• Anson Lobo

    Hey, is there a way to build a custom header without the header/footer plugin? I'm just wondering if Elementor Pro has an internal option

  • Wladymir Serrano

    is it possible to make the mobile menu open fullscreen?

    Or even, is there any plugin to make the mobile menu more beautiful and dynamic?

  • John Monahan

    Hello Adam, Thanks for the great tutorials! Is there a video that explains how to use Astra / Elementor to edit existing content that was imported into WordPress from a Joomla website?

  • Analuz Sandrea

    Hi adam, really good video. BUT i have a few problems. the footer doesnt appear on the bot, it shows in the middle. also the header in mobile devices it shows cut the middle. I would appreciate if you can help me with this. Thanks!

  • Cha Dukz

    Hi Adam. Awesome tutorial! Need little help tho. Just created a header using Header & Footer builder for my Astra Theme website, how to assign it as when I try to refresh the page it doest appear.

    Hope to hear from you. Thanks

  • Achiever C

    Adam, so if you don't have the Elementor PRO version then this plugin won't be of any use? Just some clarification. Thanks!

  • Audrey W

    Hi Adam love your channel. I tried doing this with the Astra Theme and I can't figure out how to get the Nav Menu on every page. The Astra Header shows instead 🙁 Can you help or where do I get the hook and add it in Astra?

  • Fabian M.

    How can I change the Position of the header after I created it?
    For example my setting was ,,entire site‘‘ but know I want to exclude the header on one page

  • Sunil Singh

    @WPCrafter.com WordPress For Non-Techies
    Hi Adam, I'm facing a problem in wordpress, can you tell me your email id, where I can send all details of my problem.

  • FreeDom

    Firstly…thank you for that
    Secondly for the next ones if you could go straight into the subject that would be amazing
    Don't take this the wrong way – only helping here

  • widM

    I have OceanWP theme and I dont' have any option of navigation menu that you have. I can just pick the existing menu and can't change anything.

  • Nadine El Nour

    Adam, I purchased the Elementor Pro through your provided link, but I couldnt access your Elementor Essentials 🙁 May I message you or emailyou privately? I can show you proof of purchase of Elementor Pro, I really love your content, so I would love to learn the course


    I saved a sample template with the design but with sample text, now I want to use this design on multiple pages/posts but need to change the text. How to do it? Thanks

  • mw4724

    Im using Elementor Pro and there are really a lot of bugs in it. When I insert a footer via Elementor Template, my Sydney Theme header disappears.

  • Mandarin Mania

    Thanks so much! I was going to pay someone to design a header, but paid to update Elementor to Pro instead! Great buy!

  • Tech HUB

    Need help! i am using free elementor for oceanwp theme. I Created the header, footer, mid on one template. The problem is how to apply now. I imported as well but no idea how to apply by going to custom header. That file is not showing there.

  • Haroon Shahzad

    why did not full width nav list move down in toggle icon formate or mobile formate ? Issue is that the content are not move down as well as list move down .

  • S W

    I am in need of the newbie friendly hook video if it is out already. I am looking to replace my Elementor created nav menu with the Astra
    base menu. I have no idea what a hook is. Any help would greatly be appreciated. Thanks. Great content Adam.

  • Sean Danconia

    At 9:57, you add a 3rd column within the double column. I tried to do this by rolling over the icon as you did but nothing appears. Any idea what I need to do differently?

  • Lindsey Brothers

    Is there any way I can implement the header I created with the pro version on the website I have created already? Or will I have to redo everything? I Used elementor for my layouts on my web page, but just upgraded, and created a custom header. Now I can't figure out how to implement it, or replace the header I originally had. Thanks in advance. Great video.

  • Danial Zafar

    I'm using the GeneratePress theme and it is not supporting it. It does not give me the option from where I can choose to build header or footer.

  • iC Digital Assets

    Adam, I want to thank you for all the in-depth tutorials which are free. Similar content from other professionals would literally cost thousands of dollars. Since following your blogs and courses we have never looked backwards. Your suggestion of Inmotion hosting was an absolute lifesaver. After 15 years on a major UK hosting platform, I moved four sites to inmotion and ZERO downtime. If some users and viewers find your delivery a little too fast, they can just watch them again and again as we do. You are without a doubt the Gold Standard for WordPress education.

