How to get New Google Recaptcha to your Website
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How to get New Google Recaptcha to your Website

hey what is up guys this is me Shobhit Pant
and recently I posted a video on youtube regardeing the new Google recaptcha but a few of you
asked me to explain it more deeply so here I am. Today I am gonna show you how google
recaptcha works and how you are gonna get it on your website. I have created a simple
demo for you and this is my website there you can just go and see and test how
google recaptcha works it is just a simple felid where you have to just tick and it will
just work and will tell you wether you are a bot or not. IN some cases it will ask you
to type a text that is very easy so this is it now I am gonna tell you how it works and
how you are gonna get it to your website . lets ge started first of ll you have to click on
get recaptcha button on the, now once you are logged in to your google
ccount it will get you to this page. Now you havee to register your website You can give
it ny label like recptcha 4 u and the domain this is mine you can
paste anything over here. I have noticed that it doesnt really matter that you have to type
the right domain over here you can create it for any domain and just place it anywhere
else so lets do it. Alrisht so once you are done it will give you 2 keys and 2 snippets.
hese snippets are what make the google recaptcha and these keys are what makes it work. Ok
so there is one heading, 2 text feilds and one sumit button over here just forget the
google recaptcha feild for once now I have downloaded this file and ok so whatyou are
gonna do in it so that the google recaptcha thing appears for that you have to copy one
of the snippets, the script snippet. you have to paste is right before you close the hed
tab so am gonna paste it over here and there is another snippet that is the division class
line you just copy it and paste it whereever you ant your google recaptcha to appear. I
want it to appear just below the comment submit button so I am gonna paste it right over here.
Alrisght guys so this is done, now i can see that it is showing my site key already so
I dont need to paste my site key anywhere else, the site key is almost done but secret
key has a different function that I will show you now. Lets just save it for now and see
how it works. This is just simple HTML file. Now you can see over here it is giving me
an error an internal error I dunno what kinda thing is this but it is definitely because
I haven’t used my secret key. So now the work of secret key is when you click on the google
recaptcha button the website sends a request to google servers asking wether this user
is a bot or human and the google servers reply for it so this is the main use of secret key
the secret key is helpful in this communication between you and google. I have reated a form
page this is in php and you can download it I have given the link in the description you
can just get it from there. Here you have to pste your secret key alright se heres a
disclaimer that dont have to show your secret key to anyone but mine is just for educational
purposes so you can go on and hack my secret key 😛 alright so just copy and paste it where
you have to paste. OK so now just save it. Now you are done. Now you just have to upload
both of these files to your website or file manager or wherever you want to do it or any
other file managing software so I have made it to this website and it is working fine
for me you can go to and see it is working perfectly. Oh yeah 😀
the tick, green tick that’s very good for me. Ok so guys this is me Shobhit Pant and
I hope you liked the video please share it with your friends and subscribe to my channel
for more educational things 😀


  • Kirubakaran J

    hi Shobhit,
    The video is great…
    Can we do the similar coding thing in java instead of PHP…??
    If you know kindly let me know…
    Thanks in advance

  • Sandeep Shetty

    When I visit your download page it downloads an EXE file recaptcha.rar.exe. Should I go ahead and install it or is that a phishing attempt that you are unaware of? You could even paste the code in the Youtube description, if you don't mind. Thanks for the tutorial though! 

  • NJ

    hey.. the captcha does not work on other machine why is that ?
    i just keep getting the error -"please enter recaptcha" even if i enter the right captcha as shown.. 
    i have registered around 5-6 keys but still it does not work 

    first: i have registered a key and copied it on the login page and when i moved my project to a different machine the error started to appear. The error was- Pleas enter your recaptcha .

    Please help me out. i keep getting this error. Can we not use a single key for two different pages like one for contact page and other for login page ? or do we have to register two different uniques key for the two php pages ?

    Thanks in advance
    please help me out i'm need it.its really urgent

  • Miles Parenteau

    Hi there, thanks for the form.php file. I had no idea how to create a php file that worked with the Google snippets.

  • estereovida

    Why recaptcha show me second sep of verification, select match images, and I dont like to do that, i just want to do clic one time on the square "I am not a robot" please help meeee

  • Brian Vistaunet

    Hi Agar. Thank you so much for this! This is the straightforward, well-described tutorial I'd been looking for. Got it done for me. Thanks so much!

  • Harry Maartens

    I was trying the sample code from the Google Drive. I placed the right keys in my domain, but if I check the checkbox I get pictures and then I download the php file.
    My question for now is that I don't want to download the php file and that filling the checkbox is enough? I hope some members can give me the answer.

  • Andre Champoux

    How about a copy of the HTML site with the form?
    Your site isn't there with the form, and when I follow your instructions, the form works even if I don't use the captcha

  • Joseph Crown

    Great tutorial. But the form.php is empty.
    could you kindly provide another file? or can someone who already has it send it to me?

  • Shadow World

    Fact is 90% time it Prevents visitors i.e. real human TRAFFIC from visiting your website.

    you will only lose your visitors, once visitor gets frustrated, they notice down your website to F*kin shitt website list and Prevent himself from opening it again and START LOOKING FOR SOME OTHER WEBSITE WHICH DONT USE THIS SHIT!!

    people now looking for websites without recaptcha


    Google recatchpa is pure 24karat shittt!!!
    ruining our experince and stoping us from visiting websites.

    google u were on hatelist now this recatchpa promoted you to "people who should die first" list

  • asaland mekonnen

    i have captcha files which is done for online eCommerce but i could not access it easily pls could i get verification code for this

  • Berkan Bilgin

    You talk so fast dude! It would make it more clear if you would have spoken lil bit slower! Just a friendly suggestion. Thx for the tut anyways

  • Michael Brown

    When I looked at googles stuff, it was confusing. When I looked at your video, I was able to understand.

