How To Get A Domain For Free Forever + Make Money Online Too!
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How To Get A Domain For Free Forever + Make Money Online Too!

hey everyone jessalyn here welcome or
welcome back to my channel if you’re new here and joining for the very first time
this is a place where I talk all things as it relates to my faith my
family marketing and other random fun I actually have some really fun videos
planned in the next few weeks I’m so excited about them so if you have not
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upload a new video now if you clicked on this video in particular you want to
know how to get a domain for free forever and that’s what I’m going to
share with you today not only can you get the domain for free but you can also
make some serious extra side cash at the exact same time I’ve been earning income
very passively through this particular income streams since July of 2018 I’ve
put very little time or very little effort into it and yet it’s brought me
in a paycheck every month for almost the last year now first things first if you
are a GoDaddy fan please don’t come for me when I say this but you could
potentially be wasting your money by paying GoDaddy for your domain or to
host your website the reason I say this is because buying these things from
GoDaddy is not making you any money your website what’s on your website the
product or the opportunity that you’re advertising might be making you money
but not the website and the domain itself that’s why I’m bringing you this
video today just in case you do want to make some extra money In January of 2018 I was actually in the
market to purchase a domain for a company that I was working for if you’re
a business owner or an entrepreneur of any kind you know the importance of
having your own personal domain right it’s almost a necessity to help you to
better brand yourself or to brand your product so my mentor at the time
referred me to a company to purchase my domain from and the company is called
GDI so I did that in January of 2018 and it wasn’t until July of 2018 that I
realized I could be using this domain completely for free and making money at
the same time so GDI stands for global domains international they are a company
that provides you with domains website hosting and up to 10 business email
addresses they offer this to anyone world wide GDI he’s been around since
1999 they ranked number 37 in the Inc 500 list and they offer an insane
affiliate program where you can collect residual monthly income as well as
unlimited bonuses that range anywhere from a hundred to two hundred and fifty
dollars now I’ve used GoDaddy and GDI both to purchase a domain and to
build a website and there are some major benefits to using GDI that I want to
share with you today the first thing that I feel is a benefit with GDI is the
fact that you can sign up completely for free they give you a free trial of seven
days just to test out their services to see if you like it and then after the
seven days it’s as low as ten dollars a month so if you do the math that’s 120
dollars for an entire year to have a domain to have a website and to have up
to ten business email addresses again I haven’t had to pay for any of that GD I
purchased the rights to all domains ending with a dot WS so if you sign up
for their services you can have a website like make money online dot WS or
make up by Ashley dot WS or whatever you want it to be
and it’s free for the first seven days and after that it’s only $10 a month you
do have the option to upgrade if you want a website with dot com or dot net or that
does cost a little bit extra but it is an option as well now when I purchased my
domain through GoDaddy I believe the domain was only like 11 or 12 dollars
for the first year but then it went up the second year there were also added
expenses for buying the business email address just one of them and what I
really remember is that after the first 30 days after I had built my entire
website had to pay over a hundred and sixty dollars to keep my website active
for the next year and I was going to have to pay again after that first year
so with GDI you get your website you get your domain and ten business email
addresses for only $10 a month it’s month to month and you can cancel
it at any time so price-wise GDI is a lot less expensive now if you’re interested in more than just
the services and you want to know how you can get the services for free and
make money that’s where the affiliate program comes in so you sign up as an
affiliate you get the first seven days completely for free and then there’s a
checklist that GDI provides you to earn your first $25 bonus so they’re gonna
pay you just to set up your services you set up your domain you set up your
website or start to build your website and you set up your business email
address or email addresses and once you go through this very simple checklist
they’re gonna pay you $25 which will help pay for the first two and a half
months so they give you eight weeks to actually obtain this $25 but the sooner
you fly through the checklist the sooner you get paid $25 to pay for two and a
half months of the services then for every person that you refer to GDI
you’re getting paid as well for every five people that you refer to GDI they
pay you a hundred dollar bonus and then when ten of the people that you refer go
through their checklist and earn their $25 bonus you get paid another two
hundred and fifty dollar bonus and these bonuses are unlimited now not only does
GDI give you these great bonuses already as an incentive to refer your friends
but they also pay you monthly residual income every month that your referrals
decide to keep the service for the $10 a month which most people do because they
need the domain they need the website and the business email you get paid a
commission from that as well and not only do you get paid from your referrals
but you get paid from your referral’s referrals so you refer someone you get
paid they refer someone you both get paid but the very best
thing about GDI the thing that really sets GDI apart in my personal opinion is that
you have the ability to help put money in other people’s pockets as well with
most affiliate marketing opportunities once you refer someone and you get paid
for that referral that’s pretty much it but with GDI you have
the ability to help other people build a paycheck and make money with you but
when I was in multi-level marketing which I was in for two years one of the
things that I really did not like about the company that I was with in
particular was the fact that when I enrolled a new customer or I enrolled a
new distributor I could move them to other people to help build their
paychecks but a lot of the time I was forced to move them in certain places in
order for me to rank up not only that but when I was moving them I was taking
a lower percentage of commission by doing that with GDI you have the ability
to help other people build their paychecks and it doesn’t matter where
you move them because you don’t take a lower cut of commission I get paid
commissions you get paid commissions with me just for promoting the company
or the service together now if you’re listening to this and you have no idea
how to promote for a company or if you’ve never done marketing before you
don’t know where to start it definitely won’t be stranded or left alone we have
a whole training website that we put together to help you step-by-step
through the entire process to set up your account earn that first $25 bonus
navigate through your back-office and we assist you with your marketing efforts
as well so if you’d like more detailed information about how GDI works or how
you can get paid with me you can find the link for that down in the
description below there are two brief videos that you can watch the second in
particular is the more detailed one with all the information about the
compensation and if after you watch it you still have questions you’re more
than welcome to reach out to me and I’d be happy to answer them for you
again I’ve been making very passive income through GDI for almost the last year
now haven’t had to pay for the domain or the website or the business email
addresses they’ve actually been paying me to use a service that I already needed so
I think that’s pretty cool but I hope this video was helpful to you
in some way if you gained value from it please let me know by giving it a thumbs
up as it does continue to help my channel to grow you’re free to share
this video if you know of anyone that could use this service or that could use
some extra income and don’t forget to subscribe before you go thanks so much
for watching today I love you all God bless
and I’ll see you next time


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