How To Create a WordPress Blog 2019 – Then Make Money Blogging
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How To Create a WordPress Blog 2019 – Then Make Money Blogging


  • Greg Narayan

    If you're looking to make a blog about what you love doing – your music, travels, fashion, cooking, advice, gardening, gadgets, real estate, graphic design, random collections or anything else which is probably amazing – you're in the right place!

  • maria napoles

    Hi Greg! I'm following your video to the ( T ) but after creating my first blog post, I hit update just as you did. I then went to view page and the post looks great. However, (following your instructions) when I go to the home page, everything disappears. I go back to Posts, click on all posts (I see my post there as "published") but when I go back to my homepage it's empty. I also tried editing but the same thing happens. Help! Thank you

  • Lisa Storer

    Do you use the same CSS for every WordPress site/theme/whatever? I put the CSS code (style="border-radius: 50%;) into my image on my site and it doesn't change it from square to circle. And, when I switch to visual, it's still a square…then switch back to text and the stuff I added (style="border-radius: 50;") has moved to before src – like this: style="border-radius: 50;" src="https://……………. ugh

  • EatsNTravelsBiEssi

    Hi Greg,

    First, GREAT JOB on the tutorial! It really has helped me my page Anyways, I have two issues, 1. my menu on my page looks nothing like yours, it only gives me the "show menu" option with a drop-down selection (it doesn't give me the vertical listing like yours has). 2 as for the Google AdSense did you have to place the HTML on all of your pages first? Because I keep getting a message to add the link to "all of my pages". Just curious. Lastly, with the "affiliates" tab on ThemeForest, I don't see the tab on my profile. Do you mind making a video addressing my concerns, please? If not, can you send a message?


  • Rodalyn Novak

    Hi greg! I just purchased the laurel theme but when I downloaded it, there's a pop up and it is asking me to buy a Winrar license and there is no save option.

  • KarenRachelle

    The video has been so helpful. I’m a true newbie to all of this. This question may sound weird but I went through hostgator and then downloaded WordPress but where do I go to get to my dashboard? I even downloaded the WordPress app and I can’t get in. Please help! Thanks

  • Dima Park

    hello , i wanna put my social media .but when i go to customize there is no social media setting /can you please help me /how to figure out that problem

  • Bloggy Hoggy

    Hi Greg, this video is damn goodand i am almost finished my blog by following this.I have a question…while following the steps in affiliate marketing, I couldn't find the affiliate tab in ThemeForest.Do I need to register for that separately?

  • Rose Allen

    Hi greg, I dont know if your still helping with this video but Im having so many issues. like creating the gallery, only the featured photo appears on home page. Thanks Rose

  • Dani-Kaye Golding

    Dear Greg. THANK YOU! my website is now up and running but I have a few glitches.
    How do I get the main menu to go across (horizontal) the page instead of as one drop down menu with all the categories?
    Also, I was not able to resize the picture to a circular one in the about section. I was not able to sync the Facebook Laurel. Only the Instagram (both the footer and the one in the big promo box).
    I couldn't seem to get the Google fonts working either and the front gallery image looks so big I don't see how to resize it there,
    Finally, I was not able to add any of the ads on my page. I disabled a pop-up blocker I had.
    my website is could you help again?

  • Little Pricey TV

    Greg i need your help. i messed up somewhere. After i typed in my website /wp-admin to login, it's not bringing me to the wordpress website

  • Tiffany Tott

    Thank you for this video! I feel much more confident and prepared about what steps to take, and I LOVE this theme. I'll be purchasing it through your affiliate link. Question – do you have a current coupon code for Host Gator? It's been a while since this video was posted, and I'm curious if the one you provided here still works. Thanks Greg!

  • Cocktail Portal

    Hi, I can't seem to add more content to a page. I want to continue adding but it's very difficult for me to find where to add? Help!! I am sure it's simple, but I can't find it, about to pull my hair!

