nice video and better information about eCommerce website.A person easily know and make the eCommerce website by this video.

  • Jeeva Siva

    Thanks for your great tutorial. Did the woocommerce website change? I couldn't find My Style free themes . Even I couldn't find the free menu button in the web site . please help. Thank you very much.

  • Arfat Mujawar

    What about if domain time gets expire after 1 year will our website live or closed ?
    What we have to do after domain expiration ?

  • Mohammad Alkasm

    Hi! thank you for the amazing explaining , I would like to ask you, how the costumer will trust me if I am a new sore online_How can they be sure that they will get the item that they ordered ?

  • Abid Nawaz

    i need your help to creating mobile recharge website, i just require box for entering mob number which will automatically get in my email address, can i have your email address

  • George Smith

    Adding each product one by one doesnt make sense if you have 500 or 1000 products. Is there any way of importing products from a csv list or something similar?

  • Rainflower

    There is no one on you tube ore the internet that has this gift to explain tutorials like you doe. EXCEPTIONAL. Moreover its free, not like the others that has tutorials you cant understand and cost a lot of money. Thanks so much. You are the best,

  • Nibaron Gogoi

    sir the theme name is not coming in the dashbpard and I cannot edit any other themes like mystile why?? please give a solution

  • Mian Haseeb

    The best video tutorial I’ve ever seen. After watching your video I’m feeling like becoming a developer of best e-commerce website even though I never studied e-commerce or web development as I’m an electrical engineer by profession. Tons of thanks to you sir for sharing this valuable stuff ☺️

  • Evelyn Hooks


  • Mohammed Saeed

    thanks for such simplified illustration,
    i have two questions, how can i build the same E-commerce with two different languages ?
    you were adding only one SKU a time, but what if i have thousands of SKUs how can i add list of SKUs at once?

  • Random and Weird

    Help me..I have been with godaddy for 2 years now paying less than €50 for my hosting and never paid above €10 dollars for domain per year.. Recently I went to purchase hosting and it was around €180 for just a year and tried purchasing a website builder anr it says around €300 this was even jumped all of a sudden from €80 to €300 in a month….is this normal?..

    Is hostgator any normal?

  • Ronaldo De Franca

    Hi! Is it possible to build a website in other languages? Portuguese, for example? Thanks a real lot for the fantastic tutorial.

  • lesabell zyadanova

    can we do this project for selling tour packages ? …2nd how can we make menu bar not hidden can we make it sticky?…. how can we make reservation form if it possible to use that design for tourism to sell tour packages ? …


    Hello, It's a great video for any beginner to create a website like a pro. Great Work!
    Although I need help! I want my product page to let customer upload photos/text with their orders before tapping 'Buy now' button. As I need to create a website for personalized gifts and handicrafts store. I am confused about it. Should I search a similar template or try searching some plugin to support the feature? But I haven't found any of them(template or plugin) like I want. Please guide me, what should I do.

  • Sanjeev Bali

    Superb, hats off sir, this video helped me like anything….saved my 3yrs learning same stuffs in university for such high end dynamic website..

  • Animagition

    Great tutorial. I am just wondering though. If I want to build a web site where visitors will have to create an account in order to be allowed to download certain types of files based on their registration levels, and only for a limited time, after which they will have to renew, will WooCommerce allow me to do this ?

  • vinay bhushan

    How to create one more box like colour of the product in product description page and in the box the customer can write the word. Simply as like personalization tab

  • Sylvia Vasquez

    Thank you very much, Sir. You have and your program has made more sense than any other program I have invested in and spent money and they never go really in to detail they just give you have of it. Thank you now I can work on my page or build my store with this that you kindly have taught me by watching this video.

  • Payse Tamara

    In the video they don’t ask you to pay for the WordPress . But when I try it now myself they ask me to pay

  • Byasa sahoo

    what if i buy domain and web hosting from some other sites otherthan hostgator….will i still be able to incorporate word press, woo commerce and other plugs ins in to that.?

