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How to do Domain Renewal for Single and Bulk Domains | ResellerClub

When you register a domain name, it is
registered to you for a certain number of years. That is after the registration
term expires. If you wish to continue beyond the expiry date,
then you need to renew it. Apart from individually renewing the domain names,
you may glimpse all expiring domains and renew the same at once within your
Reseller Control Panel. Let us see how we can initially renew all the domain names
and also try out the bulk renewal tool. To renew a domain, first – log into your
reseller account – click on products – list all orders – click on the domain name you
want to renew. On the overview page for the domain click on the renew icon. Once
you click on the renew icon, it would ask you the tenure for which you would like
to renew the domain. You can select the tenure and click on – renew domain
name. Once you click on renew domain name, you will be taken to the payment
page for the domain. On the payment page, you can either select- Keep the invoice
pending for the customer and renew the domain or – Just renew the domain and
cancel the invoice. You can select these options and click here to execute the
request. Now if you want to place a renewal request for multiple domains you
can use our bulk renewal tool. To bulk renew domains, click on products – bulk tools –
bulk renew. Here you can renew domain names or you can even enter the order
IDs for the domain names and renew multiple domain names. Enter the domain
names that you want to renew one after the other and just click on the renew
button. Once you click on the renew button, it would ask you to select the tenure for
the domain names that you wish to renew. Select the tenure and either select to
keep the invoice pending for the customer or cancel the invoice and place
the renewal request. This is how you can renew multiple domains using our bulk
renewal tool. Hope this was helpful and in case you have any queries you can reach out to us using the details mentioned in the description box below. For more such videos subscribe to
our YouTube channel and follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

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