How to Create Travel Booking Website – Why Partner With a Host Agency?
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How to Create Travel Booking Website – Why Partner With a Host Agency?

How to Create a Travel Booking Website what’s up everybody Larry Porter here
and we’re back once again back one majestic travel and so in today’s video
I want to share with you how to create a travel booking website okay so you do
not want to miss this i’ma show you how to create this without creating this
alright we’ll be right back alright guys welcome back welcome back
now this is my website my travel booking engine this was very very easy to set up
now I suggested you same way that I did do not try to create your own site from
scratch okay do not try to try to put together a booking engine all the things
you need for the side try to integrate suppliers don’t don’t don’t waste your
time on it here’s why I recommend doing partnering with a host travel agency so
as you see here I’m partnered with Intel Atrato dot-com okay by partnering with
in telecom you get to equip yourself with your own travel booking site this
is a booking engine so if you come down here just do what all the functions if
this I can do now all this is done for you okay the only thing that you have to
do is come in here at your your name your branding your photo and your
contact information and you’re good to go
that’s it that’s the only creation that you have to do on your behalf
it’s just pretty pretty much set up your profile so guys you can come in here and
look for ya car you can come and do rental cars cruises flights hotels you
can do travel insurance it’s a lot steps you can do guy that you have access to
at your fingertips by partnering with a host travel agency so I really want to
go over go over this and telling travel why it’s so important so if you really
trying to get into the travel industry and you’re trying to create your own
website guys save yourself some time partner with intelecom gonna save you a
ton of time limit not and I’m gonna show you why I’m summer logging here
my back office here in my show you some things we can kind of get a feel what to
expect I see here to go to my agency my agent website so you can manage your
site here so this is where you put in your contact information for your
website put my name I put my phone number and all this good stuff and you
can come in here put in your slogan your branding slogan and your travel agent
name or your agency name what do you want whatever you want to put right here
then you come down here and select your picture choose file select picture
submit for review now you should take about 48 hours to review honestly it’s
quicker than that but that’s pretty much it and your site is now live so if you
if you if you go in here and you click on this link here this is my link to my
site and to show you how your site looks live okay
now another thing I want to show you about this is the powerful cruising
booking engine I love this so you have access to tons of suppliers ok so if you
come here book travel guys I sell two cruisers Cruise is very
popular you have your own built in and cruise engine okay so now you come in
here you have access to all the major suppliers you got Carnival look at you
got Avalon waterways I don’t know what that is okay Carnival Cruise Lines
Celebrity Cruises closer ships Crystal Cruises Noriega in ocean Oceania Cruises
Royal Caribbean so you have a ton of supplies that you
can go through and put together cruise packages you got all the cruise ships
they say everything is out at your freaking tips for you for you to look
for your sibling and for your clients you got the dates they’re going out the
parks reports you can select everything so let’s say for example I wanted to
let’s see here let’s go to reset we said I want to do a Bahamas let’s say I want
to port from my departure from Miami and I want to do a of course Carnival let’s
see I want to pick conquest cruise ship and I want to go March 2020 and I want
to go four to six nights I’m gonna do now select search
it’s gonna put you straight inside Carnival Haggar all your cruise dates
you can just come in here you could shows you everything you need and you
can put together cruises for you your clients and they’re easy even though
your class and coming here and you can come here and share this okay and class
and coming here and book themselves so you making commissions and leveraging
the power over your website so guys that’s my time I just want to share with
you don’t worry about wasting time trying to figure out how to create a
website plugging to a system where the site has already done for you well you
have everything you need at your fingertips okay so guys I recommend
intelligible comm if you’re not a part of this business
watch a free presentation how you can get started as a travel agent and put
together your own booking website okay click the link below watch the free
presentation and I will see you on the next video if you like this video
remember to Like subscribe to our YouTube channel and leave a comment
alright see you on the next video alright How to Create a Travel Booking Website

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