  • Chris Kilbane

    I have a question, I have selected my header to appear on each page haha which initially seemed like a good idea but now I can see it will be annoying for user, do you know how to switch my existing header back to appearing on the entry page only rather than popping up at the top of each page on the site?

  • JeenieJolie

    I've been building sites with Avada, X, and Divi. The type of design I'm looking for wasn't an easy built with Divi so..after watching your videos I went and got Astra…so far I'm loving this theme flexibility more than any the others I named ( ok maybe not Avada.) I went with elementor and though the first 30 min. It felt like a pain in the neck, I'm now loving it as well. Thank you Soo so much!

    I have one question for you. To implement these custom menus …is there a way I could do is only on selected pages? My client is pretty happy with the front end so I don't want to change that. But I would love to make the back end unique by adding the custom menu.



    Hey Adam, Happy New Year I have recently installed the Electro2 Madras Theme on my website and Elementor Builder but, i want to know if I can edit the existing theme header to my own design.

  • My Youtube page

    I can figure out how to make my own footer, and even apply it site wide. I cannot for the life of me figure out HOW TO REMOVE THE DEMO FOOTER. That damn "Mark Brownn" footer is on every single page and will not go away. I have deleted every template called "footer" and it is still there. When I create my own footer, it just shows UNDER THE MARK BROWNN DEMO FOOTER. It is driving me absolutely bonkers. You need to be a coder to remove the friggin demo footer? So I beg to differ – It IS COMPLICATED TO USE. If not downright impossible. Unless of course your name is MARK BROWNN :/

  • Margin call

    Hi ! Great content.
    How do you hide the header/footer for creating a simple landing page without having those two elements with elementor & Astra?

  • daddylogan

    Adam…quick question. I don't have Pro yet but I installed the header footer plugin and pretty much was able to get the header look I needed. Only 1 issue I can't figure out which was your very last step in this tutorial. When I click my hamburger menu in mobile view it does what your was doing…pushing the logo down on the left and only displaying on the right which looks horrible with the logo floating down. you rectified it with "MOBILE DROPDOWN>>>FULL WIDTH ON." However with the plugin version I don't see that option so how can I rectify this?

  • Kamran Khan

    Actually I figured out that the actual tutorial was 3 or 4 minutes, but it went on for a long time without actually starting … – sorry buddy.

  • Vincent Kent

    Adam Thanks so much … I've learned a great deal from your tutorials. Where can I find that Multi-Device Tester for testing mobile and tablet setting?
    Thanks in Advance and keep up the great work my friend. ( ^__^)

  • Alireza Shahin

    hey, great content. can you tell me how to use this for a multilingual website? because when the website changes the language, the header remains still

  • John Dumas

    Could you please tell me if there is a way to use a custom Elementor header if I already have the WP header in place? I'd hate to have to redo the whole site and I really don't want to use another plugin or have to do some CSS codeing 🙂 Thank you, John

  • Kevin Mackey

    Seriously, if you need the pro version to complete a tutorial, you should let people know in the title, or at least at the start of the video.

  • Vaibhav Singh

    great video sir, it really helped me a lot. I am also facing the same problem when it coming to mobile device button doesn't hide on the preview.

  • John Dumas

    Hi… would you be kind enough to tell me where to put Google Analytics tracking code when using Elementor Theme Builder custom header and Ashe template? I believe Ashe is a BDthemes template, like Astra. I think 🙂

  • Van Tirax

    How can you remove the header and footer from original astra? In addition I think now you can select the directly the block footer right? thanks

  • John Dumas

    This is driving me nuts…

    Could you possibly give me a bit of help?

    I CAN NOT edit (or change) background color in a section. When I click on edit section, there is nothing there when I click on the Style tab. Layout and Advanced are there but not Styles. I've tried adding blocks both from Elementor and Envato. I've tried adding the heading and text elements and nothing I do shows me the Style settings.

    I'm using the free Elementor and OceanWP. Both current versions. I've also tried deactivating all plugins. Nothing works.

    It should be a simple thing to create a colored bar at full width and put text in it, but it is NOT working out that way.

  • Rishav Chakraborty

    I need to remove the elementor header from some specific pages on my site, but I am unable to find and set specific pages in display conditions while saving the header ( it does not let us select the exact page name to remove the header from ). Can you kindly help me with that, please?


