• SKP

    Welcome back sir Happy new year loved your video so much..don't take too much break keep posting videos on ecommerce and niche dropshipping stores

  • Aboi Lunglai

    Many thanks for taking time to share this once again. I have gained a lot from the other Video. Best from Salzburg.

  • Ethan Bui

    Awesome! So much learn thank you sir
    is there a way to allow a customer to create an account quicker? for example, linking account info from facebook, Instagram…

  • Mehran Mosallanezhad

    Thank you very much, you're so cool!
    I have a few questions:
    What if I want to allow users to sell their own products, like Amazon? how can I configure this?
    How can I configure two different kinds of results for users logged in from different countries? for example different purchase method and prices (example: users from India see their own currency and price and people from us with USD and another price) , Different languages and etc. based on the user's location.

  • Digital Gold

    FINALLY!!! I've found a quality, up to date tutorial about WooCommerce and Storefront 2019. I'm still undecided between this theme and a few others??? Prefect timing for me to find this video. Cheers 👍

  • Ryan Alghul

    Excellent video. Easy to follow and always makes time to message you if you need help. Will be my go to YouTube channel for website design help from now on 🙂

  • vbarrar

    Hello, your turorial is really great!! but i have some troubles with meta slider, i cannot put the slider in full sise in the homepage of Storefront…

  • dkcorporate group

    Very Nice and helpfull video! The only thing i missed is how to setup the social Media Buttons like FB, Pinterest etc.


    As always, Excellent! Just experiencing an issue, when I am creating or editing pages the layout is a bit different from what we usually see during editing a page. Some kind of block layout. Though I have deleted WooCommerce Blocks plugin. Your support will be highly appreciated in resolving this issue. Thanks

  • Wheelz On Time The Brand That Cares

    Great tutorial! Just like Digital Gold, I've been looking for an up to date tutorial to set up my website. I have the suffice theme but it's not working for my product line. I have an online tire finance store and I need a tire finder widget for my customers to search for their products. I'm considering the wheel and tire theme from themeforest.net however they only have an installation tutorial online. Would I be able to use this storefront theme instead?

  • Francesco Scarfogliero

    Awesome work! Just a question, when i first install and activate storefront it doesn’t ask me if i want to enable the store and the product example. Also when i go to my site everything it’s white and it says that i haven’t posted anything yet. Could you help me please?

  • James Bevan

    Many thanks for this, great tutorial… Have you used a multi-vendor plugin with an ecommerce store before? if so any recommendations?

  • SKP

    Loved your video. Iam creating the above site in my local computer. I will go online after doing the necessary testing. In local where all the database and files will be saved. How do I view the website on local machine

  • Francesco Scarfogliero

    Great video! What if i want the full width slider but without showing it in all the Pages?
    If i deselect the “show in all the Pages” button the full width disappear

  • Mad Hatter

    Honestly, I love your vibe, so calming and positive. The content is very much on point, you are great at teaching. Thank you. Subscribed👍

  • Roberto Guayaquil

    Hi, is there a way to show more on sale products on the homepage? And also to show random products? On the home pago i would like to display random products and on sale products. Thank you!

  • Carlos Alfa

    Hi, I´ve been working in my new website on WordPress using Divi and Woocommerce, and I have just added the Storefront theme to costumize my store. I´ve also installed the child theme configurator to keep untouched the father theme. I´m confused. What do I have to do for not deleting what I have done (WordPress, Divi and Woocommerce) but to follow your tutorial to start building my store? I don´t want to mess it all. Thank you.

  • Probook User

    Hello mate, you are a genius finally i have my site running bought my domain from Hostgator as you suggested. But the problem i have in my site is that the categories images doesn't have same size some are bigger while others are smaller, in your demo site your categories images displays same size and pictures are very bright but mine are a bit blur even when i added HD images. Can you point me to right direction please?

