How to Create an eCommerce Website (Online Store) in WordPress – 2019!
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How to Create an eCommerce Website (Online Store) in WordPress – 2019!


  • sohaib zahid

    When i Published Blog. a Fatal error: Unknown: Cannot use output buffering in output buffering display handlers in Unknown on line 0. comes. Kindly tell me how to fix it? 2nd. i want that every product shows different shipping, how i bring variations in shipping?

  • Ilshat Khairakhun

    hey Hogan, thanks for tutarial. I have a little issue, cart button on topnav doesn't work on mobile version of my website. could you please help me? link to website:

  • Naveed Khan

    thnk u for this video…..i have created an e -commerce web site for my colg project……with the hlp of your…ur a great teacher

  • Visual Go

    Hi Hogans, you never disappoint y guy..if i may ask, is it possible for user to signup with their phone numbers instead of email addresses? if yes, how do i do that? thanx in advance

  • Jojo NaNri

    Hogan How are you doing,,, I have a question about updating ( Framework version 4.2.4 is now available. Update Now) it shows in my WordPress ?

  • Lynne Osbourne

    Hi Hogan. Thanks for all your awesome tutorials. I am having a bit of trouble with centring my feature image in my posts. I have googled and nothing seemed to work. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Hogan.

  • Dwivendra Dubey

    Dear Sir,
    I have prepared my website but slider is not working well, it's not opening, the website is very slow…it's not opening in Mobile which is very important .. please help me sir , please help me as usual.
    Website –

  • Cedric Zumsteg

    Hello I have a problem with the custom panel and the payment icons. I done everything exactly like you but the icons just dont align to the middle can you please help me thanks.
    EDIT: Its only happens on desktop size the others work perfectly fine…

  • Dwivendra Dubey

    I'm sorry sir …I'm leaving this themify…I'm not finding it good.
    I have my office pics which is of 2-3 mb & site is working very slow.
    If I decrease the size of pic then then the quality become worst. Please help me if you can. Otherwise I'm leaving it . Thanks for your support?

  • rhonda2398

    I've recently received the following error on Google search console on every product I have on woocommerce “Either “offers”, “review”, or “aggregateRating” should be specified” along with warnings that I am missing several fields such as “brand” “sku” “image” and many others. Hogan, do you know anyway to fix this?

  • Muhammad Fahim Arefi

    why should not download directly `builder-woocommerce` and `themify-shoppe` from wordpress plugin ? can we download it directly from plugin?

  • Sage Land

    I'm trying to install an simple SSL certificate on the site I just completed and having a very difficult time doing so. Hostgator gave me a long and complicated way to do it which might end up deleting all the content. I thought this was a simple process. Can you help me? Thanks


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  • Diego Castañeda

    hi,so if i do not get the membership,my website will still work properly forever right? also,thank you so much for this tutorial!

  • Alex Fil

    And where to find the settings cart:hover in header. I need to change the text "You cart is empty. Go to Shop." I changed in the file "shopdock.php", but it doesn't help.

  • Marcell Toth

    Hi Hogan. I'm planning to make a website for my partner. She is teaching yoga and would like to have an appointment app where the students can easily click on the calender and book a class. Would you have anything in mind that you recommend?

    Love your work! Thanks

  • Kamill milek

    how many tools do you need for growing your business? Do you need a website and a hosting? What about a mail autoresponder? Do you want to create videos for you web site and alson your ads? Maybe you will need an app or do Webinars to interact with your potential customers… The good thing is that this platform >> has all of this in a single box.

  • nisha nair

    at the woocommerce settings. i dont seem to have the mailchimp and automated tax option. should i add on a seperate plugin for it?

  • Stanley Tan

    hi hogan.Tx for the great tutorial. may be becos I'm doing this months after you created the video, Themify now ask that I update the theme to 1.4.8 from current 1.4.5. this however requires a license key. I don't remember anywhere in the process that asked for my signing up with Themify. as such do not have a sign in name nor password for Themify and consequently not in possession of a license key. could you help solve this problem as I can't update without the key. TQ

  • Chackie CookieCloud

    Hi Hogan you are the best and you inspired me lot. Please help me ..when I watch your video I was inspired to start my e-commerce website (Dropshipping) but I am scared right now and too risky for me because I am thinking that even I have my e-commerce shop …how can I promote it and market it for free ? I cannot afford the ads by facebook,amzon,etc. Making my website alone can cost like €100 (prefer one yaer + alidropship ) according to your video. And it will be a risk for me as a student and really really broke in life and alone, I am really happy that you made a video about "how to make e-commerce website without SHOPIFY. I was looking a lot of video on YT and just you did the step by step method. I am afraid because if I make my website and no one is buying… I dont want my e-commerce website just a "dead shop" . Can you help us to promote it for free or market it for free without ads ? Thank you so much hogan your my inspiration right now . I am loosing hope please help me or us with our online business .

