How to create Windows 10 clone image with FOG server 2019
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How to create Windows 10 clone image with FOG server 2019

Hello everyone! Here is
how to take clone image from Windows10 Image will take from existing installation First make sure that your vm boot from
network and it’s in same network that
fog server Next Windows can start and client can
registered to Fog system If network and other settings are
correct PXE env. start Select Quick Registration from fog menu When registration is client will boot
and new client can see on fog gui Next login to webgui Go to Images and create image for
Windows 10 or other Windows Set proper name and select proper OS
like Windows 10 Use for image type multipartition if
installation contain multiple partitions Next we can create a task to take a
image from registered client Set Host Image to Windows 10 On Tasks set take image from:
List All hosts From capture button task is set to start
on next reboot So let’s look what happens on
reboot Image capture task started Now image is ready to drop blank
computers Before drop to blank this image
let’s what it looks Here is the captured image Let’s drop this image to blank host I will create new host and boot from
Network First register new client to Fog or set
Mac – address manual on Fog For deploy new host you can create tasks
like that capture task was Let’s drop that Win 10 image to blank
host Select from menu Deploy Image Give Fog system user and password Here is Windows 10 image progress can be monitor through webgui After deploy is ready Windows booting FOG system can change hostname on
Windows 10 Thanks for watching!

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