• Darrel Wilson

    Welcome All! Lets Get This Video #1!! Can we Get to 500 likes this month?! Lets Do It! Also, Feel Free To Let Me Know If You Have Any Issues Or Problems! Good Luck and Lets Make $$$!!

  • Ghost Gear Online inc

    Once you finished the site and someone searches for a product and it takes them to a category page for shirts or pants etc. does that category page show as the woocommerce default style if so is it a way to edit those category pages?

  • Mohiuddin Khan

    Hello Sir,
    Thanks for your great Tutorials.
    But I have a little problem in the shop page that is your custom created.
    Auto image flipper(That is your recommended) doesn't work in the custom shop page.
    But it is still working on the default shop page.
    Can you help me for this?

  • Black Pharao

    Them Darrel Is my first day here but I am already your fan. Gotta see more of ur videos man. ur websites are very clear good looking. Perfect gotta learn more of your stuff. I can see that you have been really doing ur research.

  • Tariq Mehmood

    Hi Darrel, in your previous video on eCommerce i made a site and there was an option where customer can track their order status ([woocommerce_order_tracking]) but now i have upgraded it to Divi and the order tracking function is not working. Please advice

  • Ninja15

    Do you need to still buy wordpress or are you justusing SiteGround Hosting? Because I want to make a website, but I don't want to pay for SiteGround Hosting and WordPress. I would be very happy if someone would answer my question.

  • Duy Chi VP

    If we want to have pagination with Shop Module:
    1. Install and activate the plugin "Shortcode Pagination for WooCommerce"
    2. Then, add Text Module and paste the WooCommerce shortcode you want.
    P/S: noway we can have pagination with directly use the Divi's Shop Module.

  • Silviu Guseila

    Hi Darrel, you always encourage people buying Divi as "you will get the CSS needed for this and that", but the reality is not that pink. Here is a quote from their support forum on Aug 14th: "Please be advised though, that custom code support is no longer part of our scope. "

  • mark david

    Darrel's videos are great if you find yourself at a loose end for 4+ hours on a week night. As it is most nights I'm lucky if I have time to cook dinner and shave before going to bed. Please tell me I'm not alone here.

  • Jack Randall

    C'mon Darrel. You're not gonna really act like that product flipper just worked with your secondary shop page lol. How did you get that to work man? Having the same issue as the others. Works on default product page, but not the custom or added in shop modules. I even tried setting the default woocommerce shop to the custom page. Did it really just work for you?

  • Abril López

    Hi, does anyone know how to change the Cart Page / Coupon Code/ Apply/ Proceed To Check Out, etc into Spanish? Thank you in advance.

  • samuel osae

    Hello Darrel, can you please do some tueorials about this theme? https://colorlib.com/tyche on siteground thanks and counting on you.

  • Hullio GQ

    It would have been nice to see this tutorial using GeneratePress or OceanWP and Elementor Builder since they're free and have better UI/UX than Divi.

  • Joseph Loftus

    Hi Darrel or anyone else . do you mind sending me the link for the CSS code for highlighting pictures . not sure where to access it from..thanks

  • supportrealm

    Yeah BUT it would be nice to say how much the div theme costs. I had to google a third part site to get to the cost page $310 AUD once off payment, yeah its a great theme but WOW that is a lot. I could not find the price link the official website.

  • Luca Ratti

    Hey Darrel! Your videos are fantastic. I'm just having some trubles with loading videos in the Landing page. Once I try to do it a warning message comes up claiming the maximum loading size is 2 MB… I see the clip you use for the example is much bigger. I've been using DIVI 3.0.31.The same happens of course with too big pictures

  • Nadezda Razzhivina

    Hi Darrel! Thank you for your tutorial! THEY ARE AMAZING!
    Unfortunately, product image flipper plugin doesn't work…says this plugin has not been tested with your current version of wordpress. Is there any other chance to do this effect with images?

  • L Balisky

    Am I the only one struggling with the image flipper not working? Both images display when I Enable Visual Builder… but no joy when hovering over on normal site view

  • Iresh madushanka

    Warning: A non-numeric value encountered in C:xampphtdocsdiviwp-contentthemesDivifunctions.php on line 5837, Why is this error comes

  • Vica Maya

    The link to the demo site doesn't seem to work. Would you have an updated link to view the site you show in the video? Thank you

  • Muhammad Ahmad

    Dear Darrel,

    Is it possible to add the product size in the product page with the popup window showing that what small or medium size shirts represents


    I got a question. Why does something like this "?v=35357b9c8fe4" appears in all my website url and how can i fix it?