  • Anna Del Rosario

    Hi, Hogan. I want my mobile view to have a different slider image sizes. Apparently, it's not letting me configure a "slider" kind of background in mobile view. Appreciate your help in advance. 🙂

  • Nikita Inaya

    Hi Hogan,

    I'm working on my 9th webshop for a customer but I can't seem to find a solution for this problem. I don't know where I can customize the background colour of the icon (1, 2, 3 etc) that you get when you put something in your cart. Also I don't know where I can customize the colors of de dropdown of my cart. I hope you will have the answer.

  • Aliyah Ong

    Other than the domain and hosting sites, is there anything else that needs to be bought? Like a business plan in WordPress? I tries using WooCommerce before but it is only available to business plans. Or will the site fall under business automatically because WordPress is installed thru HostGator?

  • Cultura Inglesa

    Good Morning! I have a question when I created the products to sell English courses with schedules and etc … and it keeps appearing unfeeling information for me that I would like them to submit for example the "product reference (REF)", the "additional information" and below the additional information "this appearing the" data of the attributes "of my page (schedules) in Portuguese would be this: "HORÁRIOS Ter/Qui/ das 09h00 às 10h00, Ter/Qui/ das 14h15 às 15h15" Can you help me to take this away? my site is:

    Obs: Sorry I'm Brazilian, my English is very bad.

  • Suretté Swart

    Hi Hogan, I have a problem with Woocommerce. After I installed the plugin and activate it, the page just go blank. When I refresh the page it says the following: The site is experiencing technical difficulties. Please check your site admin email inbox for instructions. How can I fix this problem.

  • Simon Metham

    hey mate great vid… best ive watched..(seriously watched heaps), started creating my website and was goin alright but got to making the slider and got images up sliding but when i go to the green plus button to lock the slider on an image its not there everything else is (and some extra stuff) but no padlock is this because the version is not correct with new wordpress or woocommerce or dunno something do i need to purchase the new themify shoppe/become member and would this resolve the issue cheers mate ps your awesome and im also using siteground hosting (im australian) could that be it

  • Mr Raffels

    Hi Hogan can you tell me is the miffy shoppe free?? so if i build the wp site I won't have any fees in the future. Great vid bu the way so clear.

  • Judy Zhang

    Hi Hogan Chua, thanks for the amazing tutorial. I just followed your step to uploaded themify, but I have the notification to ask me to upgrade and it requires a license key. Do I need to update? In this case, do i need to register on themify and get a license key? Thanks.

  • Mohan R
    click any product
    below the product wishlist icon, and share icon will be there
    hover share icon shoes some links
    i need to change those social links

  • Mohan R

    hi sir,
    The icons below each and every product near add to cart or select options.

    There are only three icons

    Wishlisht , quick lookup and sharing icon

    In that , mouse hovering over share icon shows social media lcons.

    I like to change those social media links and icons. it is showing pinterest , linked in and all,but i want to remove those
    and keep desird only, help me

  • Simon Metham

    hi hogan when i try to add the "product categories" module it doesn't function correctly (the plugin is turned on), when you drop it in (time 1:50:05) i dont get the option menu part you get (with styling etc….. even when i click on it) i updated to shoppe v1.5.0 through a link you sent still no luck and now infinite scroll doesn't work (it is turned on, standard pagination works ie page 1,2,3 etc) through reading the change logs it says something about this being affected pleeease can you help
    ps i have wordpress and woocommerce updated to latest that didn't work either had this problem since first install cheers

  • Alan Cedillo

    Can you make a video on how to edit the checkout page a little more. Different payment methods, different designs etc

  • oyin o

    10 minutes in and I’m amazed at how organised you’ve made this ! Well done, hopefully I can get my website working soon from this video x

  • Michael Cavanaugh

    @Hogan Chua. I ran into an issue with my Top Nav bar. It is no longer visible. I went back through everything and can't seem to figure out what I did. Can you assist at all?

  • Mohan R

    can you send me latest builder woocommerce ,builder timeline and other required plugins for shoppe theme?
    i have shoppe theme 1.5.3 installed but not working properly

  • Billionairing

    Hey Hogan,
    Quick question: Whatever flatrate cost I put on my shipping method, all the money comes to me, right? – Random Example: Product costs $5 and My shipping cost = $10 Do I get all the $15?


    Hi Hogan great tutorial ! My homepage title gets overlayied when screen changes size, its responsive but doesnt look nice, any way to change this ?

  • Georg Andres Veskioja

    Hey, Hogan! Yet another fantastic tutorial! Altough it was 3 hours compared to the previos hour and a half, still very enjoyable, very well explained and straight to the point. Couple of questions:

    1. How to great a switch to a second language and how to built that one up? For example, can't figure out how to translate the whole cart and buying process into another language etc, so that "Add to cart" and "checkout" would show also in different language, maybe even the url bar(not that important tho).