  • SKP

    Loved your video. Iam creating the above site in my local computer. I will go online after doing the necessary testing. In local where all the database and files will be saved. How do I view the website on local machine

  • SKP

    Iam creating a similar demo website following your guidelines. Please let me know if i can use photographs from your demo website to my demo website.

  • SKP

    Thank you for replying to my previous query. Iam creating a similar demo website following your guidelines. Please let me know if i can use photographs from your demo website to my demo website.

  • Izabel

    This is super except when it got to the part about adding demo content I had to purchase extensions, it wasn't free, and now I have the extensions downloaded and no idea what to do with them. Help!

  • williams Godwin

    Thanks the video is awesome it help a lot….. But I ran into a problem, when I applied the slider It shows a sub slider under it self…. Please how can I solve this

  • eric lender

    Great video, thanks for the patient help!! But, I'm having real trouble as ProBook User… Having real trouble with understanding image proportion when rendered by WordPress Storefront. Is there any formula or static understanding to predict how/what resolution will display?

  • fifteendollarbill

    Is there a way to change the titles like "new in" , "we recommend", "on sale" how can I change those title names? thanks for the tutorial!

  • Vikas Karade

    Great tutorial . I was able to make my website with the help of this tutorial quite easily.I was wondering if we can use this website for Amazon affiliate program skipping payment and shipping options in Woocommerce. Since each product will have its own affiliate link, how can a customer add multiple products in same cart?
    Would request you to make tutorial on How to make Affiliate website. If you have already made it , please provide a link.Thanks.Subscribed.

  • Elizabete Pere

    Great tutorial! Is there a way to display Sku on shop and category pages? I have hundreds of warnings and errors on google webmaster, please help!!

  • weiwhin Zhong

    Thank you for the amazing tutorial video. I'm following all the steps and got stuck at 0.49mins where I cannot find the menu "Homepage Control" in order to remove the duplication of the sliders. appreciate your help on this.

  • autobelettering site

    hi, i am in Minute 49. and i am enjoying it. Butt I don't have the option Homepage control. its just not there. Do you have any idea why? greetings

  • dodziakkk

    Hey man. I tried already number of tuts before, and they were all the same, not what I was looking for. Your tutorial is awesome. You focusing exactly on things I was needing. Thanks a lot:)

  • jhoylimbo

    Thank you for the best tutorial ever. Straight forward and if followed and [rewind as much as I did], it is a GREAT online store. Thanks again.
    My question is, why is the email from the customer going to SPAM?

  • md Monowar

    Very informative and useful tutorial about how to create an E commerce website. I have learned a lot guys. Thanks for sharing.

  • Ronny Ribs

    Very easy to follow video, great for beginners, nice step by step instructions that make setting it all up so easily.Makes me excited for the future in Woocommerce and storefront. Keep up the good work!

  • Amoyar Dever

    Very useful and informative tutorial. I will definitely try to create eCommerce website. Thanks for sharing great tutorial!

  • Shotokan Tiger

    This is the most detailed video ever I have come across on how to create an eCommerce website. You have taken pains to explain even minutest of things. It has helped me a lot, thanks.

  • Karak

    Hi eMediacoach..tq for the very good tutorial..i just want to now what pugin you use for the converting wordpress app into mobile app..refer to video 1:44..


    I highly appropriate your effort, because i am designing my utensil online store in woo commerce and storefront theme. and i have got very useful guide line to complete my job. soon i 'll send you web link of my newly design online store. thanks again sir….

  • Paul G

    Crazy amount of detail and advice in this video! Giving me all the confidence I need to start my own site! Thank you!

  • amajors56

    Great video about setting up my own store. I had a lot of questions about getting started and this video was a great place to begin to get answers. Looking forward to learning more.

  • Tassia D.

    First of all I would like to say Thank You! Second, is there a way where I could make the slider full with without showing up in every page? Thanks in advance xx

  • Garry Tsou

    Thank you so much! Great Video. There is one question, if I want to change all the English words to other languages on the storefront, how can I do it? Thanks again!

