How to Get A Free Website   with Free domain + hosting   with Unlimited Storage
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How to Get A Free Website with Free domain + hosting with Unlimited Storage

hello guys my name is Kishan and in this
video I’m gonna be showing you guys how to get a domain with unlimited storage
okay I mean free hosting so the first thing which we are gonna need is a
github account so let’s just set it up go to the if you are already
familiar with github you don’t need to do anything for creating the account but
if you don’t have any account I just created okay in the sign abstraction you
can just create it like that so let’s just first of all put yeah what happened
wait a minute yeah so you can first of all pick a username so let’s just speak
a username so I think I click username which nobody have already taken okay so
let’s just take a unique username which don’t anyone have picked up so let’s
just say let’s code it bro no it’s too long wrong okay so let’s say
inkbotuser input user yeah it’s not taken so let’s just say that our email
address it should be the real one because we’re gonna have to receive the activation link okay so let’s just
create the password secret1234 all right wait a minute
secret secret1234 okay so let’s just say sign up and
you can see we have completed the setup and personal account so you have to
choose the unlimited public repositories you can just say private repositories
for seven dollars a month and you can just get unlimited okay so if you want
to get private repository you can just do it again but I’m gonna leave it to
the free repository so you can just select those options customizations or
you can just skip this step I’m gonna just fill these okay so just
think I’m a student and I’m interested in web development okay so let’s just
say I’m development and hit submit the internet might be slowed a bit okay yes so here you can see now we have our
own account if you see you don’t have any repositories here so you can just
create a new repository but first we have to verify our email address okay so
an e-mail verification in ducks instructions were sent to the email
which we have just entered to create our new account so just go to your Gmail or
whatever your mailing addresses and let me just log in from that account let me just sign in for Doc Google Gmail
okay so the password Media Center ains sorry sorry
ser CRT secret one two three okay so when you do it you will be able to
verify your email address and once you will verify it you can able to create
unlimited private public repositories if you have own public ok public I mean
public package ok so just so you can see please verify your email address hi
either I think Bart user or username let’s just click on the verify email
address if that doesn’t happen you can just copy the link and paste it ok so
now you can see your email was verified here we got that message so let’s just
close all these phases and if we refresh this page it will see 404 error ok so
now you can just create a new repository here so we have the owner so first of
all repository will be inkpot user or github dot are you ok and any other
domains you will use it will be and sub domain often which is in bot user target
about IU okay so that is and description which is optional so let’s just say I am record thing for YouTube okay so that is
public here if you choose private you have to me may said make you some
dollars for it okay so let’s just create the repository okay you can add a readme
to let people know what I are what is this for P over P so what is this yeah
what is this all about okay so now we have just install a software which is
called github stop okay so I have already installed it but you can also do
it for Windows max Mac OS or Linux it’s
easy download it it’s more less than hundred MBS ok so just download and
install it anyway soon would be work he will not you don’t have to worry about
that cause any worsen will be work evil with ok so if you have any problems
about the oceans ask me in the comment section I’ll be glad to help there okay so now on it’s taking a bit of Toad okay
so when you come to it you just have to login your account that you operated on
the github so let me just log in with that account okay so two username or
email address okay so you can email address enter your email address and
startup use entering user name you can just say your email address okay so use
the name in what user password secret one two three four five seven whatever
okay I should tell you my password okay so now you can see we have logged in as
in pod user so let’s just clone that repository so opposed to go to it and
here you can see you will get TC Padre okay in but user slash English is
regular that I use click on that click on the clone button and your cloning
path okay you can select the path where wherever you want to save the files okay
so now we have saved that file now we have that repository created okay so we
are going to upload on page so let’s say we want any look how page here let’s
just like that one okay so these two files with the index and assets okay so
we just need to copy them okay copy it or you can just whatever do it
with your own and then we have pieced it at the location where we have added the
path okay so just left on your honor repository and click on
the show in folder you do not have to do any with the target file which is pasted
right here and then we will see all the files will be came here then you just
need to add anything in the summary so let’s just say test and in the
description also test and then I say commit to master so it’s coming it to
master and I’ll just click on publish branch ok so now it’s pushing to a
routine it takes some time so let me just come back when it’s done okay okay it’s just pushing the regime yeah
so it’s fished all the details last fish just know you can see okay so just go to
the again here you can see that we have the repository so you just
go to your repositories or you can select from the side repositories okay
so you can see which is fast yes we have index and assets okay in what user okay
so if we just open the ink pot user target about IO it will open that page
okay which we have already set it up okay but if we see outline we have that
same page okay so there’s no need to worry because we have got subdomains
address okay but we want an original address so let’s just fix it if you
don’t getting this you’re having an error just say that the master branch
would help be to the none okay so let’s just select it to the master branch and
then save it okay then wait for two minutes and your site will be published
at that if you are if you are getting an error like peach not found okay so now
we have to remove the Todd github dot okay not get her are you so how can we
do that in my in my way the easiest way to do it is so let’s just say we are
gonna do with this one okay there is no difference but I have to do
it this one so let’s just say we’re okay so we’re just go to a website called www
dot do t dot TK okay so just select any domain like team kitchen dot
no just in kitchen okay so you’ve got that get one of these domains are free
so let’s just take the taught TK you can select any other ones again
okay so select any of those and then just click it but you have to get a free
Nam account okay so you can just register it on the Phenom calm and you
just need to enter this address which we have to forward this domain to which is
in my case this one okay so after doing that you can just select
a period okay I’m not showing you but the period is for 12 months free and
after that if you want to get more than one years you have to pay for something
like one two dollars okay so let’s just fill to fill your details
I’m not gonna fill them because I already did and here you can see our
confirmation thank you for your order so a confirmation email will take many
times to see okay it’s nothing which comes directly I
don’t know why so after doing it you can just cut your domain in my case I’m not
showing that one because it will take sometimes about 30 to 40 30 to 40
minutes okay so here I have which is that same domain by you can
see by the logo so here you can do it how you can do it okay so if you liked
this video subscribe to my channel Thanks For Watching Like, Share, Subscribe !


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