How To Create Your Own Website
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How To Create Your Own Website

In this video I’m going to show you how
to create your own website creating your own website is actually a
lot easier than most people think with today’s technology you can have a
great looking fully functional website up and running in just minutes even if
you’ve never done anything like this before by just following the simple steps I’m
about to show you you’ll be up and running in no time now
the tutorial I’m using is over it’s simple website tutorials dot com so you can follow along with that if you
like. First of all you need to choose a domain name for
your site so head on over to simple website tutorials dot com and scroll down a little until you see
the domain name availability to all then enter your desired domain then
click Search if the domain you entered is not
available try something else you can add a word or
two to make it unique or try using the dotnet or .org
extension now you’re not going to want to
registered the domain just yet because in a minute I’m going to show you how
you can get your domain registration for free so once you found an available
domain name that you’re happy with scroll down a little into you see the
link to green geeks in this tutorial you’re going to use the
green geeks to host your website they’re one of the
top web hosting companies around and they’re currently running a special
offer that allows you to get a free domain for life when you sign up with
them so click on the link to green geeks and
you’ll be taken to their website we’ll then click on the sign up now
button next you’ll need to enter the domain that you
chose into the box on the left named I need a domain so interview
domain in there and click Next then you’ll just need to enter your
details and payment information to set up your account and choose a plan for your web hosting
it’s completely up to you which plan you use but if you pay for 12 months or more
then you get your domain registration for free this will save you about ten
dollars a year so once you’ve chosen a plan you need to
enter the coupon code so if it’s not already there entered
today offer with no spaces to get the maximum
discount of your order then click create my
account you’ll then receive an e-mail from Green
geeks when your account has been set up and you can just follow the link in that
email to your account manager log into your account manager and you’ll
see your domain name and a button that says see panel login so click that see panel login button
next you simply scroll down until you see the
Fantastico deluxe icon Inc like that then click WordPress we’re going to use Word Press
as a base to build our website then just click on the new installation
link and enter a username and password then click install WordPress okay your basic WordPress website is now set
up and ready for you to customize it in anywhere you want congratulations you’ve just build a basic website for
the full step-by-step tutorial on how to do this as well as tons of other videos on how
to set up and customize your website head on over to simple website tutorials
dot com or Inc ok


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