How To Create A WordPress Website on Bluehost Hosting
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How To Create A WordPress Website on Bluehost Hosting

Jeff Gilden and I’m about to show you how
to create a wordpress website with bluehost hosting website builder very simple, very easy Anyone can make a website and
create a website very simple basic version or If you are good at design and that sort of thing you can go a little bit overboard so anyway let’s dive right in
I’m going in the description below it a hyperlink you over the Blue Host and give you the best price over there
I’m a share my screen right now looks like its for thing is for only five right now in a
per month I do is click Get Started number show
you the website builder in a second but this is Haley sign up and get started I must example if you have a domain name you
put it in there if you don’t have a debt a domain name I you can actually get bluest reddest
research you measure my name dot com in a row had
that be too it is probably twelve dollars a
year something like that om any wage type in your domain name if
you have one or register one here click Next taking
the next page fill your information to package and then you don’t need Scimeca per site locker anything like anything
extra you just need the basic hosting package
you can do 12 months calmer 36-month 24 months however you
want to do that information hit next and then you’ll
just follow om everything else to finalize this
purchased once you actually have a package comin
you log into Bluehost you’ll see this area right
here is your dashboard and you have a few
options now the easiest way to create a website
which guy here to install WordPress click on map in a hyperlink year in the
merger marketplace where you’ll be able to one click practically I install WordPress on your
website literally just click install then loaded loaded up you choose which domain you
want to you install WordPress on you have a domains
in your account here a quick check the main it will
check to see if it’s you’re able to actually install on that
install Domino say that is not set up a word is
set up and everything’s okay on in this case we have appointed the
domain name servers here so anyway I should best options you can
actually give your site did title day if you want and username engine you’ve been and
whatever get the idea automatically create new
database red click install in this war install a basic WordPress install on your domain
and get everything set up what’s you are that %uh with the website it will look something
like this: mom said Jeff Gill not comment to say
just another WordPress site hello world on this is just a basic how
WordPress comes out of the box there’s a lot of customization is that
you can do in the back in com you go to just kill are you going
to your day may not come slash we do this again WP dash admin and then I’ll take you admin area
know what you’re gonna do is simply use your username and/or login click Login that’ll take you to the
dashboard love your wordpress install now thirty kinda updates or
anything like that I just click on please update now in a
BB the latest and greatest click a bit now I’m blazing great is the
word press this version that they have come out
with actual changes the work a little bit Scott what a different features and is really really good Seton hurray
for the dashboard and get back to updates and i was just install next and there’s also an update appears
you have any updates or are week in click Select on update all these
plugins if we want to one Tom and a now take your there’s
really important to you update all this when you start out at
all take care many bugs that are in the system om and I make sure that everything’s
running smoothly now in this case I’m actually going to
you deactivate some these plugins if you’re new to WordPress ernie
creating website plugins are simply a little programs if you will that just plug
right in your website in in give it some extra functionality served for example om redirection will hours to redirect a
page like arm if there was a broken page on the
website you get redirected home page or something like that you can
do there’s a lot of spam plugins you can
install you want the calendar on here if you
wanna put Tom really anything any kind of
functionality the you wanna see on your website you can just click add new and religious search so if
we wanted a calendar for example because click search and
then here’s a bunch calendars that we could literally just install on our our website so calendar about WordPress I editorial calendar my calendar arm this provides risley customers always
display events sounds good click Install click OK in you just added a little bit of
functionality to your website and you have to click activate plugin
and this will probably show appear on left hand side see get my calendar here and you got on
the functionality on your site and there’s waste integrate
this om as well the other thing you more to you look at it is themes I WordPress and the box comes with 2012 our 2014 2013 just the few themed
installed and literally if we go to you the home
page you’ll see that it’s the basic version but def I come over to 2014 include activity being about the homepage in let’s
refresh this it has a whole new look so WordPress has I a repository that you can search I literally can click add new theme and then search through the different
themes that WordPress has available I am so you can click on months he is due preview this one so this much friggin on was good so delicious install this
one it looks like you know just take a few seconds
Sandston now on our site is actually downloading that
being remotely and was clicked activity and then once that’s done you know
senior theme settings that everything has been
completed here you got a new theme and active and get back home page in hit
refresh you’ll see that we have a new look and
you see all the text and buttons in headers and footers in all a good kinda
stuff has all been done porous and as good get so you the first thing you want to do
obviously update all your plugins are they all the
themes that are there I’ll you want to you choose a new theme
from the present were in new look and then you want to add some plugins if
you want different functionality on smaller thing you want to do to hear
how it go in the settings and go to general make sure site title
tag line all this kinda stuff to set up I am
email address is going to be the main email address on the website insecure
times and I’ll Tom format things like that and
then a I begin to use in the other options here
writing reading discussion discussion on was just what the room
riding I really do anything in this area
everything set pretty good reading this war if you theme supports are or ash you what your front page
wants to be or what you want your front page to be
%uh simply click use a static page and choose the front
page om that you want to be displayed on your
home page same as a blog the post age you can
choose what page you want to be displayed the opposed to be displayed on that
rebuilding the site and you don’t want to surgeon is the pine year you can
actually click this box it will discourage the search engines from
indexing the website obviously it’s up to the surgeon is to
honor that request but for the most part usually works discussion is all about the comments and
the chatter that goes on your website anyone to post a comment
moderation comes in the settings you can fun
different ways to use the settings allow people to post comments on the
articles you can unchecked that in it all disable comments on anything you create this new and then anyone post
comment home the Gmail settings here just in
different things meaning its use default avatars and a
maximum rating 4 comments that sort of thing nom nothing when you stand up you wanna get
a permalinks major place name is chosen Blue Host by default chooses postname in and then you should be getting into
from the other two things you want to know
about are your post these are blog an innocence blog post that will speed
out into your blog for example the blog posts are feeding
in right here so this is a blog post will excerpt and
the many click on the title it’ll take you to a blog page is an example of a comment we can leave
a comment in week and see recent post recent comments archives categories the this is the
sidebar om that you’ll be dealing with as well let me show you where that is I’m so the
here’s the blog on the blog flows into the site and cyborgs over here we’re gonna go
into our dashboard to appearance get widgets and these are all the widgets the EC in this sample now which is
literally just a little section if you will I am so so we want to go meta I’ll just
delete and commit this page refresh in OC that medicare’s away says
literally just these little sections that you can install if you wanted here’s the calendar plugin
that we install if you want Angeles CA a the sage one added exist destiny day exist the you today x-box which means it’s a leave in Fig about this page
refresh their is my would there’s a little little sections you can add to the
sidebar your website now the theme determines where the sidebar
is and different themes have different
sidebar locations and styles and all that kind of stuff but for the most part you’ll be able to
control the sabor from the widgets area and
there’s tons a widgets that you can final on that or plugin little functionality ever hear
like calendars and pictures and slideshows and that sort of
thing the other thing you need to knows how to
create a page so we were at a page here angeli and new mom my awesome P each them and there is that in San now we r home thanks for watching how to create a wordpress website

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