How to create FREE WEBSITE with FREE HOSTING and DOMAIN? (WordPress tutorial)
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How to create FREE WEBSITE with FREE HOSTING and DOMAIN? (WordPress tutorial)

hello everybody my name is Tadey and
welcome to my channel it’s another tutorial it’s not a tips and tricks
video but I am trying to think about what should I record what should i film
what should I show you I’m thinking very very much and I don’t have any solution
yet I’ll try to take it a little bit more
just yes I’m gonna make a tutorial how to
make a simple kind of pearl looking website for vloggers youtubers bloggers
entrepreneurs for your company if you like for anybody actually because it’s
very very simple if you will follow my steps you won’t be able to do anything
wrong just believe me and beside that I will make sure that this website is
going to be completely free of charge you won’t even have to pay for your
domain or your hosting just follow my steps and you will have a website in
couple of minutes you know I was doing some researches
which free Hosting’s are great we have a lot of free Hosting’s but you know some
of them are reliable some or not and some of them offer that you can have a
website but you cannot have a database there so with no go for WordPress you
need a database option I have found one totally great so this one is called
infinity freeze so all you need to do is sign up for his free hosting and you
will have hosting for three websites with unlimited disk size so that you
mean you can have a website as large as you want so this is it actually you know
infinity free you go to free hosting and you click sign up now free on them and
all you have to do is you know infinite free sign up for a free account you need
your email address password and confirm your password so you need to double
check the password I read and agree to the Terms of Service and you sign up and
then you will receive an email from the Infinity free this email you will have a
claim to confirm that you’re trying to make an account and you need to confirm
your email account so that’s it you will go through this procedure and no biggie
I will just log in okay what else do we need for a website we need a domain
actually that’s do TDOT TK it’s a service you see free domains for all
there’re actually domains from countries here you have couple of options for free
domain dot T key dot G a I think is and dot ml and some of them I’m not quite
sure but you can use any of them if they are free actually for your name address
of your website so if you want you know your address give me your name your
company name your your service what you offer or that kind of stuff what what
you need is to just go and check the domain you’re trying to use simple
tutorials let’s check availability simple –
tutorial is that deep key symbol miser that MLG a C F and G Q yeah I know you
have other options here it for you know you can just have calm if you want to
have free of charge website then use one of these
I wish to simple tutorials dot and L let’s get it now get it now and now you
will have your option you know to check out and to sign up for dot dot Tiki
account and you will have the option to control your domain here so you have the
simple tutorials in and yeah this period here just check for twelve months so for
a year here continue you need to do this continue I have read and agreed to the
terms so please wait just finish this and order confirmation thank you for
your order you will receive a confirmation email shortly so if we go
back to our hosting service you see this infinitely free hosting service when
you’re in this inside of this you have here an option to create a new account
and you just click this new account plus new account and you will have use a free
domain that’s their domain actually RF whatever that is
or you can use your own domain that that’s the main you have just ordered
what you need to do is go to your domain here manage domain and then you have
here management tools you just press and management tools and click on name
servers use custom name servers and then you will have to enter the name service
of this you see the name servers that’s in his robot and just copied here then
change name service that’s right and that’s it
domain is set now you just need to go back to the
hosting service and click here or just insert your domain simple
– tutorials done and out in the chec and here it is community so simple tourist
ml is available and here is the account password so create account so let’s go
into the control panel this is actually a Vista panel mr. control panel for for
the hosting service and it’s actually very very similar to cPanel that is
actually quite professional panel for using the web hosting when you have this
hosting all set up let me just show you a trick you see the cPanel actually with
the panel if you scroll down the second option here this apps installer just
click on this and now you will have an option to install all these top scripts
actually here’s the WordPress about the card press the shop that’s for a webshop
and all that kind of stuff so I will just show you how to make a wordpress
website so we will install this WordPress program script you just click
here on install and then a new world new screen is pop out choose protocol HTTP
directory yeah I would choose nothing here you have site name I just say
simple tutorials and in account you can set up here admin account to log in to
your WordPress control panels advanced option you can actually make here an SQL
base so you don’t have to do anything on your own table prefix whatever database
name whatever it is it’s maybe okay if you just remember when it is and now you
can also you have some themes here you can already decide which team of the
website you would like to use my elastication you know for
travel vloggers maybe for the bloggers for the bloggers photographers they just
select this one and installation details to email you want to provide so you will
know when the installation is over and you will know what the credentials for
the login is for the SQL database when when you will install the other stuff so
now you just click on install and then you just wait a couple of minutes this
may take three to four minutes so this is a website is ready to go so this is
the website now see that’s the website so now the website is actually live now
but it’s not looking very great because we need some adjustments let’s go to
dashboard you see here some warning that you need to install some plugins let’s
install this one also let’s refresh this website to see what is going on now when
we have a lot of whoa it’s it’s looking much much better right very very useful
thing for youtubers for bloggers if you want to have a website your personal
website you just use this WordPress tutorial and you just go through all the
steps that’s very easy to make simple to create your hosting account simple to
create your free domain if you don’t want to pay for the domain later on when
you get maybe some money from your work you can afford yourself page the domain
and paid hosting that is maybe much more reliable you can transfer your page from
one domain to another domain if you don’t know how to do it you just you
know you just ask me just write me just message me just leave me a comment down
below if you have any other questions or anything else if you’re in doubt how to
do it is you just write me there and I will try to answer you and try to help
you maybe to create some more tutorials like this or maybe some advanced
tutorials or you know I can always help you with that so just leave me a comment
down below leave a thumbs up if you like this video you know you can subscribe if
you have already it’s always good to have some
people on my subscribers that are actually willing to see much more
content than I will create I will try to create every week now every Thursday or
Friday I will put another new video up there I would just like it come go go we
so I’ll try to create more and videos like this and I will do also vlogging
I’m not living longing no way no way lots will come and it will be awesome
I will try different kinds of you know editing so don’t be surprised if
anything is going to be a different than it was before I will do also some After
Effects things because I like to do in After Effects it’s really really amazing
just leave me a comment down below if you want to see any other tutorials and
yeah what should I sing even more that that was all I’m setting off I think I
spoke too much now today take care be good
stay awesome have fun and enjoy working on your websites and yeah show me what
you’ve done with my tutorial just links down or just write me hey I’ve done this
my website thank you very much you have great tutorial maybe or something yeah
and you have a great website I’m sure you have so maybe it’s time to stop now
and I will go to sleep probably yes yep I will go to sleep
so everyone see you I will definitely see yes I will definitely see you in the
next video so bye


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