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How to Get a Website Online | GoDaddy

Hi there! In this video, we’ll identify the key things you must have to get a website on the Internet. To get a website up and available on the Internet, you need three things: a domain name, website hosting services, and the website files that display for visitors. You don’t need to get these things in a specific order, but you do need all three to make sure people can see your website on the Internet. Think of your website like a home; in general, a home has an address, so that people can find it; some land or space where it can be built; and of course, the house itself. When you give someone directions to your home, you give them your address. It’s the same thing with websites. People need your domain name, so they can find you on the Internet. That’s why a domain name is sometimes called a web address. You get domain names from a domain registrar, like GoDaddy. At a domain registrar, you search for the domain name you want to see if it’s available. If it is, you can purchase and register your domain name, and then use it for a website or email, or both. After you get your domain name, or your web address, you need some land for your house. For websites, hosting servers provide the “land.” Hosting servers are where you store your website files and make them visible on the Internet. To get space for your website files on a hosting server, you rent space from a hosting provider. Hosting providers lease you space on their servers to store your files. Now that you have the address and land for your house, you need to build your house, or in this case your website! Websites are made up of files that live on a website hosting server. When you publish those files, they become visible on the Internet. To build a basic website quickly, try one of GoDaddy’s all-in-one, website building tools. These tools include website hosting, so you don’t need to buy those services separately. Remember, for your website to be visible on the Internet you need three things: a domain name, website hosting, and website files for your visitors to see. Do you have all three? Then what are you waiting for? Get your website on the Internet today!


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