  • goddess923

    Thank you so very very much for this video! It was actually helpful. I tried several others and they all left out information or only showed how to set things up using paid plug ins and add-ons that they received a commission for. I couldn't get things the way I wanted or to work properly until I found your video. From the bottom of my heart thank you.

  • khawar hussain

    Well done, amazing clear precise no steps skipped tutorial. very very helpful. thank you so much…time to subscribe for sure

  • Soporte Workflow

    Excelent from start to finish. Thank you so much. I just have a question: If you select the last option of payments "PayPal Checkout" you just need only the email account of an paypal account? thats all? or you need the APIs like the option: "PayPal Standard" Thank you very much..!

  • Jack Johnson

    hey man, thanks for the in depth tutorial! really helpful to see u go thru it step by step with ur commentary. Will definitely check it out by myself sometime soon!

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    its a great informative and knowledgeable video. For this video you work really hard. It will help lots of people. thanks for your video.

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    This is really a great video and well detailed described. Learned a lot from this video tutorial. Thanks for sharing the video.

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    wow wonderful video.its very informative content. I have learned a lot guys. thank you for sharing the video

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    As an inspiring entrepreneur, I find this video to be very helpful in explaining the steps necessary to get an eCommerce website up and running. I will definitely subscribe and stay tuned for you upcoming videos.

  • Hao Bai

    Hello. I want to make a half-ecommerce half-blog small business site, which theme is suitable and have more customization elements? avada? flatsome? storefront? or else? thanks!

  • Tracie Peters

    Thank you so much for taking the time to show us how to create a website & storefront. There seems to be some changes to the process but your instructions are so easy and clear it doesn't take long to figure out where to go to continue on with your detailed instructions until now.

    I created the a drop down menu with no problems thanks to you 😀 but once I was done I found that my products are not connected to the sub categories. Did I miss a step ?

    Please let me know what I did wrong if you have a minute to spare. Thanks again for sharing these great tutorials. It is greatly appreciated.

  • jbird1777

    This video about how to create an online store was great! I learned a lot new things and definitely recommend checking it out.

  • Basir Coban

    Thank you for this video so much, I was looking to start a ecommerce business and now I know where to start

  • kensley lewis

    A lot has changed in wordpress and with these plugins sense the making of this video, but regardless, you'll get more out of this 2 hour video than any paid course on Udemy. Speaking from experience. Nice work.

  • luph luph

    Thank you for this video, BUT Homepage slider DOES NOT appear at all? I,ve tried the private mode as well but does not work.

  • HoxtMedia

    On the 35:37 track, the 'Apply the Storefront homepage template' and 'Add example products' checkboxes have been removed in the latest storefront theme release and thus making it difficult to replicate your step by step Youtube video guide.

  • Er Brad

    Hi how do I remove the background on the home page behind the the welcome words am using latest ver of storefront

  • Hoogleson Inc.

    Wow, it's so easy. Back in the day you would have to painstakingly code your own site. Now you can make one easily!

  • Josh McWilliams

    Hey man – With regards to the menu's, are we able to have it fixed so that when you scroll down on the page it is locked in position? Thanks

  • Lazy A-Hole Ranch

    I bounced around a lot in this. I already have domain and stuff set up, and I found a more in depth explanation of shipping elsewhere, but this is a freaking phenomenal tutorial. I am no longer worried about making the new site live. <3 Thank you.

  • Dennis Daly

    Excellent presentation. I need a little help please. I seem to have lost he storefront template. It was there initially, but somehow I must have deleted it. How can I get it to return? Reviewed presentation numerous times to no avail. I did check to ensure page at full width. I am not an experience WP user but have built websites using html, css, js, so I can dig into some files if needed. Thanks.

  • alejaTmanrique

    Muchas gracias! Luego de buscar muchos tutoriales en español sobre este Storefront di con este video, era lo que buscaba! Por favor sigue subtitulando tus vídeos.

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