How to Enable Google Hangouts for your Google Apps Domain
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How to Enable Google Hangouts for your Google Apps Domain

(upbeat music) – [Peter] Hey this is Peter
Mariani from IT Genius and today I wanted to show
you how you can enable the new Google Hangouts for
you’re Google apps domain. Now if you’re trying to
sign into Google Hangouts, either via a browser
plug-in or maybe you’re on you’re Google Plus page
and you’re trying to sign into Hangouts with
your Google apps account. And it’s throwing up an
error saying that Hangouts has not been enabled for this domain. This is how you actually
enable it on your Google apps administrative panel. So first step is to actually
go to the administrative panel. And that’s to sign you
into, with your Google apps address. Now keep in mind that if you’re
not a systems administrator, if you’re not a super
administrator on your Google apps domain, then you may not be able to log into what you need to. So if you bought your Google
apps account through a reseller or you had an IT consultant
set it up for you, if you go to sign in and
you’re not able to access the admin panel at
you may need to be added as a super admin. But if you are already a super admin, when you sign in, this
is what your gonna see. You’re gonna see you’re admin console, so I’ve got an admin console up here. I’m gonna show you the steps
on how to actually enable the new Google Hangouts. So the first thing we’re gonna do is, we’re going to click onto the Google apps setting section here. And that’s gonna bring up
the settings for all of our Google apps. Now down at the bottom
here we’ve got Google Talk and Google Hangouts. Now as you can see it’s
enabled for everyone, but it’s actually still not
enabled on the new Hangouts yet. So we’re gonna click into Hangouts here, which is gonna bring up our Hangouts menu. Next up we’re gonna
click sharing settings, and then once that’s
loaded up we’re gonna click enable the new Hangouts for users in this organizational unit And you’ll see here it’s
prompting me to save changes. Now another little box
that I like to tick here, is to actually automatically
accept invitations between users. So that means that anyone
within your company will automatically add
each other as a friend on Hangouts when invitations are sent. I can now click save changes, there’s a small acknowledgment
that I need to go through. Now that’s gonna take about
half an hour to be enabled, once that’s enabled you’ll
be able to sign into Google Hangouts whether
you’re on your mobile, whether your signing in
with the Hangouts plug-in for Chrome, or whether
you’d like to use Hangouts through Google Plus. (upbeat music)


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