How to Fix “Unable to Create WordPress Directory Error”: Wp-Content Uploads Hack
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How to Fix “Unable to Create WordPress Directory Error”: Wp-Content Uploads Hack

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Okay so I’ve gone through and I’ve
updated the plugins I seem to have an
issue with. UpdraftPlus, for some reason –
I’m not sure why – but we can try and
reinstall that one. It’92s not showing so far.
Let’s have a look. So we’re going to ’93add
new’94 [plugin] and I am going to try and
reload it
now. It may not let me. If the file exists
in the cPanel file manager it’s not
going to let me re-install the plugin, but I’m going to give it
a go
because it’s a good plugin that
I do like. There are other ones
but I like this one because it’s
maintained and a lot of others aren’92t.
Let’s have a look. UpdraftPlus.
Here we go. I’m going to give this a go. You
can tell it’s a popular plugins because it
has 2+ million active installs
and its last update was only three weeks ago.
So you know it’s a good bet from those
indications alone. Alright, let’s have a
look. That’s installing. Hopefully it won’t
take too long. Okay, so that tells me that
the destination folder is already there
So what I can do and I can demonstrate
this for you actually. So I am going
to go to my host and I’m going to give
you an impromptu demonstration I didn’t
plan on doing. So we go in there
Let’s try this one. So, I’m going to go into
the back-end for hosting and I’m
going to find that file and I’m going to
delete it. And then it will allow me
to reinstall that particular plugin. So
let’s have a look. if you’re watching this on the replay
thank you so much for tuning in and if
you have any comments please leave those
in the comment box below. I will be
repurposing this content and sending it
out in various different forms so watch
the space. I will sign out now. Thanks so
much to everybody who watched and I
will see you again next week.
See you later bye bye}

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