How to Deal with a Breakup | How to Handle a Breakup
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How to Deal with a Breakup | How to Handle a Breakup

have you ever been through a really bad
breakup maybe you’re going through one right now huh we’re gonna talk about
this today because this is something that most of us will experience at some
point in our lives and it could take a real toll on you. right now we’re gonna dive
into it today baby Sinclair fan thank you for this comment that you left me
you said hey base shaman I’m going through a really tough breakup do you
think you could do a video on breakups next thank you my dude
much love yes much love blessings and peace to you baby Sinclair fan first off
I’m I’m sorry to hear what you’re going through right now I’ve had a few
breakups myself and I can tell you who that stuff oh and I know that it can
take a real toll on you but my friend I found that time time is
the great healer of wounds I found that as time goes on it gets a little bit
easier a little bit easier day after day now during that time when
it’s hurting so much I think a lot of times we think to ourselves
what if I do wrong right why does this person I want to be with me anymore
I really do I can’t do anything while to serve this right perhaps it’s the way
that we’re looking at it the home thinking that what did I do
why am I responsible right doesn’t necessarily mean that you did something
maybe that person changed maybe that person’s desires change maybe their life
just is going down different paths and my friend I believe that we always come
into each other’s lives to learn lessons so we asked ourselves what lessons do we
learn tremendous what’s helped me has been finding things
that I can be passionate about right I was about 19 I had my first serious
girlfriend we were together for three years right when I was about 19 was when
we broke up and that’s when I started getting into fitness you know I started
working out and I found a passion I have found a passion for fitness and it made
my life so much better and before I knew it I was I was I was totally okay
I had another serious girlfriend for three years and when we broke up what
did I what did I that was when I really started doing you two like taking it
more seriously yeah and that that’s gone great too I admit that’s how I’ve met
all of you my wonderful brothers and sisters of starship Locke Joe yeah so my
friend I say take those curses and turn them into blessings right check this out
baby check this out I hope this will resonate with you here
I hope this resonates with everybody everything that we experience in life
everything each and every experience we get to assign the meaning to it we get
to assign the meaning to it we get to respond to it right say neither say
react or respond I like respond because respond that
means guess what this is thought out I’m not just acting out no what’s a
thought-out response what can we take from this out when we improve ourselves
in our lives I know it can be so difficult but through time through
patience through perseverance you will make it my friend
you will make it okay now what we’re gonna do okay we’re gonna talk about a
few steps that you can take all right there’s fears first step check this out
accepting the break-up reality it’s happened sometimes it’s hard to process
though sometimes these things are difficult to process because we’ve grown
to depend on this person they’ve become a primary source of happiness for us
right the Jedi say that’s not the way the
Jedi’s say no romantic no romance you know speaking of romantic love more and
more people now are turning to this idea of not believing in romantic love I
guess technically it is just some sort of brain function rating but the choice
is the choice is y’all like fleece Johnson says the choice is
yall’s yeah accepting the break-up reality okay now
the lessons learned from this relationship again we want to take those
lessons and say what can I learn from this right maybe there’s something about
this person sometimes you’re with somebody this is so real
sometimes you’re with somebody and you keep making excuses for why that person
is the greatest thing since sliced bread I probably shouldn’t be using that
analogy it’s 2019 I’m sorry but no sometimes we make excuses for people you
know like oh it’s okay they do this it’s okay they do that I love them they’re
there no no no no no no all right and when they’re out of your life guess what
if you were in that position where you’re making excuses once once they’re
out of your life you don’t have to make any more damn excuses for that person
how incompatible you are with them oh yeah baby I believe that the universe
sends us that right person at that right time but there’s a journey and I believe
