How To Get $100 in Free Google Ads (Inside HostGator) | Google Adwords Promo Code
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How To Get $100 in Free Google Ads (Inside HostGator) | Google Adwords Promo Code

If you purchased your web hosting
through HostGator, you may have noticed that along with your hosting, you get a
free $100 Google Ads Credit… that you can use for marketing your business. In this
video I’m going to show you how to claim that credit and get it into your Google
Ads Account – so that you can get busy using it. Let’s do this! Welcome
it’s Kevin at Tru Lift Digital Marketing where our aim is to help YOU provide
“Value” to your customers and clients through solid marketing, so that you can
HELP more people. I want to get into showing you how to get your ad credits,
but before I do, I’ll just make a few very quick points. First off… in September
2018 Google did a rebrand of Google Adwords and changed the name of the ad
platform to Google Ads… so if you’ve heard of Google AdWords or simply
Adwords or see any reference to AdWords in my videos… just know that Google Ads
is the same thing as Google AdWords. I also want to point out that the hundred
dollar credit offer from HostGator is available as of the upload date of this
video… and hopefully will still be there when you view this video – but you will
want to verify that. And also note that as of the upload date of this video… this
offer is only available (to my knowledge) to those that have Google Ads Accounts
registered in either the United States or Canada. If you are in other countries,
you’ll have to look into whether or not a similar offer exists for you. Perhaps
it does, but just doesn’t show up on my account because my browser tells
HostGator I’m from Canada… but in this video I will show you how to find the
fine print area where you can find out for yourself. I’ve made the following
assumptions… to get this offer you have to already have a hosting account with
Hostgator. If you don’t yet, there’s a link on your screen right now
and/or in the video description area… to a video on How To Choose Your Hosting
Account that you can check out… and lastly, I’ve also assumed for this video
that you have already set up an AdWords or Google Ads Account… but if you haven’t
yet you can check out a video on how to do that by clicking the link in the
cards on your screen right now, or in the description area of this video. Let’s get
at it. The first thing that you want to do is to log in to either your Hostgator
cPanel or your Customer Portal. I’ll show you both ways quickly. To log into your
cPanel put your unique control panel URL in the URL field and hit enter. Then
enter your username and password and click login. This will take you
to the website section by default. Simply scroll down to this “special offers” area
where you will find your Google Adwords Free $100 Credit link. Simply click on
that. Alternatively, if you want to log in through your Customer Portal… input into the URL field… Enter the email address you created your
HostGator account with… click Next. Enter your password and click login. Once your
Customer Portal page loads… simply click on the hosting tab (toward the top) and
then in “special offers” you will see the Google Adwords Free $100 Credit link.
Simply click on that… and they will both take you to the same place… which is this
page here. You may get a similar pop-up to this one, which is just an offer for a
service where they will help you with your Google AdWords ads or Google Ads
for a fee You can check that out (of course) if you want, but I’m just going to
click on “no”. Here are the steps that I will walk you through quickly in this
video. Feel free to scroll down the page if you want. One thing I want to
highlight is the fine print here at the bottom. Like I mentioned in the opening
part of this video, this offer is only available (to my knowledge) to customers
in the US and Canada, but if you are logged into Hostgator and you are from
another country… perhaps this section here will say something different for
you. There is a limit of one promotional code per advertiser as you can see here. There is a time restriction on how long you have to enter your promotional code.