  • Yakoob

    You are doing a great work by making these videos. It is really helpful. Thank you very much, Darrel. I was not aware of how to make a website before subscribing to your channel.

  • Ashraful Karim

    I have not enough money to buy this theme .. u r really a outstanding teacher .. I really love your all videos . Thank you so much for your free videos .. I learn a lot from your tutorials ..

  • Shiwoo Park

    Darrel!. Really helpful your video!. Let me ask you whats your opinion about Hostgator? I actually paid for 6 months for hosting services. I realize that some plugins as taxjar and woocommerce flip doesnt work, also there is no SLL. In case I want to use that hosting services that you recommended in your video, how can I translate all my information? or I need to make all again?

  • Christine Homer

    Great video. I've been using WooCommerce for a few years but it was well worth the time to review everything. I have a question, our WooCommerce business is selling mugs and we sell 2 sizes and they are different prices. We now have almost 500 product pages. To change prices, which we will have to do eventually, do we have to go back and change the prices on each product page individually? OR is there a Plugin for WooCommerce that would allow us to change all the prices in one place? I have found a Plugin that supposedly allows you to change your SKU # so I wondered if there was a similar plugin for changing pricing.

  • Tommy Evans

    With the Divi I'm using, version: 3.0.89, the product image flipper only works on the default woocommerce product images. And on the custom products page, the custom layovers stop working.

  • ruth johnston

    Hands down the best tutorial I've watched, on any subject. The easiest to follow tech tutorial, simple to understand and easy on the ears. Thank you Darrel.

  • Afrim Kalimashi

    Hi Darel , 

    You are just amazing. I did my website with shopkeeper theme, it was almost finish but I watched your video one time and I cancel all of my website I bought the divi theme and I start again to create a new website !! Why I did that ? Because your explanations are just really understanding and you take the time to explain things well.I lost money but I'm sure it's worth it.

    Can you just help me about something ? I want to create a section " Deal of the Week. For this categories I want timed sales. How can I do that?

    Thanks for all man. Thanks to you I'm going to make a crazy website ???????

  • Crude cheata

    I've searched, but for the life of me I cannot find your video on getting a;; your product images to be one size. Please reply with linked video

  • Carda Monkhi

    Hi Darrel,

    My theme does not have the options as yours on this tutorial, when i hit customize, i dont get options like the slider, banners selection, products section and the likes, what could be the problem? kindly assist

  • O. Ferdinand

    Great tutorial and helpfull blogpost.

    I have one question, how did you made the product image hover? When you hover over image, the second product image will appear. In the newer woocommerce version it's a default, but it doesn't to seem to work for me on my Divi websites.. Or did i missed a css code line?

    Thanks a lot.

  • Danilo Paiva

    Now THAT'S how you do a tutorial. The whole youtube should learn from you how to do it.
    Amazing Work bro. Thanks for that !!

  • Mandhan Academy

    What is annual cost to build such websites… Including WordPress…. Plug in…. Domain…. Etc…?
    Thanks for the help

  • DesignerBrandsCentral

    Hello Darrel, I have to update my Divi theme to 3.0.98. Will I lose any customisations on the parent theme which you have done on the video or do I have to create a child theme?

  • Mohammed Islam

    Hey Darren, 

    big fan of your stuff and thank you for ll your tutorials they're a real treat and helped me a lot. 
    Quick question if thats okay,,, 
    Looking to do a website, which I will do but I was thinking of selling fabrics craft etc… and have heard a lot about shopify, would it better if I use shopify or use WordPress and create a website and promote that through facebook or make a website and link the website to that facebook page.. 

    Just thinking about the best strategy for me and yes I am starting fresh.. thanks man hope I've made a little bit of sense.

  • Lu Ross

    I have WooCommerce & Divi. Do you have a video on how to create a page that shows all items in a category (ie. Landscapes category showing icons of all images available for purchase on that category so when you click on one of the images it goes to the shopping page)?

  • Olga Lieskova

    Hi Darrel. Thanks for this great tutorial. It's very educational. You might know that WooCommerce added Stripe in 2018 ))) You are absolutely right – PayPal is not enough.

  • Y. Kostova

    Hey do you have any idea hhow to disable the blog look when you search. It's pretty annoying. When you search a keyword the search tab shows the products like blog posts. How do you change it?

