How to Get Your Business Online (Quick Guide)
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How to Get Your Business Online (Quick Guide)

Meet Bob. Bob is passionate about widgets. If you need
a widget, Bob´s your man. But Bob has a problem. He needs a website
so he can sell more widgets, but he hates technology. So Bob asked Fred. Fred said that Bob would need a fully integrated
online e-commerce store with a shopping cart linked to a 2048 Bit SSL certificate linked
to a Merchant Account & linked to an invoicing & provisioning CRM system. Then he needs to
leverage SEO & Pay Per Click as well as creating a powerful Social Media presence to promote
his website. Now Bob is really confused. He doesn´t understand
what Fred said but it sounds expensive. So Bob asks Mary. Mary already has a great
website & she sells online. Mary tells Bob about Pickaweb and all the
great things that she has achieved with them. Like setting up a great website which attracts
lots of visitors. Selling online & loads of other really useful
stuff. Bob joins Pickaweb and soon learns that building
an online business doesn´t have to be expensive or confusing. He gets his website address & web hosting
setup instantly. In just a few clicks he has a great website
built. If he has any questions he knows that there
is a friendly team on hand 24 hours a day to help him. But most of all Bob loves the fact that Pickaweb
shows him step by step how to build & grow his online business. Soon Bob is selling more widgets than ever
& his customers love him. But it doesn´t stop there. Bob is soon getting a top listing in Google
because he has followed what Pickaweb have shown him. He gets even more customers from all over
the world. Now everyone can enjoy Bob´s widgets. Pickaweb – more than just web hosting. Sign
Up Now & discover how Pickaweb can transform your online business.

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