that such a big part of that is finding out who we really are so then we can in
turn give who we really are to that person and breakups they can just be so
difficult but I always try to trust the universe I always try to trust the
universe sometimes easier said than done like yesterday my little cat he got up
into the AC ducts and I was so worried I loved him so much but he was stuck in
there and he well eventually after hours and hours and hours he found his way out
I trusted the universe and the universe didn’t mean well sometimes just our
trust the universe long-term right long-term short-term sadness longtime
fulfillment okay continuing stop the blaming and forget the past all right
let’s not blame that person let’s not say you you you did this to me it hurt
me let’s not hold on to that grudge let’s let go let’s forget them okay
let’s let go let’s not hit let allow them to have a power have power over our
lives they’re gonna be in our past baby our past is gone our past is dead right
it’s now baby it’s now and then now brings what will come our decisions in
the now baby oh yeah take this as an opportunity my friend when you’re going
through that breakup take it as an opportunity because that’s what it is I
told you my two examples after my first breakup that was when I
started doing the working out and then after my second breakup that was when I
really started doing the YouTube all right take it as an opportunity because
that’s what it is you’re free you’re free you’re free I know that’s so hard
to process when you feel so sad when you feel so low so down but this is freedom
this is opportunity see how you take whatever experience it is and you
communicate it to yourself differently we can communicate
the meaning of any experience to our self the way we choose to this is a new
beginning for you this is a new beginning for you in your
life you’re not gonna be held back in ways you would have been held out held
back before continuing stay away from your eggs yes stay away from your eggs
this is what I’ve done whenever I end it with them I stay the
heck away from them some people do have the ability to remain friends and like
remain you know I don’t I never understood that but I know some people
do and that’s okay for them that’s cool I would never do that I’m just not like
that you know it’s like oh yeah we’re gonna go see a movie together but we’re
not together anymore we’re just for it I don’t know I don’t understand but that’s
okay you know folks do what they do I just I could I would never have been
able to do that yeah yeah maybe if you were friends before and then you tried a
relationship and it didn’t work out it was a mutual thing I guess I don’t know
know let’s continue another idea you can do here is start a breakup diary you can
track some of these thoughts and ideas that you’re having right I wouldn’t
personally do that but it is something that you can do it’s uh it’s just an
idea breakup diary gaining strength with
friends and family that’s right your friends and family they’re gonna be
there for you through thick and thin right sometimes they aren’t right and if
they aren’t maybe they’re not really your friends and family huh work hard
keep yourself busy sometimes when we just kind of float along we find
ourselves thinking about things that we don’t want to be thinking about my hero
all right my hero all-time favorite mentor of mine Earl Nightingale he said
one of the steps one of the most important steps to success was being
able to think about what we want to think about not what we don’t want to
think about now in this situation of course this is
something you don’t want to be thinking about but you find yourself thinking
about it right the breaker the difficulty take care of yourself take
care of yourself after that break up you’re feeling low this is your time to
take care of you take care of you get your mind right if
you have to put some other things to the side so be it this is about you this
your time now okay we’re gonna move on we’re gonna start a new lifestyle
alright we’re gonna make changes we’re gonna make it happen alright I believe
in you so much my friends if you’re going through any sort of a breakup if
you’re dealing with this right now you’re not alone okay you’re not alone
I’ll tell you what I have for you all right
we’ve got an awesome book broken heart survival guide okay I’ve got the link
pin below in the comments come let me know where to send it to
I’ll send it to you absolutely free what could you start it blessings my friends
much love peace I will see you so soon and remember no matter how dark times
may seem there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel always I believe in
you much love peace and blessings


