How to get a DOMAIN NAME and HOSTING for Your Website (What you NEED to Know before Buying)
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How to get a DOMAIN NAME and HOSTING for Your Website (What you NEED to Know before Buying)

Amber Moore: Hi, I’m Amber and in today’s
video I’m going to show you how you can get a domain name and hosting for your new website. Amber Moore: A domain name is basically just
the name of your website. To see a website’s domain name, all you have to do is look at
the address bar up top. Let me show you. Amber Moore: If we go to Google’s website,
you can see up here, Google’s domain name is If we had on over to Facebook,
Facebook’s domain name is Amber Moore: You can choose any domain name
for your website as long as it’s not already taken. Domain names are paid for annually
and costs about $15 per year. Amber Moore: The next thing that you will
need for your website is hosting. Hosting is basically just a service that you pay for
that stores or website data so that when someone visits your website, they can see your photos
and they can see your text and everything that makes up your website. So let me show
you an example of hosting. Amber Moore: If we go to, we can
see their logo, navigation, all of these photos and texts and colors. If we scroll down we
can see more pictures, information, buttons. We can see their website because they have
a hosting service that stores all of this information and when we type in,
all of their website shows on our computer screen. Amber Moore: So hosting service for your website
costs about $4 to $8 per month and is usually paid for annually, so it comes out to about
$60 per year. Basically to have your own website with the domain name and hosting it is going
to cost about $75 per year, which is a great deal since it can cost $500 or more to have
a company build your site for you. Amber Moore: I’m going to show you step by
step how to build your own website for much less. So you’re going to end up saving a lot
of money. And please remember, if you need help with any of the steps along the way,
please feel free to comment your questions down below and I will do my best to help you
out. Also, if you want to learn more about how to build a website or online marketing,
subscribe to my channel and hit the bell icon to be notified when I post new videos every
Tuesday. Amber Moore: Okay, so to get your domain name
and hosting is really easy. The first thing that you’re going to do is go to
That’s Amber Moore: When you get to this site, you
will see a big button that says click here to go to SiteGround. Go ahead and click the
button and you will be redirected to this is where we will be purchasing our domain
name and hosting. Amber Moore: SiteGround is one of my favorite
web hosting companies. It is simple and easy to set up and they are also rated as one of
the top hosting companies every year. Plus we’re going to be able to get our domain name
and hosting at the same time, so it will save us extra steps and make it easier for you
to get started. Amber Moore: Okay, so now we are here on SiteGround
and you can see that there are three hosting packages to choose from. Don’t worry about
the GoGeek package because this is just really more than you will need starting out and it
just costs extra money. It basically allows you to have unlimited domains, up to 30 gigabytes
of web data and up to 100,000 monthly visitors. If you do end up needing this package, then
congratulations because that means your website is doing really great. But for right now,
I don’t want you to have to spend any more money than you have to to get started. Amber Moore: I always recommend buying the
minimum that you need to get started because you can always upgrade later. Plus you don’t
want to be paying extra money for services that you aren’t even going to be using. Amber Moore: So to get started, you are going
to need either the startup plan or the grow big plan. The main difference between the
two is that the startup plan only allows you to have one website hosted and the grow big
plan allows unlimited domains. If you are going to be building more than one website,
like for example, you’re planning on having your own website and then also you’re going
to have a website for your friend or any other websites, then you would want to choose the
grow big package. It costs a little bit more per month, but you can have unlimited websites
and not have to pay any extra hosting, which will save you a ton of money. It also allows
up to 20 gigabytes of webspace and 25,000 monthly visitors. Amber Moore: I would recommend starting with
the lowest plan because we don’t want to waste any money. It allows one website, 10 gigabytes
of webspace and up to 10,000 monthly visitors. It will be perfect for you to get your first
website up and running and if you need to upgrade later, it is really simple to do. Amber Moore: Since I want to get started for
the least amount of money, I’m going to choose the startup plan. So just click on get plan. Amber Moore: Now we can choose our domain
name. If you already have a domain that you previously bought from somewhere like GoDaddy,