  • Imogen Blow

    Hi Greg, loving everything so far (I also used your website tutorial which was awesome!) but I just purchased and tried to upload the theme to wordpress and it says 'The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.' what do I do about this? Thanks!

  • Mindyq20

    Hi Greg, thank you for the amazing tutorial! May I know how do I add "Post Settings" and "Format" on Post? thanks =)

  • Mbeh Derick TBC

    Hello Greg, your tutorial has been extremely helpful to me. However, my menu item does not display. All I see is the menu bar and I need to click on it before the menu items show up. I need you to help me on it. Thanks

  • StarDays41

    Hi Greg – How do I edit the home page posts. Example every post that I created is now showing on the home page – but I only want to show maybe 1 or 2. Thanks!

  • vincentvangro

    Im looking for a way to setup a blog on my webstore.I want it to be able to allow a signin from the store so I can allow someone to publish/write daily blogs without having access to the back end of wordpress.Is this possible?Im using the astra theme with the free elementor plugin.

  • Angela Bull Radoff

    Hi Greg. Great video. I'm in the installing plugins part. I can't find the exact plugin "WP Insert Code" you recommend. What is the substitute?

  • Yuriy Moskviak

    Hey Greg, thank for the tutorial! You're helping a lot of people out! I've got a question for you. In your tutorial you say that you cannot place ads on, so I am watching your tutorial in 2018 and I believe that now you can place google ads on or am I not right? Your feedback would be much appreciated))

  • شاہد خان

    Not only the most elegant theme but also you explained it really very well and to the point. One question, when I went to theme site, it says it works only on and not compatible with I have a hosting plan on fastcomet and installed wordpress on it. Now how would I know if its compatible with my site before I purchase it?

    I know you have lots of experience, but for person like me, who started web development recently, will take a lots of time to make a website / blog. Is there any way we can make a blog / website but don't publish it till its fully functional and ready to be published (I have currently installed desktop server on my home pc from and making it when I am at home, but I work on a remote site for one week and don't have access to my pc and I want to keep working on my site / blog from there). So can we request hoting company to provide us temporary working place till we finish development and ready to publish. As during development phase we have to press publish button after almost every change, so how should we deal with this situation? Thanks and good job for making a great video and excellent tutorial.

  • Tinthia Clemant

    Many of the things you're talking about are not working. No featured image on home page. No excerpts. Nothing on how to resize images. Help!

  • Tinthia Clemant

    To all the viewers of this video: Disregard my comments- Greg's video is great and I did learn a lot. I'm just not very savvy with setting up sites in WordPress.

  • Tinthia Clemant

    I'm back, how did you get the posts to list in one column? I found the code but it won't allow one column. Thank you.

  • Tinthia Clemant

    Okay, check it out. I'd like to get my Blog posts to list in one single column like you did but can't figure it out. In closing, I coulnd't have done this without your video. Merci!

  • Lorraine Dowdeswell

    Hey Greg, Just a word of thanks for your very generous free content, without your excellent tutorial, I honestly don't believe I would have been able to do this on my own. I am sure that I will have ongoing questions but for now I have become a blogger. Here is a link to my site. Forever grateful. Lorraine

  • Marina V

    Hi Greg! Thank you for a great tutorial. Unfortunately, I have some issues and I can't fix them so far.
    The first one – promo box settings – I uploaded images, put links, got boxes published but when I open my site on a different laptop or iPhones – I can't see my promo boxes, do you have any ideas why I am not able to see them?

    The same thing with the copywrite
    I set up my own text for copywrite – but I don't see my changes on different devices even though I see it on my site when I manage it

  • Allison Greer

    Thank you so much for this helpful tutorial. I have a quick question. My main menu with pages and categories requires the visitor to click "Show Menu" instead of having everything listed across like on your demo. Any tips about how to fix this? Thanks so much.

