How to Enable Network Access in SQL Server Configuration Manager | FoxLearn
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How to Enable Network Access in SQL Server Configuration Manager | FoxLearn

Welcome to the FoxLearn Today we will learn how to enable network access in SQL Server Configuration Manager You need to open SQL Server Configuration Manager, then enable all protocol, start SQL Browser If Windows Authentication mode is selected during installation, the sa login is disabled and a password is assigned by setup If you later change authentication mode to SQL Server and Windows Authentication mode, the sa login remains disabled To use the sa login, you need to enable SQL Server Authentication Mode The sa login can only connect to the server by using SQL Server Authentication You need to open the sql port, or you can turn off your firewall Thank you for watching this video


  • Christopher Coronado

    I've been pulling my hair for a few days and working for hours to get this working on my home server. I was searching for all the wrong errors and trying every fix I could find. This video finally got me working. Thank you so much!

  • boig damg


  • اسد السنة

    please help me
    i want to connect to sqlserver via internet
    1- i turned off the firewall
    2- i enabled the the dmz in the router , host address is which is the sqlserver lan ip
    3- i open port in the router for both sqlserver and sql server bowser (1433 – 1434)
    4 – i checked the open port via ( website, and the result is success for 1433 and error for 1434 (i don't know the reason of error )
    5 – i made the necessary configuration for to the tcp protocols
    6- i checked that the server is allowed remote connection

    but failed to connect to the sever via internet
    my LAN ip is
    the instance is default instance
    my public ip is (for example)
    when i type ( in the server name text-box i success to connect to the server
    but i failed to connect when i type or ,1433
    note :
    1- when i put the public ip in the browers then the router page is appear (i meand by that .the public ip is correct)
    2- i didn't find (port forwarding ) in my router , but i configure the DMZ and port mapping

    please help me maybe through team-viewer

    thanks a lot in advance
    whatsapp 0096538250570

  • cuserroro

    you miss to enable tcp/ip protocoll at ms sql network configuration using the sql configuration manager and there is not need to add outbound firewall rule

  • Emilio

    Hello, I'm new at this.
    So basically this allows all the network hosts to access the databases ? Just by installing same sql version ? or additional settings must be done from the host's side ?

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