    Hlw sir i have a problem when i Adsense code past my WordPress site theme.php there but not showing any </head> tag no doctyp
    What can i do now pls help me

  • Paul Morris

    You took over 7 mins before you even taught your headline.You talk far to fast and your voice is not easy to listen to
    I was shouting for god sake be quiet because you hardly took a breath
    Why do you tech guys all talk fast it takes time to find the bits

  • david w

    Great. Makes a video about making headers without elementor pro and decides to use a function of elementor pro in 6:30 without any explanation on how people using the free version can do it. Thanks for wasting 10 minutes of my life, really.

  • Cinthia Fasani

    I've seen in your previous videos you've had the header transparent so it just uses whatever background color the page you're on has. How do I do that? I can't seem to figure out how to make the header transparent. Just keeps being white.

  • Roy Sommerfeld

    Hello folks, how can you apply these custom headers for Woocommerce pages like single product, cart, check out? Thx for the support.

  • David Dassa

    hi. how can i set header and footer only for a single page and then create a different header and footer for a different page on the same website? is it possible?

  • Morales Matthew

    Adam, have you released the video for newbies on "web hooks" if you have, thanks i will search for it. 🙂

  • We Need Help

    Very nice and informative video, i just created mine. But can't remove it and make it default. I would be highly grateful if you could tell me how to remove it and revert it to default one

  • zaid haris

    i had made website with wordpress not with elementor but i want to insert a elementor footer block to my existing pages of website how to do this??

  • Martin Herteleer Conseiller en Sécurité Financière

    Thanks a bunch! I went ahead and bought Elementor Pro just because of this tutorial. Keep up the good work 🙂

  • daniel lovett

    you really should announce ahead of time that this is an out-of-date video….instead of us wasting time downloading unnecessary plugins !!!

  • Matteo Fossati

    Nice tutorial! Is there a way to create the same Nav Menu widget but without menu link (only fake links)? This is because I'm in a 'staging' host and I don't want to display links to other pages that I'm working on. Thanks so much

  • aaron urban

    Thanks for the great tutorial mate. But have one giant issue which i believe you can solve it with a couple words. My footer doesn't always stick to bottom. When my page has less content or no content in it, footer jumps in the middle of the page or top of it. What should i do ?

  • Erik Swanson

    ok but does google register these custom headers as actual headers or is it something similar to thrive themes landing page designs where you can create headers also but they arent actual headers when google reads your website?

  • Matthew Tang

    Hello Adam, thanks for your tutorial, yet I've faced a problem about the menu button is missing when the screen shows in mobile version. Can I get your help?
    Many thanks.

  • Aakash Verma

    I made a custom footer bar after watching your video. After saving the template I cannot find any copyright text that used to appear before. How to write copyright text after creating a footer bar template?

  • Khubaib Ahmad

    I did follow the exact way for my footer but it did not work. I do not understand why? I have completed my footer in the elementor but it is not visible on the website. Can You guide me what could be the possible reason?

  • BestimmeDeinLeben

    Thank you for your answer. I used google search and looked at you on the channel but did not find how to link the pages to elementor. In the wordpress I have linked but in the elemtor I do not come to the pages.Hi, thanks for the nice video. How can I link the menu to the pages in elemtor? Can you please explain that in the video?


  • Michelle Pace

    Hi Adam, being two years since your above post – is this same plugin still required in order to Elementor for my header in my Astra theme website?

  • Mike Rogers

    Hi Adam, You obviously have a good understanding of your subject, so can I ask your advice please? I have Elementor Pro with the Hello theme. I want to have a sidebar but Hello does not offer this option under the appearance menu. I can create one using the two column format but this then gives me one large text area with no ability to further subdivide it for further sections/images.
    Can you advise if you know a way round this?

  • Lic. Karen Tenorio Arellano

    oh man.. thank you, I finally did it …. you actually started explaining how to do it after 10 minutes of talking about your opinions ideas and other stuff… maybe for other videos you could start earlier? XD

  • Graham Day

    Hi Adam, a really like the video. Could I ask you a question, I'm using an Astra theme ( Astra Free Option ) and have Elementor Pro. I have created the Header and added the Menu using the  Nav Menu option in Elementor. When I view my Astra Theme website the menu has not been updated. Is something I have missed? Thanks Graham

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