How to Get Free .me Domain Name for Students {very detailed}
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How to Get Free .me Domain Name for Students {very detailed}

Are you a student looking to get a domain
name for your website. Perhaps a domain for your personal blog or
portfolio website. Today, I’ll walk you through how to get a
free .me domain using your University issued email address. Ok here is the deal. We’ll be getting the free .me domain name from
NameCheap at If you did not know NameCheap is a domain registrar where
people register domain names for their websites. But we won’t be going directly to them. We’ll be going through Github, through the
Github Education Program Github Education helps students, teachers
and schools access the tools and events they need to shape the next generation of software
development. And NameCheap is a part of that collaboration. Now besides registering an account with NameCheap
at and with Github at the other requirement is that you are currently
a student in a University or Higher Institution that is recognized by the Github Education
Program and you have your school-issued .edu email address. If you have all these, head over to Click on “Get your pack” to get started Here I will sign in with the account I have
already created I’ll click “Yes, I’m a student” And right here you’ll see that my school email address is already listed and my University,
University of Benin is over here with this green check mark thing.. meaning that my school
is recognized by the Github Education Program But before I continue
I’m going to show you step by step how I got here and have my school email address listed
and bring you up to speed. First off all, head over to
to sign up for an account for the email I recommend you use something
other than your school email like this. Verify that you are human and select “Create
account” Here select the free $0.00 plan and “Continue” You can tailor your preference like you see mine or you can
“skip this step” altogether. Click on the avatar image on the top right
corner when you are now logged in select “Your profile” click “edit profile” on the left hand side select “emails” under personal settings
and here type in your school email in the “add email address” field and “add” it
You’ll be sent a verification email at your school email address
verify the email and come over to this page, refresh it, and your school email address
would be added. Now ensure that your primary email is NOT
set to your school email like mine is here. Let primary email not be your school email. More on that as we go forward. Ok in the name field clean this out and write
your full name select the email that is your school email
address select the year you are graduating
I’m graduating in 2019. Now how do you plan to use Github.. You can write whatever you plan to use Github
for If you don’t know what to use it for, you can
write what you see here and “submit the request”
You’ll get this “Thanks for submitting” message if your application is successful you’d receive
and email confirmation from Github Education. This email confirmation could arrive almost
immediately or within the hour as stated here. As you can see in my case it was immediately. I’ve received that email welcoming me to Student
Development pack. Hurray that’s awesome news.. Thank you Github.. If you didn’t receive yours give it some time
and reapply. Now what you have to do is go back again and enter this URL click on “Get you pack” again this time you’ll get access. Now..
as you can see there are a lot of other goodies in the Github development pack. If you have the time you could check them
out but the one we are interested in today is the one offered by NameCheap here. And we are interested in the one year domain
name registration on the .me TLD. So.. to get access click on this link
now you’ll asked whether you want to allow have authorization to your Github account
NC is owned by NameCheap (NC stands for “Name Cheap”) …authorize that This is the place where you type in the domain
you want I have one I want to register right away and that is if it’s available, it’s mine Or no.. I’ll do another one Ok this one is available Now I’ll be registering
which I’ll be using for future demos and tutorials in the coming weeks. I’ll “add” that to cart and complete the order Here you have a free option to choose either one of these
Github Pages or Exposure you can look at the details to help you decide
which to choose I’ll go with Github Pages Then right below here you are going to type in your primary email address as you have
it on your Github account. Remember we said we are going to NOT set the
primary email to your school email So right here I’ll type in my primary email. “Finish up” If you have created an account with NameCheap at the beginning, go ahead and sign in. I did not, so I’ll create an account now. I’m just going to fill this form with the
demo details I have created in my Password Manager This is a demo, in your case, you should be filling this with your real information it
is very necessary Now I’ll generate a secure password for this
account. That’s a 16 character long password and a
very strong password. If you’d love to learn how to use a password
manager to perform tasks like this. Watch out for my future episodes in the coming
weeks. So I’ll click on “create” Ok here you have it. This is my nearly registered domain, please
dont hack me or available for me, free, $0.00 for one year. (so let me add that to my LastPass. That was the newly created NameCheap account
added to my LastPass Password Manager) I’ll confirm the order… and I’M DONE.. Now to administer you newly created and shinny domain you can log in at to administer your account Thank you for watching. Please this is my very first YouTube video
I’ll appreciate your comments and feedback in the comment section below
and SUBSCRIBE to learn more from me. See you next week when I bring you a follow-up
to this video. Bye.


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