    2. How to put the logo between the top nav. Something like this : about us shop LOGO blog contact
    My idea, was to disable the header and build a "fake" heading in the builder(really just a part of the body). But then I have to start messing with my hooks as well, so may be there's an easier way.

    Thank you in advance! Cheers!

  • Shola Fadare

    Hello sir please help me begging you.. How to directly post on my facebook page from my website.. Please sir.

  • Hoax

    Great tutorial! What plugin would you use for apartment rental/bookings? Would love to hear from you! Another tutorial for booking websites would be awesome!

  • ashwiin nedun

    I am having issues with search, when i am searching my product there are additional tags/charaters that is showing in the dropdown.
    E.g (#038, &#8211). Can i know how to get rid of these characters?

  • Kuus OÜ

    Great video! one difficult question: so, I made a custom header with sticky header using this tutorial:, but it breaks when I go to my blog page or open any of my posts.
    If I go to the settings->reading and remove my blog from being a "Posts page" it fixes the blog page. I think it has something to do with the sidebar…
    you can take a look at and scroll down: ;
    Thank you in advance!

  • Esraa Fawzy

    thank you hogan please can i make Classifieds theme or put ad ads button and change language arabic and english

  • naturally efya

    Hello Hogan, I am setting up my website. I got the URL and everything. I am trying to update the WordPress to the latest version but it says I cannot because i am running 5.4 version and it requires 5.6 or higher version. Do you by any chance understand what they mean by that? Thank you.

  • Storm April

    I couldn't change the margins on the bar underneath the header. I don't understand… No matter what I did the text didn't move. About 2:20:00

  • Ayodeji Olumose

    Hi Hogan, how do I show the buy now button even while customers scroll through the description on my product page? Thanks.

  • George Keith

    Awesome stuff Hogan, many thanks for your valuable training and content. Learning a great deal, bless you..

  • William U.

    I have watch a lot of your videos, but (i might miss it) I can't find any that give tutorial on adding "my account" button which allow user to login and register as new user, and page which allows user to edit their profile especially on the woocommerce platform. If u do have it, can you redirect me to it? I really appreciate it if you can help me with that. Thanks in advance.

  • @sammaina

    Hi please also review with 1onlinehost
    They have a $2.75/month shared plan 50GB storage and that's the actual price, not an offer also with free 30day trial after the simple signup
    No domain name required
    Can be found here

  • liv 2012

    hi Hogan, thanks for the video. this is my first time creating a eCommerce site. when i uploaded the themify-shoppe zip file, i am getting "The link you followed has expired" error. can yo please help?

  • Victorious

    Hi Hogan, great tut. quick question is the product category now available only on the paid theme. I cannot seem to drag it on the editable home page

  • Jacob Flores

    Great tutorial. One problem that i hope you can help me with. “Turn on Builder” button seems to not load on my shop page, but it loads on the others?

  • Song Ji Hyo

    Hi Hogan, amazing tutorial. A quick question, how do you edit the Related Product line? I can't find the option to customise it..

  • Vera Davis

    How do I change pictures I no longer want on my page (not products)?
    Can I change my theme using builder without having to reload the products?

  • mohammad yasir

    Hello, Hogan Yasir here from Pakistan.
    One of my clients wants to have a rental based elibrary. Tell me is there any plugin. Please help.

  • mohammad yasir

    Hello Brother
    Mohammad Yasir from pakistan. As you mentioned in your videos that you respond within 24 hours. I asked you a question like 4 days ago. Please answer. Im waiting

  • Marek Bębenek

    Hello Hogan. I admire your work. Lots of interesting things I found out. However, I have questions: first – how to change the default descriptions, e.g. All, Price, Related products to another language? Second – how do you record the screen? Greetings from Poland.

  • Abe Rickard

    Hey Hogan, I was just wondering about the part around 01:39:08 where you are adding products to the homepage – I am able to drag the WooCommerce widget to the homescreen, but nothing shows up and if I click on edit I have no options available. It also did the same thing for the Product Category widget as well.

  • Kaylah Alexandria

    If you guys are having trouble updating the theme hmu and Ill show you how to do it or write me under this comment! it took me forever but I figured it out and the update message went away! hope this helps! happy creating!

  • mohammad yasir

    Hello Brother
    Mohammad Yasir from Pakistan. In themify builder when we add product category module and hover over the category. It has a small image. My question is how to edit that.
    Please answer. I will be very grateful to you.

  • Andy Hain

    Thanks for the tutorial. Great job. Just have one question. How do you change the text in the related products. I can change the text in products under accent but the part of the d goes over related. Cant move it down any only up. I'm sure I'm missing something.

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