• Joy Banerjee

    I liked your Video.. i have purchased LearnDash and now i feeling why i purchased it 🙂 can give the modified theme which you are using thanks again for great work

  • Tamara Thorpe

    Very great training video on how entrepreneurs who specialize in training can leverage free or low cost services to help create content and build their business.

  • Erico Seseko

    which page builder allows you to put contact form inside image slider. Which plugin allows you to add object half way into the page builder

  • wael

    I liked your Video.. i did everything good except the quiz questions not appear with me in the page
    would you help me please with this

  • investinlife

    Hi, thanks for this useful video. I've followed the instructions here to create my own online course. However, I'm having a problem getting the courses to show up on the "Courses"' page. Instead, the courses that I create are displayed on the "My Courses" page. Can you let me know what I'm doing wrong?

  • travel more. live life.

    Great presentation. Thanks for sharing this with the world.
    I have 2 questions:
    1) Is the PayPal option membership available with the free download, or is it a add-on purchase
    2) Would you recommend this over MemberPress. It seems to me that this LMS is more inclusive and versatile.

  • Ozzy Raza

    The LIFTERLMS i have little bit different than yours. I have downloaded free versions and few options are mission such PRICE or REOCCURING PRICE options are mission. Can we still sell these courses even though I dont have price options or reoccuring price option and SKU numbers are not there?

  • Sebastian Matern

    Amazing Video! Thank you very much.
    But is it possible that they disabled a Paypal checkout (for free) by updating from 2.7 to 3.0? And if, is there a way to get the 2.7 version?

  • Michael Katzmann

    Awesome Video. Thanks a lot! I have installed lifterLMS instantly and I love it (especially the tutorials). I have a couple of questioens:

    1. I am using Thrive Themes (since a month) and I have seen, that you are using it too.

    There seem to be some incompatibilities. ("Your theme does not declare support for LifterLMS Sidebars"). I have seen the video to solve the problem but couldn't do it up to date.

    2. Is it posible to use Thrive Content Builder via lifteLMD?

    Thanks in advance and greetings from Germany,

  • Valentina Mercenaro

    Sorry, I really don't mean to ruin the vibe here, but you should remove FREE from the title. It wastes people time otherwise. I am not the kind of person that is on the look for freebies as I do know you get what you pay for, and I am a dev myself so I know the time spent behind a plugin like that. But still, I wouldn't dream to call one of my products FREE when they are in fact closer to $100. Oh well, thanks anyway!

  • Yavar Power

    I tried installing lifter lms in thrive Rise theme i noticed that woocommerce extension for LifterLMS is now paid is there any different alternative ?

  • waxkabaro

    waw! this is a very educating video. This is exactly what I have been looking for. I have been running a free educational website for a while but now I want to make it membership website. Thank you for the information. It has been six months since you uploaded this vid and I think you prepared the other complete video you ware promising if you did please give me the link. Thank you once again.

  • Dave Hayes

    This is exactly what I have been looking for. Clear step by step instructions on how to put togther a WP online course membership site, from a very likeable chap to boot.Thanks Adam… & Thumbed up too

  • Sonja G

    My LifterLMS Settings section doesn't have everything that is shown here. It only shows Settings, Reporting, System Reports.
    The Blue banner also only lists General, Catalogs, Accounts, Checkout, Engagements, Integrations.

  • Onuoha UI

    Hi, please can you give me a guide on how to create an alumni website? Thank you. I have watched your videos they are good.

  • Valerie Ellis

    wow – thanks you SO much! This is wonderfully helpful. I set-up a course-based website a couple of years ago and it was an epic struggle, this plugin and your video is a godsend. Can't wait to install LifterLMS on my new website and follow your instructions.

  • Cordoba Education

    Hi, thanks for the video, but Generatepress is not compatible with lifterLMS. I have tries a couple of times to make sure.

  • Kreatve Sound

    My thing is to be able to sell multiple courses with multiple lessons with the ability to combine other products like woocommerce. I like tshirts. woocommerce does this well and love the powerful coupon intergration. Is this possible with lifterlms?