then you can just click over here and enter it in this box. Amber Moore: I think that most people watching
this video probably won’t have a domain name yet. So if that’s you and you don’t have a
domain name and you’re starting from scratch, then you will just stay on register a new
domain and type in the domain name that you would like. I would like to get my name as
a domain name, so I’m going to go ahead and type in Amber Moore and choose .com. Then
you can choose your extension like .net I always like to as my domain extension,
but it doesn’t really matter. If you’d like to choose a different extension, it is just
whatever you like best and click proceed. Amber Moore: So it says the domain name that
you have chosen is not available. Please try a new search. So that means
is already taken by someone else. So I’m going to have to choose a different domain name. Amber Moore: If this happens to you, but you
really want the domain, you could just change the extension and see if it’s available such
as Amber Moore: Today I’m going to choose a different
domain because I’m going to be using this domain to show you how to create your own
WordPress website. So let’s try I will go ahead and type it in and then click
proceed. Okay, so it says congratulations is available for
registration. So that means no one has taken it yet. I like to go back up and just double
check that I’ve spelled my domain name correctly just in case. Amber Moore: Now it is time to complete registration.
So once you find a domain name that is available, you will need to fill in all this information
below. First you will need to create your account with So just enter
your email and create a password. Make sure you remember the password since you will use
it in the future to log into SiteGround. Amber Moore: Then under client information
you are going to enter your info, so you’ll want to choose your country, enter your first
name, last name, company, and if you don’t have a company, don’t worry about it. You
can just leave this blank. But if you do, enter it there. Choose your state, city, street
address, zip code, and enter your phone number. Amber Moore: Next will be your payment information.
I’m going to pay with my credit card, so I will just enter the number, the expiration
date, the CVV code, which is the three little digit code on the back of the card, and my
name. I’m going to leave the billing address the same as the contact information that I
already entered above, but if your billing address is different than you can uncheck
this box and enter your correct billing address. Amber Moore: Now you can review your purchase
information. The hosting plan, I have chosen the startup plan. For the data center, there’s
a couple of options to choose from. You’ll just want to choose the country that most
of your website visitors will be from. So I’m going to choose USA. The period is how
long you’re going to sign up for hosting. The longer you sign up, the more discount
that you will get, but I think that 12 months is fine to get started so that we can just
pay the least amount upfront. Amber Moore: Here, the domain registration
is just showing that we are going to be purchasing a domain name for $15.95. Amber Moore: I personally like to choose the
domain privacy. If you don’t buy the domain privacy, someone can look up your domain and
be able to see your personal information like your address and your email and sometimes
you can get spammed or you’ll get contacted with people trying to sell you stuff. I just
like to keep my information private, but it’s up to you if you want to spend the extra money
to purchase. It won’t affect your domain or hosting. It just keeps people from getting
your personal information. Amber Moore: We don’t need to pay extra for
the Saigon scanner, so just go ahead and leave that unchecked. Amber Moore: Okay, so the total amount is
$75.35. Then you need to confirm that you have read and agreed to SiteGround terms of
service and privacy policy, and then you can choose to sign up to get new offers by email
if you would like. Amber Moore: By buying through this link,
this is my affiliate link, which means that you don’t have to pay any extra, but I do
get a commission. So thank you so much. It helps me to make these free tutorials so that
I can teach people how to build their own websites. Amber Moore: Okay, so now you’re done getting
your domain name and hosting. Please leave me a comment below about what your website
will be about. And make sure you watch the next video because I’m going to show you how
to install WordPress on your new website.


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    Thank you so much for watching! Did you get a domain name for your website? What is your website going to be about? Comment below. And let me know if you have any other questions about how to get a domain name and hosting ?

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    I wish I watched this video before I started my website it's packed with great info. Thanks for step by step guide.

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