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Welcome back to my channel today. We’re talking tik-tok again specifically how to grow your tik-tok account from zero to one thousand five thousand ten thousand a hundred thousand followers Quickly now I want to share that Tik-tok is not just for kids. You might be thinking but Oh Maria, I don’t even have time for tik-tok You don’t even have time to ignore it because look what happen with Facebook and Instagram Everyone kind of pushed it aside. So it was just for kids and guess what? I heard this by Gary beat everyone aged up So you want to make sure you’re not leaving money on the table and you’re not leaving views followers on the table Now if you haven’t watched part one of this series you’re gonna want to go and watch the first video Which will show you the first seven steps today’s video? We’re gonna be covering the next steps that you absolutely want to implement right away to grow your following These are actionable steps you could implement right away now if you don’t have a tik-tok account go sign up for one if you do I want you to go to the comments and Post your username down below so we can all you know share the wealth now Here’s the crazy thing since I last posted in my last video I actually posted that I had 150 Thousand plus views in about 28 days since then We’ve had two hundred and ninety four thousand seven hundred and forty views in 28 days We went from 238 followers to five thousand five hundred and fifty followers in 28 days, and it’s growing quickly We’re growing by about three hundred to four hundred ninety-four followers per day right now And I do believe it’s gonna get even bigger because I’m using all the steps myself So let’s get to it the first step out of the seven steps is number one use news music trends Utilize the music on the platform check talk is really all about entertainment music short little videos that are 15 to 60 seconds So make sure you go under discover and look at the top trending sounds if you’re noticing a lot of Different songs in your feed and videos that are getting a lot of views that have a certain type of song Use that as a winning sign that most likely if you do that You’re gonna have a much better chance and using some song that people aren’t listening to so music trends are Absolutely blowing up people’s channels. I I have tested different music trends. I have seen better results myself So use popular music and play around with the music trends and you’ll find that you’re gonna get more engagement as well Tip number two is don’t delete your videos I know that sometimes I wanted to and I have deleted some videos because sometimes you’ll film a video you’re like Oh, that wasn’t good. I should have not uploaded that one But guess what tik-tok has an algorithm and the algorithm has something called a delayed explosion I don’t want you to judge the video. You got to give it at least ten days so I have had videos that have had maybe 700 a thousand views and then like delayed explosion happen and now they have 10,000 20,000 50,000 almost hundred thousand views Which I thought the videos weren’t even gonna hit maybe some of them weren’t going to work But I’m so glad I didn’t delete them because I think that I made a mistake deleting some of the original ones make sure you don’t delete the videos as well because we don’t want to talk to think that you’re Spamming if you’re deleting a lot of videos So keep the videos up give them you know 10 days even up to 30 days because chick talk needs content because the newer platform so they’re going to start releasing Your content in little batches of drips and with the delayed explosion You want to give it a really good chance? Some of my videos have even started really taking off after 30 days So give it a good amount of time step 3 is to ask a question You’re going to want to create engagement because the algorithm really favors different things and I’m I’m thinking of making another video about the Algorithm where it really shows you the points and scores that tik-tok rewards like it’s not like that are the most popular It’s really watch time, but I’ll maybe do that in another time. But what you don’t want to do is ask questions There’s a little blurb or you can write things like a little question and you ask a question And also ask a question at the end of your video You’re going to create more engagement and more curiosity for someone to watch your videos. So I actually will ask a question So it kind of gets people pondering and I’ve noticed ever since I started Implementing this at the very end of my videos as well asking a question. My videos are taking off more They’re growing much more views than my first videos So once I implemented this one I do it all the time as much as possible and it’s really really working because it does create engagement and commenting and watch time and sharing which is Oh Tik tok is going to basically reward you for step four is to optimize your bio You don’t want to leave just your bio blank. Make sure you share how you help people how you entertain people and And make sure that you add something that adds value to someone so it’s not just blank for my bio. I have two channels I actually basically share how I help people It’s like I help What it does is it gives people a what’s in it for me of why should I subscribe to your channel if you do this? Most people don’t do this. You’re going to have an advantage to someone who hasn’t optimized their bio. Does that make sense? Step number five is to add value Always think about your audience. What’s going to life make their life better? What’s gonna make them laugh? What’s going to bring value to them? Most people make the mistake of doing? Dancing videos on tik-tok just for themselves and there’s no value there It’s just like they’re not even putting any thought into how is it going to make your viewer feel so don’t expect to get famous With just doing that if you add value you’re going to grow faster You’re going to have a much better chance of growing a really loyal following that loves you And when you add value you’re gonna feel really good. Anyways, I’m always thinking what are my ideal person’s challenges? What are their problems? What have I gone through and then I make content around that That literally adds value and helps someone to again have a better day and I get comments like that saying, thank you so much I really needed this video step number six is to use your analytics to figure out what content you should make more of if you go under your Analytics and you have a pro account in tik-tok. You can literally go see which videos are performing if a certain topic or Type of style of video is performing then wouldn’t it make sense to make more of those? That’s what I do and I’ve noticed kind of a theme. I notice a trend so I’m looking to solve people’s problems And by that I have the data in my analytics. No, okay. Well, this is a popular video Let me make another one like this. Let me spend another angle on it if you spend another angle on it You’re gonna be able to even make five videos on the same. You rocki rocki? Okay, he wants to make a cameo step number seven is to post when your followers are online Do you know that average tik-tok users are on the app? Almost like over 50 minutes a day. I think it’s like 52 minutes if you look at my last video you’ll see that But literally what you and I want to see in your analytics are what times are most of your followers online Post around that time again with your video when it launches it takes about an hour just under an hour For tick-tock to stop start dripping it. So if your viewers are on at 7 a.m. For example or 11 p.m I found that those times are really popular times for my account You don’t want to see if that’s the same for yours and you’re gonna be able to know okay make sense to post my video And the cool thing is you can actually film videos and have them in your drafts So what I do is I’ll literally have a whole bunch of videos that I pre filmed for the week and I’ll have my drafts And then I’ll just rip them out in the morning or in the late evening. So now I want to hear from you Which one of the tips are you going to implement right away, which one was most helpful? Which ones made the most sense? I really want to hear from you below in the comments And yes, your opinion does matter so please let me know because I want to create more content that is helpful and valuable for you if you have a download of my New brand new checklist SEO your video comm it’s how to get your YouTube videos on page one of Google and YouTube the top two search engines in as fast as 12 hours a lot of our clients and I have you know page one for so Many of our videos for the last 13 years You can go to SEO your video comm and click on and you can get the checklist right away I hope you’ll enjoy it. If you like this video that was helpful. Please like the video please share the videos Leave me a comment super appreciate it and make sure you subscribe to my channel because I create videos Weekly on Fridays and I’m gonna be doing my next video will be part threes. You’re gonna want to stay tuned for that so I’m going to share the last out of the 21 tips again today you had tips 8 to 13 in the last video you’re gonna want to watch if you haven’t seen that it’s tips 1 to 7 in the next video I’m gonna do the last 7 tips that you really want to use to crush it with tick tock so you gain more followers and Really paint Authority quickly, so you’re setting yourself up for early Adopter status so many people miss the boat with Instagram. I know I did we to miss the boat on somewhere So this time we’re not gonna miss the boat. We’re gonna be early adopters together. So are you in so I say, thank you So much for watching. I hope you enjoyed this video as much as I enjoyed filming it for you I will see you in part 3 make sure you leave a comment and thank you so much for watching


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