How to Easily Create Landing Pages in WordPress: No Developer or Paid Subscription Service Required
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How to Easily Create Landing Pages in WordPress: No Developer or Paid Subscription Service Required


  • Jason Stallworth

    You can also copy the code for an email form that you create in your email service provider's portal and and paste it into Elementor. I do this with aWeber

  • Christian Ibarra

    It's a very fundamental basis that educators prepare the learner for what's expected — you have got that pinned down! What I mean is, you build a table of contents to what you're going to cover and then, you cover it chronologically. I like that! Great video!

  • Scott Russell

    Sorry, but Chris's video is outdated for use with the latest Elementor. This one helped me:

  • Luis Alberto Amado Gonzales Vigil

    Hi, great info. I need some help. Can I make a pop up with an entire section? I mean designing all the pup up with different colors, etc including the form witched, instead of only doing the form?

  • Iza Ambøux

    hey i am about to get elementor pro but i use an own email marketing service. Is it possible to export the emails catched with elementor form to an csv file? without integration to mailchimp …

  • MsPennyDrop

    Should the popup work with ordinary sections or just forms? I tried it but it wouldn't work.
    This now works. Thanks for the video. However, I have Elementor Pro and I don't get the option to save sections as a global widgets? It always goes to save as template. Any idea why?

  • Jair Janes

    Man, that sexy voice gets me every time! I have actually been struggling a bit with a pop-up then I remembered the best Elementor teacher and now problem solved. Thanks, Mate, keep up the great work!

  • Thomas OConnor

    Very informative, Dave. Keep up the good work. I am going to buy (from your links) GP Premium and Elementor Pro this morning.

  • Paul Gee

    Just discovered that Disable Elements is a Pro feature ($40) in Generate Press (after searching/installing to try out). Maybe you said that and I didn't catch it. Not sure. In fact Generate Press free version also seems to only offer the Henry Ford version of a menu as well – any colour as long as it's black. I do think the designers could have been just a little more generous with features that actually matter in order to get a real feel for what your site will look like if you invest in their theme. wont be buying it for that reason.

    If I am missing something I am sure someone will say.

    Like the video though – and the other couple I have watched so far. Thanks!

  • Brent Wilson

    Thanks for this video. Is it correct to assume that there is now no advantage to using Zapier if I am using MailChimp since Elementor now has MC integration?

  • Aurelio Santiago

    thank you so much. very clear explanation and very easy to follow. I tried creating my own opt-in page following the video.
    Here is my opt-n page I created using ELEMENTOR:

  • Ed Minang

    Thank you so much for your sharing, Very easy to understand. Do you have any video for sales pages or webminar signup using Elementor ?

  • maliboo

    can you do an update for this? I went through this and honestly I didn't feel like I could follow it all ( felt kind of silly not being able to ). I want to do a 6 section landing page but honestly was having so many issues with creating a page that had a picture in the background that fits the whole while being able to scroll up and down and then have content on top of it like an email sign up form and columns etc. I would honestly really appreciate it if you could make that video. I hired someone on fiverr to do it for me since it was honestly giving me a headache trying to figure it out but he didn't even bother doing everything that I asked for so now I feel like crap for spending the $50

  • Amit Hemed

    great tutorial, very helpful.
    just 1 problem i currently have, at 5:18 i dont have this options and many others that you have on the right side. can you tell why? thanks again

  • jeathu kurian

    Nice video.. I love it. I am new to email marketing and would like to see how you get the emails on to any email services. Can you do a video to show how you emails that are entered in wordpress are imported to any email service? Also do you have any email service that you recommend for a beginner?

  • 1 of a Kind Vacations

    I learned a lot from this video. Not a techie or web designer, so there are several elements that I didn't understand like CSS and padding. I feel much more confident about what I'm doing now. Thank You Very Much!!!!!!!!

  • Elizabeth A Van Cleve

    My basic elementor plugin does not have the page settings link to create a empty canvas. Do I have to go pro to get that link?

  • jinhi9005

    Many thanks, I've been looking for "hubspot landing page url" for a while now, and I think this has helped. You ever tried – Doniden Landify Pages – (should be on google have a look ) ? Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my mate got amazing success with it.

