How to Create a WordPress Website with a Domain and Web Hosting.
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How to Create a WordPress Website with a Domain and Web Hosting.

WordPress has become one of the most popular
platforms. In this video, I’m going to show you how can
you create a WordPress website. Hey Guys my name is Kashif and let’s get started. We will use Hostinger for Domain and Hosting. Click on the first link in the description
of this video and you will be redirected to this page. go to the products tab and select Domain Name
Search. Type your domain name and search click on
search. Click on add to cart and again click on view
cart and Checkout. Click on this box if you want to hide personal
information of your domain. Now here you here web hosting plan
you can choose single web hosting which is only 45 rupees INR per month. if you want to manage 1 website and if you
are a beginner. I’m selecting Business Web Hosting. I am getting 4 times processing power & Memory. a daily backup
free SSL certificate. unlimited email account. I selected for 48 months. but you can try for 1 month. Use “TECHFIRE” Coupon code for more 15% Discount. Click on checkout button and sign up and complete
the payment. Now after Successful payment. Check your email and check verification email
to complete the setup account. Its time for Domain registration
Click on setup enter all the mendatory details and click
on setup. Now click on continue to control panel. Go to home tab and select web hosting option pick your domain and click on continue Installing WordPress can be done with just
a few clicks from Hostinger’s control panel. You will be able to launch a WordPress site
in just a couple of minutes! Click on Install WordPress
Click on manage button Once you access Hostinger’s dashboard, click
on the Auto-Installer icon. Find the WordPress button and simply press
on it. Type in the necessary details: the username you’ll use to log into the
WordPress dashboard. the password that you have to type in to enter
the WordPress admin area. enter an active email address as it’ll be
used for notifications and password reset. your website’s title Click on the Install button. Our WordPress Installation Completed. if you also selected premium or Business Web
Hosting. then we have to activate SSL Certificate and
cloudflare cdn for better website optimisation. go to hostinger home by click in on hostinger
logo. click on ssl certificate activation click on setup button.
and SSL has been Activated. again go to home tab and select cloudflare
protection click on setup button and your cloudflare
service will be activated. here you can see, website is working fine. Now you have to choose a theme to make sure
it looks and functions well. The best thing about WordPress is that it
has a staggering amount of themes to choose from. you’ll have to choose and install plugins
that will help to extend the functionality of your sites such as admin enhancements,
website security, and much more. Now you know how to launch a WordPress site! It’s not hard at all, if you have any question
related to this, you can ask here in the comment section. Thank you so much for watching the video and
I’ll see you in the next one.


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