How to Create a WordPress Landing Page That Converts
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How to Create a WordPress Landing Page That Converts

– So Nealey, I have this new
blog, Alex Eats, up and running you know but down the line,
I wanna make money off this, I wanna sell a digital ebook. How do I do that? – Yeah, that’s actually what
we’re gonna cover today. How to actually make
money with your website by creating a landing
page, here on The Journey. – So right now, all I have is a blog, I mean what else do I need? – Yeah so to really actually
convert those visitors into leads which then becomes customers, you have to create a landing page. A landing page is a specific
webpage on your site, catered to one specific purpose. Now what I’ll see a lot
of people do is like, say you’re starting to
advertise your book, most people will just send
people to their homepage. There is so much chaos
going on a homepage, there’s no clear
direction, they don’t know where to go. So with your landing page,
you have one clear focus on your website and that’s
to check out your ebook. – So you’re the real
expert at this, I mean, can you just show me how it’s done? – Yeah, let’s go ahead and
take you and the audience through a quick demo. Alright so now that we’re sat down, I’ll take you through some of the plugins that I use to really
build those landing pages, and get set up for success. I did that before hand so
we didn’t have to go through the whole installation process. But I’m gonna be using
Elementor, essential add-ons for Elementor, and Gravity Forms. There the ones that are just
there cause I like them. So, once you have those,
you’re gonna ahead and just add a new page. – Cause you want this
landing page to just be that, just a landing page, specific
to what you’re trying to do. So you talked about how you’re wanting to create your own ebook, right? – Right. – So, what kind of recipes
are gonna be in those ebooks? – I was thinking like taco recipes, start with that one. – Okay, a little taco Tuesday night. – Love tacos, of course. – [Nealey] I got it, so we’ll just name it, Taco Tuesday recipes. And then we’re just gonna
go ahead and publish that really quick, and then
jump into Elementor. So Elementor is a visual
page builder that you can use to build almost any type of website, so drap and drop, it’s all visual. So we have this here. – Now what I usually
recommend for landing pages is actually to get rid
of the navigation title. Its distracting. – [Alex] Okay. – [Nealey] The whole
point of the landing page is to have one singular focus, like you want these people
visiting your website, visiting your landing page
to do one specific thing. – [Alex] Right, as simple as possible. – [Nealey] Yeah, so in Elementor, the bottom left, go ahead
and just chose the little settings wheel, and go page
layout Elementor canvas, and it’s literally just gonna be that, a blank canvas for you
to do whatever you want. So you’ve also got me
some cool taco images, we’re gonna use a lot of that in this, in this page here. So, the cool thing about Elementor, especially for someone who brand new to building websites, is it
gives you some templates to use, you don’t have to figure
out how to design yourself. – [Alex] Love templates. – Highly recommended,
you don’t wanna spend all day just trying to
figure out how to design it, just basic plug and play. I really like the block
section, it’s kinda like Legos in a way, right. – [Alex] Okay. – [Nealey] So you have like,
you can pick different categories like a hero
image or call-to-action, different things like that. Basically build your landing page. So we’re gonna go
Category, just chose hero. Hero is basically that first thing you see when you get to a website,
it’s usually nice and big, and out there. There’s lots of different
things you can use. Now, it’s gonna show you
content that is not relevant to tacos at all. And that’s fine, you can change it with your own images. – [Alex] Okay. – [Nealey] So which one
would you like to use? – [Alex] I like this realism one. – [Nealey] The realism
one, that one says pro, gotta have the pro license. – [Alex] Okay, never mind.