  • SOLO 304

    Thanks mate! Complete, yet simple instructions; awesome coach/instructor. BTW, being a Yank, I always dig the UK pronunciation of the English language. God bless and take care!

  • Boondoggle

    Total GARBAGE …. You didn't tell me how to hook up to my autoresponder service. These forms are TOTALLY WORTHLESS if they can't be used …. You clowns who keep making these landing page videos seem to be too stupid to realize that fact. I am damn tired of following along in the videos only to find it doesn't work in the end. How about showing people how to hook it up first so they don't waste their time ….. What a novel idea!!!

  • Online Visually, leads that call or message you!

    Do you still use design build for your drip marketing or do you have a better one?

  • Action Media online

    Great Video Dave! ive Subscribed to your channel and site has i love working with Pros like you… many thanks mate, Andy

  • Mem Ifer

    wow, seems really complicated..the Elementor thing is a plug in of wordpress or what? I don't understand how to use wordpress nor the Elementor..

  • Pt S

    I came here because it says no paid subscription service. Then when you finally get to forms you say it need elementor pro, and doesn't showcase any of ther other free methods. No offense, but you're an asshole and wasted 20 min of my time. If you're going to say free, show us how to do it the free way. Your tutorial is clear and crisp, but that doesn't make you less of an asshole.

  • Chris B.

    What is the purpose of using Zapier if you can simple integrate the form in Elementor Pro with MailChimp directly ? It seems like an extra unnecessary step. Am I missing something ?

  • Maik B.

    This Tutorial is really great, thanks for your effort in explaining it straight but in every necessary detail! Could you suggest a good tutorial video for creating a Thank you page after people subscribed to my E-Mail Nesletter on the landing page? That would be awesome!


    generatepress option is now paid.. i can not hide the top bar and other things. Do you have any other alternative for that.

  • d r

    The title just about says free & then you mention using Elementor Pro saying there are free ones out there – what, where, … are the free ones to build a funnel?

  • TheLombardProject

    Excellent Vid!! thank you, so clearly and directly explained … one thought: I couldn't find blank canvas in the free version of Elementor so I queried the web and blank canvas can be found on the WordPress Edit Page under Page Attributes select Template and from the drop down menu select Elementor Canvas. Cheers Howard

  • Alternative Incomes

    Thank you for your video, it is very good indeed! However, there is one thing I would like to mention that it was a bit misleading for me, a beginner in this matter. I do have to pay for subscription to have access to that plugin. As stated in the wordpress support page "Uploading custom plugins is only supported with a Business plan, not with our other plans…". I saw in another blog: " users cannot install plugins unless they upgrade to the business plan which costs about $299 per year. If you are on a free, personal, or premium plan, then you cannot install third-party plugins." Are you doing it in another way?

  • Go Digital Today

    Dave i love your content, i have subscribed to you and i dont know how to import all the sales funnel you sent. Haha can you do a video?

  • The Best Chanel

    Thanks dear I watched your video and like it , you are good trainer. I am new on WordPress and learning. I want to build a website but I have no enough money to purchase pro version of the elementor. I watch videos and learning. Thanks

  • Xavius Americus

    I was a bit thrown off by your intro (horrible lighting and sound), but I stuck with it. You're amazing! Love your accent. (Well, I'm American, so you have an accent to my ears haha). Thumbs-up, mate.

  • David Page

    love the video thanks for that signed up but one small problem on your landing page you need to check it out

  • Dott. Gianluca Tognon, nutrizionista

    You said that Elementor works with every template. I'm using it with Kallyas and, when I create a new page, the latter automatically loads the header from Kallyas and there's no way to get rid of it, apparently. Do you know of any ways to avoid this problem? Thanks!

  • Joshua Centers

    So what’s the deal with WordPress asking to buy a 4$-25$ plus a month paid annually to use plugins? I’m confused. Do I still need to buy this first then get elementor?

  • BuzzAround

    Awesome tutorial. I am using free version of Elementor. Is it the reason I do not see Elementor Canvas option in my settings?

  • F Mejias

    Wow this is the best teaching video I have ever seen, you were going on a very good pase, to many videos on YouTube rushes and not to clear. Kudos!!!

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