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How to create website in 10 minutes | 4KTechTV

Hello Guys! I am Priyank and I am back with another exciting video. This is an exciting video Because by the end of the video, we will be learning How to create a website? We will have our own email address. A website email address with a custom domain. So what is a custom domain? Custom domain email address. Basically my personal email address is Youtub [email protected] so we will have a custom domain Email address, a blog and a website. So let’s start with the video By the way I am Priyank Gada and you watching 4KTechTV And on this channel, we regularly upload two videos Where we answer all your technical questions. So in case you haven’t yet Subscribed to our channel then please hit the red subscribe button below And press the bell icon to get notifications. You can also join our WhatsApp notification squad First of all, I would like to thank hostinger for making this possible They have actually give me a link wherein you will get some discount Just head over to the link provided in the description First thing that we need is a domain name So create a website, there are two things that we need. First thing is the Name of the website i.e. Domain name and hosting where all your files Are hosted. For ex you are watching this video on youtube The domain name of youtube is so this is what We need for our website and then all the files For example this video is hosted on a server, so we need a server We need a hosting server so what you can do is you can head over to the link provided In the description, Hostinger has made this possible, this video Is sponsored by hostinger and they have given me some discount for my viewers For my users, what you can do is you can head over to the link and start The website, the first think you need to do is go to products Click on domain check, this tool will help you to check if the domain Is available or the name of the website is available. For Example in my case I want to register And this can be random and you can choose whatever domain you want For your company, it can be your personal name or it can be your Companies name. It will suggest you various pricing and various domain Extensions , we will stick with the dot com , you can Click on add to cart to buy the domain and depending on the budget And your requirement so for example if you have a commercial site, I would recommend You to go with .com . Its time to select ‘Hide Personal Information for my domain’ This will hide your mobile number, email address and all other information From your domain, Now its time to buy a good hosting So for a blog, or a single page website, For a small website you can just buy Single Web Hosting Because it has 10GB storage and it is quite good for A small blog, you can also buy SSL certificate in case You want to perform transactions on your website. For example if you want to Have a E-commerce website, a SSL certificate will help you to Securely complete your transactions. So I will recommend you To go SSL certificate if you have a website wherein you will Be paying or taking money from your consumers Or visitors Now we have a domain name and hosting, its time to create Our custom email address, so by the end of the video, you will be Having a custom email address, a blog and a website So without wasting time, lets move on You can head over to the link provided in the description and log into your account This time you don’t have to pay anything because We have already purchased a plan which includes email address Just head over to hosting and click on manage to go to Cpanel or control panel of your hosting We have various options. For now, we are looking for email forwarders Just click on email forwards and you can add in your email address We will be forwarding all our emails to our gmail account Because It is quite easy to manage gmail from your android Android phone and you can receive all your emails sent to Custom email. For example in this case, we have [email protected] [email protected] and all the emails will be forwarded to my Gmail account. We are done with the email. So you have a custom email address and domain name and website ready Is ready its time to create our blog on the website We are going to use wordpress We are using WordPress because WordPress is the best CMS i.e. Content management system. It is basically Easy create website, blogs and manage blogs. You can Create users and stuff like that for example A visitor wants to create an account on your website, he can do that. If he wants to comment, he can do that and stuff like that WordPress is quite simple to use, ill be explaining everything, lets move Lets create our first blog and then we will create our first Article on our blog. Without wasting time lets move forward Go to your account and click on manage under hosting tab And this time we have to search for Auto-installer in the account We have multiple options to create a website for example you can use Website builder that hostinger provides but for now We will just stick with WordPress. So click on WordPress and over Here select an URL where you want to install your website on So basically we will use the normal URL if you want You can add Custom URL but we will use our domain And this time you have to create an administrator, now remember the Username, email address and password and enter Website title, within few minutes we are ready with our blog You can start posting and you can head over to your domain and Start creating your website and its like six minutes And we have completed with our blog, we have our domain Everything is ready So I think we are ready with our website, we are ready With our custom email and a blog, we still have time lets talk about Hostinger, hosting is the fastest and the best Hosting platform available right now, what you can do is you can Actually check the link provided in the description to get a discount And purchase your domain and create your website In few minutes, we actually have some time so ill show You how you can customise your website, we will also create a One page website for your company and for people Who are into blogging, ill explain how you can change the theme Of the blog for free. As you can see you can click on Wp-Admin To go to your blog. First thing we need is a Theme , an awesome them is astra and you can Visit their website i.e. It is a free theme and you can just click on download and go down And download free astra theme. Click on no thanks and your download will start So we have the theme ready, just go to Themes inside appearance Browse the zip file and click on install. We have a custom theme ready, you have to activate the theme and install it After installation, just head over to Pages. Click on add page. This time we are using Element or to create our page. So this is the page This is the page title, just add your page title, ill just call it home Because we have a one page website. Over here we have Various templates available. You can check Various templates. We will just search for a template that Is elegant enough to Be used and it is good for a blog. So this time We are using a one page blog and you can always Change the theme and play around with the templates Now ill just search for blog and the template is ready You can click on Insert to insert the template by the way Your website looks awesome and it is already ready, you just need to Edit few things, for example – the title for your website So ill just edit it to my first 10 minute blog And a subtitle or description for your blog So ill just add – ‘This is my first 10 minute blog’ And you can choose an image as an logo Of your article, or thumbnail of your article, so ill just use a random Image for now, and we are done so you can add In customisations and you can play around with texts and various other Themes so for now, ill just add few things and Ill show you how you can change your icon i.e. social media icons So you can add in links to your platform to your social media Accounts and stuff We still have 45 seconds left, so ill just show you how to Create a simple one page website for your company. As you can see ill just Search for a template which is good for an E-Commerce website and Ill add the template, you can click on insert to insert the template Ill make a separate video on how to take payments and how to Setup payment gateways but for now we have this template Ready. So this is something that looks good for an E-Commerce website Well, right now we have a normal single page website but In next video, ill explain how to create an E-Commerce website I’ll explain how to setup payment gateway For now, I have to end the video because we have already completed Three websites, email address and many other things in just 10 minutes


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