I should also point out that I recorded the video portion of this video a while
ago, so all date references will be quite a ways in the past… but just know that
the user interface of Google Ads (for what I will be going through in this
video) is still accurate as of the upload date of this video. But I’ll give my
standard reminder: user interfaces always change but even if they have by the time
you see this video there’s a very good chance that you will be able to
accomplish the steps in this video. Certain links etc may just be located in
a slightly different place. As it says here… once you enter your promotion code
you have 30 days to spend 25 dollars in your account (after the date you enter
the promo code) in order to earn the hundred dollar credit. Although, having
said that, I think I actually got 60 days. Just to be clear… in this video I’ll show
you how to get your promo code inserted into Google Ads (formerly Google Adwords),
but know that in the first 30 days after entering that
promo code you are required to spend at least $25 on ads before the hundred
dollar credit is available to you. Now you don’t have to spend that $100 worth
of credit as well in the 30-day period after entering your promo code… it will
sit as a credit in your account indefinitely (I think) but there is a
small fifteen cent per month charge or something like that for activity related
to the credit. Kind of strange. Anyway… Let’s keep going. The credit will
typically be applied five days after you complete steps two and three. Credits
only apply to future ad costs, in other words, you don’t get reimbursed for prior
ad costs. You won’t receive notification once you use up your credit. Your account
has to be in good standing with Google Ads… and your payment on the first twenty
five bucks spent, has to actually go through. And if you want to check out the
full terms you can enter the URLs down here into your browser depending on what
country you have your account registered in. We good??? Okay… let’s head back up to
the top. If you’re ready to go… click on the “get started” button now. Just
highlight and copy the promotional code to place it into your clipboard (Command
C on a Mac or ctrl C on a PC) is the fastest way to do that… or you can
definitely go old-school and write it down. Then if you click on “redeem your
one hundred dollar credit”, you will be taken to this page. Now from here, if you
don’t already have a Google Ads account… you can click on the “start advertising
today” button and then either go through the guided setup by following the
directions and fill in email address web site etc., or you can click on the “skip
the guided setup” link… which will allow you to bypass having to set up an actual
ad right away. Like I mentioned earlier… there’s a link (either on your screen
right now and/or in the description area of this video) to another video on how to
set all of that up. So for those of you that already have a Google Ads account
(like I do), just open up a new tab in your browser and type either which will redirect you to the new page or simply enter and hit enter. Remember even though this page here says Google
AdWords… this video was recorded prior to the rebrand of Google Ads so your page
will say Google Ads. I know I’m saying the same thing over and over again. It’s
just that if you’re new to this kind of stuff… little differences like that – can
actually throw you off. I know. Then you just need to log into your Google Ads
account by clicking on “sign in” at the top right of the screen
enter your proper email address. Click next. Enter your password. And click Next
again. I’ll just let that sucker load… Okay. You
should see something similar to this on your screen (depends where you left off
your last session), but either way, you need to click on the “wrench” icon up at
the top right of the gray bar. And then under “setup” (on the right side of the
drop-down), click on “billing & payments”. Once that summary page loads, you can
either click on the “Settings” link on the left side of the screen, or scroll down
to the bottom… and in the settings box… click on “manage settings”. Scroll down to
the very bottom (or just in case the user interface changed), look for the box or area
that says “promotional codes” and click on “manage promotional codes” and then simply
click on the area below promotional codes and either paste that promotional
code that you copied earlier…(assuming that you still have it saved in your
clipboard) Command V on a Mac or Control V on a PC… or if you wrote it down
somewhere, manually enter it here. And then click “apply”. You should be taken to
a page similar to this. Now… I’m in Canada, so it already has converted the dollar
amounts to Canadian dollars… but if you are in the US, your top line will say get
100 dollar credit for spending $25 on Adwords (or Google Ads). You’ll notice that
the offer expires on June 25th 2018, but I actually recorded the video portion of
this video on April 26, 2018… meaning that it gave me 60 days to spend that first
$25 us or $32.18 Canadian… and I would guess that you would be extended the
same time period even though it said earlier you only have 30 days. Just take
note of what your says here so you spend it in time. Okay… so that’s really all
there is to claiming your $100 credit from HostGator which brings us to the
question of the day… which is simply: did you even know that you had a free credit
available in Hostgator? And are you gonna take advantage of it?
I’m curious. Leave a comment below the video. Before you go, if you were anxious
and wanted to start on creating a new ad inside of Google Ads right now… simply
click on the arrow at the top left of the gray bar, to take you back to the
overview page. You’ll want to start at the campaign level by clicking on
“campaign”… and then the big blue plus sign to create a new campaign. I’ll go over
how to do that in another video where I’ll show you How I Set Up A Video
Remarketing Ad – directed to those that have visited my Tru Lift Digital Channel…which you can link to you by clicking the link on your
right now. And if you still need to set up your Google Ads account remarketing
lists, link Google Ads to analytics, link YouTube to analytics, etc ….click the link
on your screen right now to do that. As always… all links are also available in
the description area below the video. Thanks for watching!! Take care of
yourself, and your loved ones. 🙂


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