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  • King Edward "Longshanks" I, Hammer of the Scots, Lord of Wales and King of England

    Ah, a video will never be relevant to

    Kill me now.

  • OttoVon Feelmark

    When I broke up with my first gf I had so much trouble telling her how I felt because I was worried of her reaction.

  • sandakureva

    How to handle a breakup: Say "Bye, Felecia." Then go drink some Monster Absolute Zero.
    Seriously, the person who broke up with you is the one missing out.

  • ҳ̸Ҳ̸ҳ Sage ҳ̸Ҳ̸ҳ

    I almost lost my husband of 13yrs. It was the darkest days of my life, your heart LITERALLY hurts like hell. Time is the ONLY thing that will heal you, so find something you love doing and dive in head first! Even if you don't feel like doing anything at the time. Every day will get better.

  • Teh Martiniz

    Around a month has passed since my ex-fiancè broke up with me and it has been quite a ride.
    What I did was just go on with my life, work, study and accept that my feelings may come and go. I have accepted that I can laugh and suddenly cry at the very moment. I take pride from that relationship and what I learned from it.

  • R o w l e t - JoyConBoyzForever

    Hey, Shaman. I'd like to say thank you for this video. There's some really good advice in here for sure.
    To babysinclairfan, I feel your pain, dude. I hope that things get better for you! <3

    Even though it's been a little bit since my break up with my ex, it's still taken a toll on me.
    It's gotten better though! I agree with you. Time does heal all wounds. Slowly but surely it will.
    I mean we may not realize it now, but it will. I'm even telling myself this as well to help me though getting past the craziness I endured over the past 8 years.

    When you say letting go, not letting them hold onto you, that's some great advice for sure!
    We all have loving family, friends, and pets/companions that love us.
    Those people will help us through all these hard times, too!
    I really honestly do think that having a great support system will also help a lot!

    Also thank you for the link to your book! c: Gonna download and save it!


    "Have you ever been through a really bad breakup?"
    No sir. Never been in a relationship with anything but my hobbies amd passions

  • Daubenys Second

    I can tell you that staying inside for a year avoiding human contact and masturbating 10 times a day isn't a good way to deal with a break up.

  • James Gentry

    If you're in your teens and twenty's DONT GET INTO SERIOUS RELATIONSHIPS! Focus on you, get experience in your social life. Make friends. When it comes to women casually date and friends with benefits ONLY! no strings no commitment. These are the years to use those experiences to find out what you like in life and what you like in a partner. Then when you are settled down after school or getting you career on track. THEN find your lifetime partner if you choose. You'll be more ready emotionally and mentally for that partner.

  • Curious Bystander

    You could break up with someone for being crazy, but it won't be very different with the next person once they get comfortable enough with you. It was one thing when I didn't know what I was missing, but now all I want is a peaceful life.

    The Buddhist's told me emotional attachments are the root of personal suffering. You can't hate something until you've personally invested yourself in it. Guatama Buddha didn't find enlightenment until he learned the value of not giving a shit.

    When you accidentally burn yourself, do you keeping sticking your hand in fire because the flames are pretty? Yet you can't hate fire for burning you, because fire doesn't know better, fire does what is within it's nature.

  • Name Less 123

    Block her or him and cut all forms of contact if u are stuck in a position where u have to talk to them say that ur busy or u have to go and avoid them I know its hard but sometimes it's just better to let go


    Fitness is a great stress reliever and making progress will make you proud of yourself. There's also a chance of meeting new people at the gym. You also see that there are other fish in the sea, and those fish have gainz fam 😏

  • MrRantingRandy

    I actually did go through a pretty… interesting breakup one time. But it wasn't really emotionally taxing so much as it was kind of like an absurdist comedy lol I found out about a year and a half ago that they are with someone who makes them happy now and I'm happy for that outcome.

  • DarkW0lverine

    Your avatar in the corner with the text bar next to it makes this video look like a screenshot of an anime visual novel game

    Oh man, that's a great idea for a game

  • Kaiser Frost

    Do men actually love women though? Or do they just love the "idea" of women. They seem to go from woman to woman without feeling any loss or sadness, or even any remorse for breaking their hearts. I've never been loved by a man but I have been used by a couple and they don't give a shit whether I am alive or dead. Both cheated on me and married the women they were cheating with. So how does this work? I'm trying really hard not to let the bitterness turn me into a man-hating monster but I see this crap happen to all of my female friends as well and I am noticing a trend with men in general. They all seem to be sociopaths. Correct me if I am wrong.

