How to get rid of blogger redirection page
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How to get rid of blogger redirection page

Okay guys welcome back it’s Ekemini
Robert from okay here is my blogger website properly
connected to a custom domain okay but the thing is when I try to visit the
bloger sub domain URL all right instead of getting here directly I get
this redirection page this could happen for a few reasons
improper DNS setup or sometimes connection to Cloudflare when you connect
your blogger website to cloudflare you could get this error message
some people take care of it by grey- clouding these two cname records this
will take care of the redirection error issue all right it will take care of the
redirection error issue but the thing is you will lose out on the services you
get from Cloudflare. That is that always the last last option so today I’ll share
how to remove that redirection page without grey-clouding those status
icons all right it’s quite simple so let’s begin okay so
what you do is you need to create…. give it whatever name you would like
okay just like that or something a little bit more reasonable okay all right that’s it you create your
blog create a new blogger website and once you do that what you need to do is
you have to bring this name to the new blogger page you have created. The idea is
that once you do that when you bring the name down here you set up a redirect
here so a redirection command at another place but with the name right let’s
proceed so we don’t get ourselves confused all right so open blogger
in another tab once you open blogger in another tab what to do is go to settings
nice, quick and easy once you get to settings we need to bring this name to
the new blogger website we have just created ok so in order to do that in
order to do that we have to remove this settings for a few seconds because there
is no way to change this name without removing custom domain okay are you sure
this will remove… all right pretty … sure! okay all right so what you do is you edit
this name copy that once you copy that you want to change this name to whatever
other name you know does not exist all right so immediately after that I
click on that click on that and re-save settings and you are back so what you do
is you bring that name to this new blogger site we have created rename this
okay so now your blogger website is now here right we did the separation and
the the blogger sub domain is now here while the name it was previously
connected to is now here but we have successfully given it a different sub
domain this we did by creating a new blog and then renaming
it so what you do next is you set up a JavaScript redirection command so let’s
get the JavaScript and then put it in the head of the HTML we copy this
alright if you are on the website what you do is just check below this
video and you will find this JavaScript redirection command and if you’re
watching this on YouTube just check the description scroll down and you will find
this code then you copy it to the head of the HTML of the new website place
it anywhere within the head but do not forget to change this to the custom domain you are
setting up the redirection for all right this is it right this is where you want
your site to be and that is that save theme save theme all right once theme is saved so let’s try
to visit this all right once it gets here it’s going to be redirected by the
JavaScript down here it’s it’s that easy it’s that easy so beautiful without
grey-clouding your Cloudflare icons and I know people could worry about
things like Feedburner your feedburner here stays the same and nothing changes
your blog ID remains the same so if you are using blogger API you don’t have any
problems since these things work with blog ID they remain the same and how
about your cname records? Cname records remain the same okay so if you go to
CloudFlare cname records they remain the same nothing changes we are done there
but just before you go make sure this website can be indexed okay
save that Google and other search engines should be able to visit the blog
and actually see that it’s here and it’s going there just… you’re done setting up
that you need to take care of your robot.txt so copy your robot.txt from here settings, search preference all right make sure you copy your robot.txt you
need them it’s on the website just scroll down you’ll find them somewhere
below this video on the website you find them somewhere below this video on
the website copy your robot.txt go to settings okay yes and paste this here be
sure to make the necessary changes sure to make the necessary changes
okay this is for the this is for the subdomain we have created all right I
have “archive” there because I do not want search engines to crawl archived
pages on blogger all right okay so robot.txt for
and this is the robot that text for
alright okay Save Changes and that is about all
you need to do apart from that the other reason why you could get this
redirection error that says this blog is not hosted on blogger and has not
been checked for spam viruses and other forms of malware Do you wish to be
redirected? some people set up a subdomain for for example but fail to include that in the DNS so
we set up a cname record include “tv” and map it to that is it
if you need to see your redirection pathway what you need to do is just
install a redirection…, a pathway add-on to your browser just enter the URL of the website you
which to you wish to visit say the one we just finished setting up and click on
the plugin icon and it will right away show you the redirection pathway of the
website okay this is the URL we entered but it followed a JavaScript redirection
command that and then brought us here so this gives you how it happened and also
shows you the status code for the website have any comments put them below
or visit the website and drop ’em in the article. Like this video and share with
friends that are using blogger or having similar issues so visit for more of these and many more helpful articles thank you for

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