  • Adenike Ifeoluwa Ajao

    Nice video!! But I can't get the free MyStile template downloaded from WooCommerce, the process is not as straight forward as it was illustrated in this video.

    Pls help.. Thank you

  • Adenike Ifeoluwa Ajao

    WooCommerce says MyStile theme is RETIRED, i can't checkout to download it.. Please what must i do?

  • Steve Bouck

    Excellent training video, very thorough, explicit step by step instructions, didn't assume we knew anything. Cheers!!

  • jack martin

    Very good video.Thank you soo much for enlightening me on soo many areas that I didnt know.You are a pro.

  • Yamma Nizami

    Hi I have come across this video and love it. I am attempting to build my website but a lot of the woocommerce has changed. Are you able to update this video? would be amazing if you could.

  • Ravi Gupta

    I tried to design by following your steps but same theme and plugin are not available…so it's difficult to follow you…but your video helps only to learn

  • Xing Zhi Chen

    This video has been extremely helpful so far. But I was confused when I downloaded my theme from woothemes and the product did not show up on the left handed bar "mystile"

  • Rhaeinah Ceyrinna

    this isn't involve coding right? i am asking because i am doing an e commerce project for my final year at university

  • Mohammad Fandi

    This is the best video I've ever seen, it is amazing.
    One query please, can we make it multi language in the same platform?
    Thank in advance…

  • samsuhang limbu

    I really like your informative video. I was wondering if you have more information on the domain and web hosting…..(as how to renew it if it expires- would you get an email?) also when creating the website….most of the information was regrading the admin account is it possible to make a subaccount within the account. I am not sure if my question make sense but it would be really helpful if you could provide insight.

  • Mehdi G

    Hi there. Absolutely loved the video. Just set up my own store with the help of your video. Quick question: Woocommerce seems to have retired the Mystile Theme. Which free theme would you recommend as an alternative. Thanks in advance.

  • Evgeniya Sakhinova-Muke

    Great detailed tutorial, thanks a lot!!! Could you describe how to make a site like this one bilingual? Thanks in advance!!!

  • Sreenivasa Hosamane

    I have a question on the host gator. Are the steps in your tutorial same eve if I have a different web hosting server ? Please let me know

  • Isaac Adonkie

    its been a wonderful tutorial , i already have a url through wordpress, but i am finding difficult to add the woocommerce plugin, because wordpress is asking to upgrade to business plan so I am kinda stuck

  • felix brown

    Thank you Sir for sharing your knowledge here. I'm working with images in Photoshop CC and learning about screen resolutions. What size are the image files, (.jpgs) are you using for your product images? I'm new to compression of images for the web. Again, hats off to ya!

  • MRoy Ghosh

    Could you help me with an opening pitch for clients who have just booked a domain.,, Am really impressed with this tutorial!! …

  • anand1sagar

    how to add buy now button also how to make website responsive for mobile app also how to add cc avenue or similar services like paytm

  • Ben Buoncristiano

    trying to set up a website some things have changed since you did this video I'm lost great video need to do updated version
    Ben B

  • John Jennings

    When i try to click my admin url it takes me to page saying ".this page isn't working" is there a way to fix that so i can finish/start my site

  • Piri T

    Hi totally enjoyed the tutorial.The free theme mystile is it possible to get a copy of this and apply it. When i setup my site, this theme was no longer available. Cheers PhilT

  • Annabelle Santillana

    Thank you so much for your video tutorial. You have shared a VERY Valuable Information and Skills to creating a website & ONLINE Store. You are brilliant and great instructor. It was so easy to follow your step by step instruction and your instructional techniques. This is what I have been searching for, for such a long time now. I am so happy to have come across your video. I will definitely be viewing this video more than several times and will surely subscribe to your other videos. Thank you so much. Watching this video definitely gives me confidence in going after my dream in joining the eCommerce business. THIS IS A GREAT KICK-START! Thank you for sharing!

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