How to fix the RPC server is unavailable 0x800706ba error
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How to fix the RPC server is unavailable 0x800706ba error

Hello and welcome to this quick video
with some suggestions and tips on how you can try and resolve the RPC server
is unavailable error. Now the RPC server is unavailable error frequently occurs
when you’re trying to connect remotely to a different machine so the first
thing you want to make sure is that the action of that machine that you’re
connecting to is turned on. It’s a pretty basic step but you know sometimes it’s
the easiest thing is what resolves the issue. Once you’ve double-checked that
the next thing to take a look at is the manner that you are connecting to your
machine, meaning if you’re connecting with IP or if you’re using a Netbios or
FQDN name in the case of Netbios and FQDN make sure that the names can
actually be resolved. Now for Lansweeper specifically we provide a tool with Lansweeper that you can use to check this. So we’ll head over to the Lansweeper folder and go to actions and we’ll use testconnection.exe Now all you have to
do here is simply enter the name or IP address of the computer so here we’ll
use name just to kind of showcase the resolution of the name as well also make
sure that you enter a username and password there and that’s just for some
additional checks and then just hit test connection. Now it is important that
for Lansweeper specifically you run this connection test from your Lansweeper
server. Ok so once it has finished with the test, we’ll scroll up a bit and we
can see that the ping is ok and that our ports are open and here for DNS we can
see that our IP address or that our name is actually being resolved to our IP
address so that’s not an issue the next thing to take a look at is the
ports now there’s important to make sure that port 135 TCP here is open this is
used for the initial dcom connection to the machine and that is needed as well
and then the other thing to check that you won’t be able to see here is the WMI
ports so for us in Lansweeper to retrieve data we use WMI and WMI uses random TCP ports, so you can find which ports or which range of ports
is used by this but most firewalls and other applications will have specific
exception rules for WMI traffic to make it easier for you to whitelist it so
verify with your firewall or with your third-party firewall or antivirus
application that WMI traffic is allowed. The connection tester comes with Lansweeper if you want to try it feel free to download Lansweeper and it
comes included with it. The next thing we’ll take a look at is the RPC service
itself and check that that is actually running. So we will head over here to the start
button we’ll just type in services there we go now here we have a list of all our
services we’ll look for the RPC service. The remote procedure call service and as
expected here for us at least it is running if this is not running just
right-click it and then hit start so that it is running. The last two things
that you can check is one make sure that the local time of your domain controller
is set correctly when there’s a time difference between the Lansweeper
scanning server and the domain controller this can cause issues so I
would just recommend verifying that those are set correctly and the very
last thing is just make sure that’s your credentials that you’ve entered are
correct there are situations where incorrect credentials can cause this
so credentials for Lansweeper at least for for Windows specific machines is
just make sure that the credential you enter has local administrative
permissions if you want to scan Active Directory information then you’ll have
to make sure that the credential also has read-only rights at a minimum for
Active Directory. As a last resort you can also download the scripts that we
have that will automatically adjust some things including for example the
firewall rules etc.. So download the script run it in an elevated command
prompt and it will automatically adjust some settings needed for the connection
to actually work properly once you’ve done that you can simply go to the Lansweeper web console once you’re in a web console just simply go to the machine
that does that was having issues we’ll just take an example machine here and
then once you’re there simply just hit rescan assets yes and that will trigger
a new rescan and hopefully all your information will be pulled in. Thank you for watching and if you want to learn more about Lansweeper you can watch the
following videos to help get you started.

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