their main needs of doing things. They are very much reachable
on the web. I suggest checking it all out. There is also a big network of people doing
poetry in house concerts format and again, on the web so this is sort of an external
way to check with other people if the performer is interested in doing house concerts, again
check the societies. You can do search engines and check out house concerts and they are
happening everywhere. So on an external level, check it out. It’s a huge thing happening
everywhere. Some people are doing commercial art and it is very wonderful. The next segment
and the final segment actually, I am going to just touch on your own network of people,
your newsletter and keeping your community together.

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