  • Craig Muller

    Thank you so much Adam, this is great! I've wasted so much money on people who have let me down so I'm very grateful for this. I'm doing my PhD. in leadership and plan to put my research into courses and make them available to try and help create more 'ethical' leaders :-). Thanks again, Craig

  • DarkFromAfar

    Great video! Really thought I had found what I was looking for. Then I checked the LifterLMS website and realized that its pricing has probably changed since you made this tutorial. I wonder if that was a total bummer for you. Empathy my friend! The LifterLMS is still free, but then the lowest price is $99/year for Woocommerce and Paypal each. And if you want support and updates, then it's also $99/year. Somehow this way to price turns me off more than purchasing let's say WP Courseware which has plugins that are free. I still feel deeply grateful that you put all this effort in this amazing video. I was looking for the easiest way to set up online courses that can be purchased online, everything automated on WP. I don't have my answer yet, though I thought I did after watching your video, but I've learned a lot. Appreciations to you! I should also mention that if my budget was larger, I wouldn't mind at all paying for decent software. Soon!

  • Wasim Dar

    getting the error while trying to activate the lms plugin the error is { Fatal error: Can't use method return value in write context in /home/bnbit6cr/public_html/ilearn.gdn/wp-content/plugins/lifterlms/includes/models/model.llms.course.php on line 424}

  • Michele Riley

    Awesome video but I am confused, I already have a Woo commerce plugin on my site, do I still have to purchase the Lifter LMS Woo Commerce extension in order for me to accept payment for my courses? Or is their another way I can accept payment without paying for the extension. Thanks in advance

  • Michele Riley

    I am still a little lost, I don't have a payment gateway tab, I have a PayPal account so I don't understand why I would pay for an extension, unless this is the only way that I can except payments through this plugin.

  • AS Pro

    Is it possible to make it something like italki dot com website where teachers who want to teach something can offer their services, and students can hire them through money (but a point based system on the website). I don't know if you are aware of italki website but if you could please check it out to get an idea I would really appreciate it. Thank You

  • Dennis Goff

    Great Tutorial on LifterLMS – thank you! You mentioned a theme or template you were creating for a courses website. Is it for available on your site? Many thanks!

  • David Abraham

    Hello Adam, thanks for the great work. i tried to install the entire template downloaded from the dfy resources on your website but it gave error: css stylesheet missing…can you please help?

  • Tawanna Rucker

    I uploaded LifterLMS plugin on my website. I noticed they no longer have the "Gateway" option in the settings. I uploaded woocommerce plugin for free and planned to integrate them. I also noticed they sell woocommerce for a fee. Does this mean I cannot connect to the LifterLMS plugin? My second question is that my theme does not support LifterLMS sidebars. My plugin notes say: The current theme does not declare support for LifterLMS Sidebars. Course and Lesson sidebars may not work as expected. Please see our integration guide or check out our LaunchPad theme which is designed specifically for use with LifterLMS.

    I'm not interested in changing my theme. Do you have any suggestions or other recommendations for course plugins in WP? Thank you!


    LMS does not work in my theme. My theme is sydney. I would like to add a page that offers online courses.What should I do?

  • Tony Duke

    Hi, great video thanks, was looking at ClickFunells but this may be better. What do you recommend other than buddy press as we want to incorporate a forum, not a fan of buddy press anyway? Thanks

  • CS Shantanu Pethe (CA CS CMA Coach)

    Which LMS plugin provides the details Students Dash Board (specially that shows the Marks Scored in each Test or Quiz by the student in the students profile or Dashboard) & also provides Detailed Backhand analytics of each & Every Student… Logins histroy courses joined courses completed tests given & test Completed,, Strength & weakness of each Student and his area of Interest. & have the ability to show the different offers to Different students based on activity level of the student.

  • Livello 100

    I just saw they REMOVED the gateway tab and the Paypal extension became a PAID add-on. 99 dollars a month, and you STARTED this video by saying everything was meant to be free. You got 1 hour of my life wasted. Thank you.

  • The Occasional Speaker - Wedding Speeches | Public Speaking in Sydney

    Many thanks for this video. I've been struggling with a theme and LMS which are well beyond my current experience and abilities. This made the process so much more straightforward. I wish I'd seen it before purchasing all the other bits and pieces.

  • Tiffany Brackens

    I am not able to use Paypal without paying for an add-on. How are we able to get this included as indicated in the video?