  • rebekah4137

    Great tutorial! I actually like that you went fast. 🙂

    I got the recaptcha to work, but it takes me to a page after I submit that just states "Please check the recaptcha form." I see this in the .php file, but I am not sure that means its went through or not? Also, I am not sure how to change the .php to send the user to a thankyou.html page. Thanks for your help!

  • Shweta Mehrotra

    Hi Shobhit, Can you please help with recaptcha? We have site compatibility view settings available, and I have tried your code and its not working. Can you please help?

  • Andrea Lau

    Hi, thank you so much for this. It was really helpful.
    However, I don't know why but it doesn't work on Safari. I tested Chrome and Firefox and seemed fine. Have you heard anything about it not working on Safari?

  • Ibrahim Ince

    Thank you very much for this video. I guess i have finally understood how its works. I have a problem that , I am able to send mail even captcha is not check. Do you have any succession ? Thankyou.

  • Philipp Tarasov

    Ha, great stuff, but to be honest there is always a simplier way to beat
    those captchas.
    Here some guys desribe how "I'm not a robot" captcha works, then reverse
    engineer it and offer to solve all the captchas for you I don't have too many captchas in my line of work, but definetely interesting read.

  • Sandesh Sapkota

    thankyou but i got this as not completing as notifying
    "Localhost is not in the list of supported domains for this site key." i just practised what would i do to complete?

  • HitchMe

    the response is JSON object you can't simply get success by $response.access, you need to decode it first with $data = json_decode($response, true);

  • rajesh upadhyay

    Nice video for sure. Could you tell me a way through which I can put the google recaptcha on my home page and people entering the home page would need to validate that captcha so as to pass to the subpages/home pages. Also your php file demo has not been explained. YOu may like to show that as to what happens if we make wrong attempts etc

  • Tihamer Varadi

    Thank you for your tutorial. I implemented exacly as you show it, but every time I get the "Please check the the captcha form." error message, even if I check the captcha! Can you tell me why? Thanks in advance.

  • Tom Aud

    "reCAPTCHA is a free CAPTCHA service that protect websites from spam and abuse."

    Or in other words:

    "Dear Visitor, You Are Guilty (Robot) Until Proven Innocent (Human)".

    Here's the KEY, but you need to open the locked door from inside…. and that gets tricky…..

    Google re-captcha is more like re-gotcha! It holds you captive (captcha =
    captive) and it brute forces you to select cars, street signs etc.
    before you are let inside and depending on individual site's settings it
    can take up to 5 minutes to complete, by an average unsuspecting
    non-techie user, especially the grandparents. Plus do you know what "I'm
    Not A Robot" really stands for? It makes you feel inferior to robots so
    to speak. It's rather a joke you may think, but has truth in it. We are
    coming to an age of robots and we are being replaced by robots since
    1970s. A truly hardworking site will not have re-gotcha annoyance on for
    you to be annoyed or be voting with your feet instead. That's what I
    do, when I see re-gotcha! I run as fast as I can, cause a human can not
    be replaced by a corporate robot or any robot. My site has a simple
    numeric code oconsisting of just 5 numbers and they are well readable.
    if I get a "filthy robot" problem I deal with it by hand and not by
    re-gotcha from a lazy butt site owner. Adios robots!

  • Kristi Paul

    Shobhit, thanks for the video. I can't run the files as you described. I saved both files in notepad and opened with Chrome, but did not work. How do I run the both files? How can I upload the files in file managers (managing software)?

  • Fun With Benefits

    ERROR for site owner: Invalid site key how to fix this dude

    $secretkey = "6LcWlWoUAAAAAMV1Wtlwi3h5cYW4lROxPOrisuGC";
    $responsekey = $_REQUEST['g-recaptcha-response'];
    $userIP =$_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'];
    $url = "$secretkey&response=$responsekey&remoteip=$userIP";
    $response = file_get_contents($url);
    $response= json_decode($response);

    echo "verification success";
    echo "reCAPTCHA failed";
    $query="insert into mydata (name,email,phone,message,date) values

    echo "insert val";
    echo "nope…";
    header('Access-Control-Allow-Origin: *');
    $html = "<br><br>Hi,<br><p><strong>Name : </strong>".$_REQUEST['name']."</p><p><strong>Email : </strong>".$_REQUEST['email']."</p><p><strong>Phone : </strong>".$_REQUEST['phone']."</p><p><strong>Message : </strong>".$_REQUEST['message']."</p>";
    //$to = "[email protected],[email protected],[email protected]";
    $to="[email protected]";
    $subject = "A Person Need an appointment";
    // Always set content-type when sending HTML email

    $headers = "MIME-Version: 1.0" . "rn";
    $headers .= "Content-type:text/html;charset=UTF-8" . "rn";

    // More headers
    //$headers .= 'From: <[email protected]>' . "rn";
    //$headers .= 'Cc: [email protected]' . "rn";


    echo "1";


    this is my code dude

  • Simon .B

    Thanks for your help, Shobhit.
    I have one question. Can i add multiple domains/different domains under the 'Domains (one per line)' section?

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