How to Get Free Domain | Top Level Domains Free for 1 year | NO Freenom
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How to Get Free Domain | Top Level Domains Free for 1 year | NO Freenom

Welcome to this video where I’ll show you how to get a TLD absolutely free. So Let’s get started. First go to This is a website that provides you free and .uk domain for free. For 1 Year But you just get 1 free domain This domain costs you 10$+ in other websites. So Now let’s search for the domain you need. I need a domain on my name. So, I’m searching for You search for your desired domain name. After you’ve typed in the name, click on search It’ll show you whether the domain you searched is available or not. So Luckily, is available for purchase. I just need to select the option for or .uk .com is not available for free So unselect .com and select or .uk only Click on add to order Then unselect the option of domain privacy as it’ll charge you some money. Click on continue. You don’t need the following features so don’t select and click on proceed. After that remove the email option as it’ll charge you 2.99 euros. Currently we just need our domain for free. After removing, it’ll be totally free. Then click on proceed to checkout Now you need to register here and checkout. As I’ve already got my domain, I can’t register again. After registering you’ll get your free domain. After you’ve got your domain change the dns to your hosting nameservers. If you need free web hosting, I’ll be making another video on it soon. Do like and share this video and subscribe for more such videos.


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