  • Breana Evans

    Hey! So, I'm one of the '7' to complete your video and apply the steps. I just have some questions about Google Adsense. Help! In any case, your video tutorial was super informative and I couldn't have done it without you. Just in case you wanted to check out my new site (very early in the works) it is . Any feedback is much appreciated! Thanks again!

  • Tinthia Clemant

    Hi Greg, how did you get the first post to have such a huge featured photo on the home page (1:09:12 mark on video)? I keep getting a small photo. Thank you.

  • Akinwole Olalekan

    Hi Greg, please am trying to make with this tutorial am writing the blog post but my post doesn't show or come on my homepage. this is url of the blog
    please help me out my email is [email protected], or you contact me on whatapps +2348139388199

  • Baqgins

    Hi! I have a question. I want to create a blog, but since I'm a student, I'm not sure I want to invest in hosting etc. because I don't know if blogging will work for me. I know everyone recommends but would starting out on be a good way to ease my way into blogging? If I find out it works for me, would I be able to transfer my blog to

  • Linn Husby

    Hi Greg – Thank you for helping me making my blog with this tutorial. What I can't figure out is how I can create a page – that directly links to another website when you click it in the top menu. I want this because I want to link to my portfolio where I have all my reference work, but I don't want this to be the actual blog. If you get what I'm saying? I'm sure there is a code or something that makes this happen, but I haven't been able to do this on my own or by googling for the answer. Thank you very much for your tutorial's, they are really lifesaving! All the best, Linn

  • GrizzlyBros LLC

    I need some help! I created my first post and posted it but it is NOT showing up on my homepage. It is only coming out on the Recent Posts section in the sidebar. Does anyone know why this is?

  • Sarah Vause

    Thank you so much for this video I have been following it very closely. I am probably about half way through, although there are some steps I am going to have to come back to. However when I select an image for the featured image on the homepage it only shows part of the image and looks terrible, although when looking at it through mobile the images look great and are positioned correctly. Please could you help suggest what I can do? Should I have had the images set at a specific size? If you want to look at the problem I'm having it's Thanks again for the video and if you could help with this that would be amazing, thank you!

  • Gregory Romero

    Hey guys I just purchased this theme but when I set up a new page, it shows up under a dropdown called "Menu." Does anyone know how to display each category (new page) as a horizontal list? The way it looks here in the video. I can't seem to figure it out.

  • Gregory Turner

    Greg I have the same problem as Greg Romero below, the current version of laurel does not display the menu across the top of the screen like yours with home, trail, food, contact, etc spelled out across the top, it only has three lines stacked to the left that you click and get a drop down of home, trail, food, contact etc. Is there any way to change it?

  • Curtis Turner

    Hi Greg, I don't know how change my hamburger menu in the Laurel Themes to a horizontal menu on my static page. The hamburger menu is on default some how, please how!

  • Michael S

    Hey Greg. Is there a way to add a featured image to the home page the way you design this rather than the featured articles? I can't seem to do it through customization and since the page isn't in the directory its not really possible

  • Emily Hopper

    Hey Greg, I used Blue Host for my hosting and domain name… I think it installed for me.. how can I install

  • Kyle Johnson

    This has been very helpful for me. I'm making a blog to make it easy for my family to stay in touch with me as I move around with the military.

    One quick question, Is there a way to add flickr to the social media settings?

  • Pernell Harris

    I know there is a good chance you wont respond, but I just found your video and followed your steps.

    Anyways, I am having problems with getting my second blog post to show-up all the time on my homepage. There have been occasional, seemingly random instances when my homepage displays all blog posts starting with the most recent one. But, 99% of the time, my homepage only displays my first blog post, but the second blog post is visible when searching for its categories or tags on my search-the-blog-bar. It displays as present on my homepage when I am viewing it on the administrative/editor end.

    I've cleared my caches several times. Deactivated all my plugins. Given it time. Nothing.

