How to get a free SSL certificate for your website
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How to get a free SSL certificate for your website

hi guys this is Jamie from and and welcome to this video in this video today we’re
going to show you how to get an SSL certificate for your website for free
now usually these cost you a lot of money each year has to be renewed
but there’s ways of getting in for free and it can really benefit your site now
for those of you that don’t know what an SSL certificate it’s a if you look up in the right left
hand corner of the browser here we’ve got this little padlock and it says
secure that means that anything sent from this site is encrypted and it’s
great it means everything’s more secure can’t be hacked and encrypt sensitive
information and so you know when the information is
sent from one computer to the other it can’t get hijacked or if it does get
hijacked it can’t get read this is great for if you if you’re making any
purchases from your site you know people are using credit cards most places
actually demand that you have an SSL if you’re selling and using a gateway for
credit cards now SSL’s also provide authentication and of course they
provide more trust for your site the only disadvantage is really are that
you know it’s cost prohibitive so here’s a site that I’ve got an SSL certificate
HTTP that means it’s secure here and I’ll show you the process I got for this
and it was absolutely free so if I go to another site here’s a site that we were
working on at the moment and you can see it’s not HTTP and
there’s no padlock there which means it’s just a regular site HTTP so let’s
go ahead and start the process to get this encrypted get an SSL certificate
for it so I’m gonna go to a site called CloudFlare I’ve logged in already I’ll
put the link to the site below and up on the right hand side here I’m gonna hit
the add site button so I need to put my domain name in here so I’ll go to that
site and copy the address I’ll take that little forward slash off the end there
it might not like that so there’s our address there let’s begin the scan it’ll
check out the site it’s just gaming the site to see what’s
there there we go it’s finished scanning now so I’ll hit the continue setup
button and here’s all our records for that particular site there I’m going to
go ahead and hit the continue button I’m going to check the free website as you
can see that’s zero a month which is fairly affordable and hit the continue
button now what is asking us to do is go to our
hosting company this particular site is hosted on I page and it says change the
name servers to these names over here so let’s go ahead and do that let’s copy
the top one there so I’m just gonna go ahead and copy that let’s go over to my
hosting provider I page here and I’m on the domain page and this is where the
name servers are and I’m gonna use different name servers check this little
button here yours may be slightly different but it’s a very similar
process and it’s very easy to do it’s gonna look may look a little different
but it’ll have the same fields so I’ll paste that first one in there now if we
go back and copy the second one and if you’re at all worried about this
just pace that second one in there copy your name service copy your original
ones put them in a text file so you’ve got them so if things don’t work out
which is pretty rare I should think I’ve done loads of sites like this and so far
I’ve had a problem if you copy these you can always put
them back – as they were okay so I just need to
see that information okay and what as with a lot of sites it may take up to 24
hours for the changes to take effect so I’m going to pause this video and we’ll
come back to this after these changes have taken effect I was on this site if
I hit the continue button it’s you know it’s not found it yet because it’s not
switched over and you can read check it but I’m not going to bother rechecking
it right now I’ll wait for a while and recheck it later on maybe in a few hours
and we’ll continue the process oh hi guys we’re back it’s less than an hour
later and I’ve came back to the site and just hit that check servers button again
and it’s a active already which is very quick indeed and as you can see we’ve
got a full SSL here but if we look at the site I’ll do a quick refresh you
should see no actual difference there’s no HTTPS there at the moment and
nothing’s particularly changed now CloudFlare is great really that the idea
behind cloud phrase is what they call a CDN content delivery network so what
happens is they keep a copy of your site on their servers and they’ve got many
servers throughout the globe and it means your site will get served up a lot
quicker around the around the world and it’s a great if you you know if you’ve
got a site you want to reach a lot of people with it’s a great idea to use a
CDN and as this service is free it’s it’s kind of crazy but I’ve used it for
a while now it’s absolutely awesome so let’s get our our ssl set up so what we
need to do we need to go to the little padlock icon up here crypto here’s our ssl and says it’s active
we’ve got to hit a few switches down there always use HTTP let’s turn that on
on everything else there seems to be good and we’ll put automatic HTTP
rewrites on as well now there’s a lot of other features here
I suggest you have a look through and see what’s appropriate for your site
here but caching yeah that’s fine and if I pick the speed little speed icon here
it’ll all a minute Auto minify you JavaScript your CSS and the HTML what
that means is it makes them into smaller files or we served up even quicker so
we’ve done that let’s go back to our site and do a refresh it may not have
taken effect yet see at the moment it’s just a regular site if I do a refresh no
it’s not taking effect just yet we’ll come back in a little while and see if
that certificates been applied ok it’s been 2 or 3 hours now we’re back
to our site here let’s go and check it and see if we’ve got that padlock
and the HTTPS up there so let’s just open it up and see finger there we go
there’s our little green padlock and there’s HTTPS which is what we wanted so
we’ve got a free SSL certificate for our site so that’s how easy it is if you
need an SSL certificate and your budget won’t run to a paid one you can do it
this way of course you can upgrade the certificates the CloudFlare here offers
all kind of different options for upgrading getting certificates you’re
using a shared certificate here you can get a regular one for about five dollars
a month I believe yeah we’re using a shared one at the moment you can get it
dedicated one for five dollars a month and a custom hostname one with for ten
dollars a month so it really is a great service but there you have it that is
how we get ourselves an SSL for free so you’re there you have it that’s how to
get yourself a free SSL certificate for your site once again this has been jamie
from system twenty two and great web design comm if you’ve enjoyed this video
please subscribe to our channel thanks for watching have a great day


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