How to Create Your First Web Page on WordPress

You’ve finally taken the plunge,
selected a domain name, purchased hosting, and are
ready to start your WordPress
site. Congratulations!
It’s going to be awesome. Now that you’ve celebrated your
new blog or business venture, you may be wondering what
to do next. Don’t worry. This video will walk you
through how to create
your first web page on WordPress step by step. For purposes of this tutorial,
we’re going to assume that you’ve already installed WordPress
and chosen a theme. If you haven’t yet, click here
for directions and then
rejoin us. Okay, it’s time to create
your pages. For example, you may want an “About” page, a “Testimonials” page,
a “Services” page, or a “Contact” page, depending
on the goals of your website. You can create these pages
through the “Pages” WordPress
feature. Here’s how to do it. 1. Turn your attention to the
sidebar and locate “Pages.” 2. Click “Add New.” 3. Once you have selected “Add
New,” you’ll notice you can enter a title and customize
the content. You can add a title to your page, such as “About Me”
or “Services.” Then you can write your content, add images,
and even select the layout for
your page. 4. Once you are ready to
publish your page, find the “Publish” button on
the right side of your screen. As soon as you
click the blue button, your new page will go live. Remember, since you have
selected a theme, WordPress will automatically import your page
into the desgin you selected. This means you don’t have to
know any coding. After you have created all of
your pages, you’ll want to organize them. After all, you want your website
visitors to be able to easily
navigate your website. To organize your pages, you’ll
want to add them to one of your navigation menus. You can do this through the
“Appearance” tab on the sidebar. Here’s how. 1. Find “Appearance” on the
sidebar and click “Menus.” 2. Find the pages you created
under the “Pages” widget. 3. You can add any of the pages
to your menu by clicking the checkbox next to the title
of your page and then clicking “Add to Menu.” 4. Once you have selected the
pages you want to add, you can arrange them in the way you
want them to appear
on your menu. Do this by dragging and dropping
each menu item where you would like them to appear. In the example above, each
main menu page is flushed left and each sub-page under
the main page is indented. You can organize your pages
however you would like. To give you a better idea of
the final product, here is how a WordPress menu looks all
dressed up in its theme. And there you have it! That’s how you create a page
on WordPress and organize them into a menu. And remember, comment,
like, share and subscribe for more useful tips on running
your own website.

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