How to Get Started With YouTube Live Streaming
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How to Get Started With YouTube Live Streaming

– Wanna know how to build a
loyal, fanatical following that advocates for you, promotes you, spends hours with you every week? It’s all done through YouTube Live, you’re gonna wanna watch this video. (upbeat music) I’m excited to be joined
today by Nick Nimmin, he helps content creators
grow their channels on YouTube and he’s got a awesome weekly
show called Nimmin Live. Can you tell us a little
bit about your weekly show? – Basically, Nimmin
Live is a show that I do with my brother, Dee,
every single Saturday, as long as we’re not traveling. It is a place where
content creators can come and get their YouTube questions answered. – How long is the show? – Um, (laughs) typically
we go from anywhere from three to six hours, but our record is about seven and a half. – [Michael] Okay. – [Nick] Yeah. – What do you say to
people that are thinkin’ right now you’re nuts? (laughs) – Well, I agree, I agree with them. – Okay.
– Yeah, but outside of that though, I think that for the purposes that I use it for, I
think that’s a great fit. Now, if somebody was coming on to YouTube and they are just getting going,
they don’t have an audience developed yet, they haven’t
turned it into a thing yet? – [Michael] Right. – Then in that case, I
would limit it to like, a 30 minute to an hour
type of live stream. I definitely (laughs) would not recommend trying to go in for a six hour stream. – Right, what do you wanna
say to people who are a little skittish about doing
something live on YouTube? – It’s intimidating, you
know, it is intimidating because you are just like video content, you’re kinda putting yourself
out there, but within that, in order to accomplish new things, you have to take those
steps to push yourself in order to expand what it
is that you’re capable of and build your confidence
in the different areas, so because of that I recommend
that you just start trying to do it, you know, when you
first start live streaming, things are gonna go wrong
because that’s just the nature of the beast, we’ve
been doing it for years and we still have problems sometimes. When you go into it,
don’t think of it like, everything has to be perfect. Think of it as, okay every
single time that I go live, this is a chance for me to get better at how I’m actually presenting my content, but it’s also a chance for me
to learn how the whole thing works with the software and everything. – What have some of the benefits been, for you in particular, as a
result of doing this live show? – For me in particular, it’s
grown an awesome community. When you have your live
or your video community, those are the people
that enjoy video content. And then you have some
crossover to the people that also just enjoy live streams, but then you get to create a
whole new audience of people that also just enjoy live streams
and they don’t really care about the video content, which is great. So basically it’s helped
me develop a new audience, it’s helped me create a deeper
connection with the audience that I already had, but in
addition to the community side, it also helps generate affiliate sales. Of course, income in terms of
sponsorships, it helps me get even more people onto my email
list and things like that. – What about your speaking ability, has it helped you become a better speaker? – Without question,
yeah, and the thing is, and this is really bizarre,
but when you are live streaming and I’m sure you deal with
the same thing in podcasting because it’s all just free thought, you develop this thing that
happens in your brain to where, if you’re just making video content, yes, you’re monitoring what’s going on, but when you’re podcasting
or you’re live streaming, you’re constantly monitoring
the words that are coming out of your mouth and you’re
constantly making all these little micro decisions in the
process, trying to make sure that things come out and
they sound the right way. It’s just a really interesting
thing in terms of how your brain starts working
when you live stream. And the really cool thing about
that is that helps you when you’re on stage, that helps
you in situations like this– – To react to the audience, yeah, exactly. And I would imagine it’s led to more stage opportunities for you as well. – [Nick} Without question,
one of the things that you will deal with
on stage is Q and A. – [Michael] Right. – So, when you are live streaming, if you build in a Q and A
portion of your live stream, then basically, you get to
sit there for however long you do the Q and A portion
for, and you get to demonstrate that you know what you’re talking about, you get to demonstrate
that not only do you know what you’re talking about,
but you’re so up-to-date on what’s going on that you
can just nail the questions that are coming out and
just being able to– – Right.
– Develop that free. – Right, thinking.
– Thinking. – Yes.
– That’s ironic. (laughs) – Free thinking. (laughs)
– Yeah, irony, yeah. – Okay, couple tips for
those who wanna start doing regular shows, things you’ve
learned along the way. – Start now, that’s the very first thing, ’cause if you don’t do it
now, if you just kick the can down the road, then this time next year, you’re gonna be like, man,
I wish I woulda started live streaming ’cause now
everybody’s live streaming and I missed the boat. Two is, do take the time to learn the tech and figure out what’s best for you, so that when you do start having issues that you can troubleshoot them,
but at the very beginning, when you’re first getting started, start with something that’s
easy, something browser based or maybe your phone, something
to where you can just click and go instead of having
to do all the fancy stuff, just start with what it is that you have. – Any tools you recommend? – I recommend your mobile phone. – Oh, okay.
– Yeah, recommend your mobile phone, if
you’re just getting started, I recommend your mobile phone, I recommend if you’re going live on Facebook, just using what’s available in the apps, same thing with YouTube,
you know, just click it from the drop-down and
use what’s there now, and then basically build
as you grow your following. – Okay, what about tips on
content, should we be prepared or should we just wing it, I mean, ’cause not everybody’s
got that skill, right? – Yeah, yeah, having just a
general idea of what it is that you’re gonna talk about, or
just being extremely detailed. Okay, these are all of the things that we’re gonna go through. It’s also important in that
regard to know what it is that you’re streaming for.
– Right. – You know, because, as an
example, if you’re streaming so that you can bring more
attention to a product, then your stream’s gonna
be a little bit different than if you’re streaming to
demonstrate your expertise to build authority in a space. If you are wanting to build
an actual show out of it? – Yeah.
– Then going live on a regular basis and basically saying, every single week we go live at this time, or several times a week,
whatever your particular schedule is, whatever works best for you, dedicate to that time
and do it no matter what. – Nick has a killer video. – Yeah, I have a video, I
actually have a handful of videos on my channel about how
to be better on camera, so basically, a part of
live streaming is developing the skills in order to be able to do it, in order to be able to
communicate in a way that people respond to and
this video will help you do it. – And you’ll find it right here.


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