(laughter) – [Alex] Let’s go with the cheaper option. – [Nealey] Alright, how about this one? – [Alex] Perfect. – [Nealey] Cool. – [Alex] Looks nice and free. – [Nealey] We’ll make it like that one. It’ll be like we did. (laughing) – [Nealey] Alright so obviously, we don’t want 17 travel inventions we need right now, we’re
gonna change that in a sec, but instead of a plant,
let’s make it your tacos, ’cause that is the pride and joy, here. Wanna make it all about your tacos, ’cause I’ve had them
and they are fantastic. Alright, cool, so you can either click this little guy at the top or right click edit section, go to style and then you can chose your image here. – [Alex] We’ve got some
great images of these tacos, and their recipes. – [Nealey] Yeah, so which
one would you like to use? – [Alex] Let’s go with the
one with the lime showing. – [Nealey] Alright, I dig it, I dig it. Ah man, it looks so good. – [Alex] I know, I’m so hungry Neal. – [Nealey] So a cool effect
you can do in Elementor, is just have that fixed,
I really like to use that, especially with hero images, so that stays still as the content loads. I probably want this bottom-center. Ah, look at that. – [Alex] Perfect. – [Nealey] I’m hungry. Alright so the call-to-action, this on the hero image has
to be very very specific, so that first little bit is
really what you’re gonna get out of the landing page. So, let’s brainstorm some ideas, so with this, you really want it to be, what is, what is your
visitor, what is that person going to get out of your recipe book? – So, I mean, taco recipes
to make your Tuesday better. – Okay, taco recipes to
make your Tuesday better. I like it. I don’t need this travel thing, so I’m just gonna right
click and delete there. Now, you can add a little
bit of a description here if you want. I typically recommend it. We’re gonna leave the
description out of it for now, we don’t want to get too much into this, really just about you learning how to make your landing page. – But this button right
here, this call-to-action, is super important. Not enough websites
basically tell the visitor exactly what to do. Like you literally want
to like yell it at them, do this now. – [Alex] Right, and make it very clear. – [Nealey] So with this,
it’d be like “buy now” or “download the book”, things like that. Specific action to do. Download the book, if I can type. Now, cool. And you can modify the
button however you want, by going to, just right click the button, go to style, and then you
can mess with the colors. What’s your favorite color? – [Alex] Let’s go with green. – [Nealey] Green, all right,
green is the color of money. I dig it. All right and then you
can mess with the hover, obviously we don’t want green on green, that doesn’t make sense,
and then, there’s all sorts of cool hover animations,
let’s do grow and rotate so it does this cool little effect. – [Alex] Oh, fancy. – [Nealey] Just like that. And let’s move on. All right so I threw this
together really quick off camera just for the sake of time. We talked you through
some of the most important elements for your landing page. We went through our hero image already, having that basic description
of what they’re gonna get out of it, a quick call-to-action. But the next part that I like
to include in landing pages is really relating to
the person’s problem. – So I put here, are
you struggling to find the perfect taco recipe? – [Alex] Of course. – [Nealey] These people
have scoured the internet, trying to find that perfect taco recipe, they haven’t found it, until now. – [Alex] I have the answer. – [Nealey] Then after you really relate to that person’s struggle, talk
about what they’re gonna get out of it, like, right,
like they’re not just getting a book, they’re
getting 15 taco recipes, they’re getting video tutorials, they’re getting a happier Tuesday. You’re also including
coupons for ingredients, look at you, you’re so nice. – [Alex] I know, I know,
you’re welcome, guys. – [Nealey] And then, with
the landing page as well, add some time of social proof, these are reviews whether on websites, or people looking at it. I’ve added some reviews
from myself, Morgan and Sam, talking about the best
tacos we’ve ever had. Morgan’s like, I want
more recipes like this. Sam’s like, hands-down,
super hot fire recipes. – [Alex] Straight from
the source, you guys. – [Nealey] Straight from
the source, and then, last but not least, your
main call-to-action, towards the bottom. Now, with you just getting started, we just have a subscribe
now to get your copy, and then click subscribe, for you at home, if you’re
trying to sell something, this is a great portion
to put where basically you’re selling something. – [Alex] Okay. – [Nealey] And what’s cool about this is with Elementor, you can add
what’s called an anchor link so this download the book
now, say we’ll do a CTA for the link, can link to this. So when someone clicks it,
like cool, download book now, they just go all the way down,
and they can subscribe now to get the copy. – [Alex] Nice and easy. – [Nealey] But with these landing pages, it can be literally anywhere
you’re directing people, whether it’s on social media,
you have basically a post talking about this cool stuff, instead of sending them to the website, your homepage, where
it’s super distracting, send them to a landing page. Same thing with Instagram
or maybe Google ads, or Facebook ads, or maybe
just talking to somebody, you have a clear direction
of where to send them. When they go there, they’re like cool, I only have one thing that
I can do on this site, and it’s to get your taco recipes. – Gotta make it as easy as
possible for your customers. – Right, we get distracted, I know I do all the time. – Yeah, you got about two seconds. – If that. – Let us know in the comments below what your favorite part of
my new landing page was. – Yeah, and I hope this
gets you super excited to start making your own landing pages, like I said, I used Elementor but you can use whatever
page builder you want to use, but while you’re adding those comments, if you got some value out of this video, make sure you like this video, and subscribe to our channel so you can get this content first. This is The Journey,
we’ll see you next time.


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