  • AtlantaLogicTrainer

    Thanks for all the information! Very helpful. I was about to purchase hosting with your discount through inMotion but after talking with them they discouraged me from buying their pro plan as they said that it wouldn't be good to host a LMS with a lot of video content if I were goin g to embed my video. They suggested that I would need one if their more expensive VPS packages. I'm sure you won't be able to respond before your discount expire but I wanted to get your perspective before making a purchase. Thanks!

  • farceadentus

    Thanks for the great video!
    Does the LMS block the user from clicking the YouTube icon in the video that takes the user to YouTube instead of watching it on the site?
    Does it have any safeguards for that?
    As I'm making a course site but strictly need the users to stay on the site and never watch them on YouTube.


    while installing lifter LMS with generate press shows 'may be lifter LMS sidebar not work' what it means and why?

  • Dan Lliteras

    Adam…I am using a Hero Theme in WordPress.  I added LifterLMS to my site.  Unfortunately my LifterLMS did not mirror your demo.  I added the lab thinking that this would help but to no avail.  Also, when I add a course and attempt to add lessons to it they do not show up as an outline as you showed in your video.  This there something else I need to do?

  • beupgirl

    hi, thanks for your preciosu content, please, I would like to know if exists a way for delivering content everyday with a daily payment? a sort of follow up which is meant to be paid every day for having it

  • Mark Bohland

    And if you need support at In Motion Hosting, you talk with a polite person who can help a "non techie". They have been both helpful and kind to this older user.

  • Kathy Sparks

    Hi. Great video – just what I was looking for! would it be possible to build a course and then deploy it to a private server? I want to sell my course.

  • Centbiz - Multipurpose Computer Technology Company

    Any update on the LMS for 2017? is quite different now than on your video

  • Kamil 8020boost

    awesome video, thanks a lot! you mentioned a "better forum solution" than BBpress, but I haven't found any more information in this video, what did you have in mind?

  • iC Digital Assets

    Even though you did this one year ago it has helped us tremendously. We were going to use Courspress because it seemed to have more graphics on the course grid, however, the simplicity and "flowcharting" inside the WP LifterLMS has a great appeal. You did really well with the video, fast pace, easy to follow, get the strcyture right then fill in the details. We thought it was excellent. Thanks

  • James Joseph Finn

    Hi, you said, "I don't recommend buddyPress, I actually recommend something similar". What is that similar something? Thanks.

  • Challan Jarrett

    Hey Adam. I love you videos. I just want to know. Do you have any videos on Toolset? It's a plugin I've been wanting to learn more about but I can't find any videos or sites that make it simple to understand.

  • Faith Peace

    Very informative! I think you were born to be a Tutor – you are so patient. Thank you so much. I have learnt so much from you. May the Lord keep you and make his face to shine upon you.

  • Eric Joseph Reyes

    Hi! I just want to ask if you can use LifterLMS with Thrive Architect? If not, does anyone know what membership plugin we can use with Thrive Themes? Thanks.

  • Jean Paracelse Bernard

    You said in this video that you don't recommend that we use BuddyPress if we want to add some sort of community around LifterLMS where people can share/like courses and that you have a better solution for that. Mind telling us what do you recommend instead?

  • Omnia Production

    Hello, i need a wordpress theme to sell videos and motion graphics online, so the client have the option to upload his own photos or videos and text to customize the motion graphics and 3d animation, what kind of wordpress theme would you suggest for me to buy that meets such requirements ?

  • Nadine El Nour

    What if you just wanted to create a page section in your website for only members of a club. I already have a website built with the astra theme, just want to add a member’s area. Should I install this and add a member’s page to my astra site?

  • Lisa Woody

    WordPress says I have to upgrade to business ($25/mo) to install plugins like the one you recommend here. Any workaround? Does this mean all plugins?

  • Adrina's Youtube channel

    Good video. I have a question. Are there any plugins that give quiz points and later student can redeem to buy the next course?

  • Gideon Dami

    Your tutorial on this was very much detailed and easy to follow but the latest version of lifterlms does not support generatepress. Launchpad is recommended instead and I don't know how to add or show login and sign up page.. Please I will appreciate if you can help me look into it.

  • Ian Sinclair

    Lifter is definitely NOT FREE. In fact, it is very expensive compared to other options. Basic cost is 100 – 1000 dollars. The addons make it so much more expensive than things like memberpress. More than $2000.00 for all the addons. Just the main payment gateways alone are $300.

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