  • JessyJC

    I broke up with my gf just to get with another more attractive girl, turns out, she is boring and not even all that attractive after all, now I'm stuck with the consequences of a terrible decision. My ex was one of my best relationships btw, never had any problems, but I couldn't resist the opportunity to get this other girl. I didn't cheat though brether, but what I did wasn't exactly right, I ain't kiddin'

  • Mary H.

    Blessings Based and Crew‼♥Much love. Im sorry for that Baby , that hurts so bad sometimes. So true Based its easy to make excuses for the we are treated by others and when we can turn the hurt io something possitive that is a blessing. We are going to make it Crew. You and Crew are the absolute best Greatly Appreciate and Love u all from my heart‼🙇🙇🙇🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗💖💖💖❤❤❤

  • LukeTheTaco 508th

    I broke up with my ex about half a year ago after a truly toxic relationship. I'm happy now. I'm dating this new girl. And honestly she's mad for me. Everything's going well with the relationship. For once in my life i truly feel loved by a significant other. All i can say to all of you wonderful people. Breakups are a hardship at first. But after a while you learn and grow and will love once again. It does get better. And shaman. If you read this. I love your streams. I watch them when i get a chance and i have to say. It helps me a lot. I struggle with depression on a regular basis. Life's good but i just don't enjoy it. Its like a perpetual state of grey. The only thing i want to say to you directly is that you're a wonderful person. Your content has made a difference to so many people like me. Keep it up man! You're a legend!

  • meme king

    I don't care if this gets buried but you know what I don't care anymore

    For a long time now I've just been feeling nothing and I don't know why.
    Usually I just like watching videos on the internet mainly stuff that makes me laugh.

    But now I can't seem to get happy anymore everyday I wake up go to school come back home and try to take care of my house.
    But something always seems to mess up and my dad gets angry.

    Sometimes to the point where he'll start yelling and that's where I really start feel like nothing.
    And there's nothing I can do about it sit there and take it.

    And it doesn't help knowing that I'm really alone I have no girlfriend nor really anybody to see if I'm okay or even a alive.

    A part of me tells me just to end it just do it you're worthless garbage anyway right
    no one is going to even notice that you're gone right

  • Robert Ashford

    You should do one on how to deal with a stressful work environment. I feel like you'd be someone who would have great insight on that.

  • Crownlesssking

    Dear Based Shaman,

    I am writing this because I just NEED to show how much I appreciate you, this channel, and your words of wisdom/kindfulness to all of us during these troubling times. I had stumbled onto this channel about a year and a half ago when I felt like I was at my lowest of lows, physically, mentally, and emotionally. i was almost DROWNING in guilt/ self doubt and just didn't know how to go on anymore.Looking back it feels like a blessing to not only know that there are others who have felt/ still feeling the way that I had back then, but also that all of us are taking steps towards the light and a better future. It feels so amzing to see how far I have come as a person since first boarding Starship Lockjaw that i'm getting emotional writing this. Even now things aren't going my way , I lost both job and home as well as fell out with a majority of my friends, but i feel like I have the mental fortitude to get back out there and grab life by the balls regardless!!! Its like I made a complete transformation into a proud and confident young man who can handle lifes most daunting challenges and its all thanks to that one like I clicked on a random video about a man dressed like a genie. Based Shaman, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for everythng. Please continue to help people the same way you've helped me help myself. I feel like the world will be a better place because of it.

    -Sincerely, Gary the Crownless King

  • Troph2

    It can work both ways too, breaking up with my girlfriend was the hardest thing I ever had to do, I absolutely shattered her heart. I didn't even realize that I was capable of hurting somebody that I cared about it that capacity. But at that time (pre-breakup) I was going through a lot of shit truly scared shitless that I was gonna wind up with a gun in my mouth and that was a phone call I couldn't have her receive.

    The 'I don't want to make mom/girlfriend cry' meme is the 100% truth.

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