  • lucian santarder

    Hello Darrel you are the best in WordPress you are a God !! 🙂 leave me ask something , where i can download this layout please, thx a lot bro . 🙂

  • lucian santarder

    It does not matter Darrel, let me ask you a question what do you think of all your videos of how to create websites is the most interesting or complete especially creating it with Divi, and even more with a variety of options and images such as: Hello Friday online store 2017

  • lucian santarder

    Hello Darrel i have a problem please help me, the problem is in the part When you call the action that black box comes out to me in the middle and the word pants comes out on it touching the image that is up, you know because I get out of square as I can correct that, that is in the constructor looks different than on my page web and I've already done it again and nothing help me please.

  • Santiago Umaña

    Hello Darrel, thanks again for this tutorials and sharing your kowledge and experience. I'm building a Woocommerce e-commerce website with Divi and everything seems great but I couldn't find the woocommerce social media share buttons plugin, found it at the wordpress.org but it indicates it hasn't been tested with the last 3 mayor WordPress updates, maybe they killed that poroject, so I was wondering is there another plugin you recomend as an alternative? Thank you very much.

  • Colleen Hurley

    Hi Darrell, hope you check old videos! On the second bar with the four photographs; when I add the module underneath ie. pants, shop now. I can't change the background color. There is no screen to customize it ? Inside the teal blue box is a gear…..and a trash …..when I click on either one of the those, nothing happens. Can you help me??? Can anybody help me ??

  • Party Savers Online

    Thanks for the video. Very well made and easy to follow. Just one question, could'nt find the the drop down box for the CSS codes? are any of the pictures you used available

  • 24SevenMarketing

    I've seen you do Woocommerce tutorials for BOTH Flatsome and Divi themes … which is the BEST one to use???

  • shanmuga umasankar

    How is your permalinks have date when creating blog posts? Beginning of the video you set it to with just post name.
    I may hvae missed if you did cover in video. I would appreciate any help here since I would like to have dates in permalinks for blog posts

  • Giveway Investment

    Hi Darrel am not able to do edits on the header like change font etc cant find Header Navigation option

  • Asmaa Khalid

    Hi, When configuring woocommerce I didn't get STRIPE option to allow payment with credit card. Why is that ? I need to add payment using credit card! please help!

  • Joshua Reynolds

    Templates, it seems, are gone. When I click on the … and then the + it goes to open a the LOAD FROM LIBRARY and then LAYOUTS but there is no "Product Features" layout. Do you know if they changed this to something else or eliminated it altogether? Thanks!

  • Hans Gouw

    Hi Darrel .. when creating first product with the Woocommerce plugin I get the following error message after following the steps indicated in the video:
    "No Results Found The page you requested could not be found. Try refining your search, or use the navigation above to locate the post."

    This happens after clicking "publish" and subsequently clicking "view product". Can kindly assist me in this?

  • LMichelle Webb

    Hi Darrel Im back. Subscribed last week but had no idea I'd be back to your page to learn how FINALLY create my website 🙂 I even purchased Divi because of you! I use Siteground & WordPress already (YAY)! I'm a Life Coach and I sell Health & Wellness Products, can you recommend one of your tutorials for me. I have a Neuro issue, I started watching your 2017 tutorial, and managed to get to adding boxes, lololol! My Divi theme looks different than yours…WHY? Then it was a bit much for me. I appreciate you SO much!!!

  • Iain McCarron

    Hey Darrel, hopefully you are still checking in on these older videos. I have managed to create a similar (identical) box to yours with the divider, however i am having an issue. In visual builder the divider is central, but every time i exit, it becomes left aligned again. Any ideas on how to fix this?

  • Abhishek Bhattacharya

    Darrel do u have a clue of any plugin which helps integrate zip code availability checker on WordPress?

  • Happy Face Traveller

    Hey y'all

    If you want to change to SiteGround or start new there, use my link to get a discount price: https://www.siteground.com/go/happyfacetraveller

  • Akhtab Butt

    Hi. Great Video and It helps me in understanding a lot about wordpress and this theme.
    But I could not understand one thing. When we download the theme then why do you have to make it from a scratch and not using default theme Home page and etc. They show very beautiful home page and product page, why don't we use them and just edit pictures and text according to our requirement.
    Please help me in understanding this, I am sorry if this is a stupid question. I am not an expert.

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