    Additionally, my Instagram Widget doesn't update.

    I've gone through quite a few websites where people seemingly have the same issue. But any solutions proposed have not worked for me.

  • Joshua Andruw

    Hi, I am using HostGator for hosting and did the quick install for WP; however, when I use the link to Gravatar for my profile pic, it says that my WordPress login is incorrect. Can someone please explain this? I never created a WP login- I only used the one given to me from HostGator after the quick install…

  • kevin lesai

    Hello Greg! Thank you for the tutorial! I followed all the steps in your video! I have only one problem, i connected the instagram widgets with my ig account but no photos are shown, it says " instagram did not return any images". On my dashboard i see the photos shown on sidebar, but as a regular viewer it doesn't show any photos. What can i do?

  • Donna Clements

    Wow! I am so glad I found your channel! I am a total novice, but thanks to one of your videos, I successfully changed the copyright footer on my WordPress-Tonal theme blog! As there are several more tweaks I want to make, is there a proper procedure or place to present my questions?

  • Ashley Fleischer

    Hi Greg, great video so far… My installation failed: with the error message "Installation directory is not empty. Please install to an empty location." I do have a website with a store that is on WordPress could this be conflicting with the blog I hope to create? Assistance would be appreciated…

  • Simon Reed

    Greg, great tutorial, my blog site is all up and running with just a bit more to do, the only thing I have failed to apply is the circular border code, I copied it all to the letter, but keep getting errors, it all seems a bit different in WordPress 5, is this the issue? Simon

  • Happiness is ...

    This is an excellent tutorial. Thanks so much, Greg! I've reached the point of installing plugins. One concern: I'm seeing 'Not secure' in the URL. Please help me fix that before going on.

  • marcelle hanna

    Hiiiii Greg…first thanks a lot for your great effort the tutorial is just amazing and very detailed, but I am using Twenty Sixten Theme…could you recommend a page builder plugin…currently I am using elementor, is it good or you have a better one…thanks in advance

  • Adrian R Angkawijaya

    Hi Greg, thanks for the video! I just started following your method to create a blog and stumbled upon just one problem. For the affiliate option in envato market, I can't seem to find the affiliate tab to go to that "generate a referral URL" page like yours. I think the layout is different now, can you please let me know of a way to get into that new affiliate link page in the current layout of envato market? Thank you!

  • Mindy Dolan

    Great video! I'm up and running with my first blog! Great tips all around and made it so much faster than figuring it out on my own. Only thing I'd say, is that by unchecking domain privacy I now am receiving call after call (about every 5 minutes) since the first day of creating the domain. A bit annoying. I went back and paid for the privacy.

  • Nabeel Abu Al-Rub

    Hi Greg, thanks alot.
    Before buying the theme, I have a concern if everything still applicable ? specially for google ads and if wanna add links (Affiliate related to amazon and such websites).
    Am asking this question just because this video was made in 2017.

  • spit53

    Thanks for this! So far so good, but I purchased the theme ($62 with 1 yr support) and after trying to install I got the message "The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.
    Theme installation failed."


  • spit53

    It's me again, just trying to install this darn Laurel theme and the WP Instagram widget said "Something went wrong with the plugin API." Sigh… what now?

  • Jackie Carr

    how do you add css and html to one of your pictures in a post to make a circle as you suggested when you are using page builder plug in and you don't have the text option for code?

  • Olivia Yvette

    I love your site! I made an awesome website with one of your YouTube videos and then came across this blog one! Yikes! Is it worth starting over?

  • Tennis Then Travel

    Great video Greg. Thank you!!! Check out my blog if you have a sec – Definitely open to your expert advice.

    More importantly, this is a pretty detailed question, but how can I get rid of Google Plus symbol at the bottom of my posts…. maybe replace it with a LinkedIn symbol? I'm specifically referring to the social media symbols a reader clicks on to share a link of the post to their social media. Thanks!

  • briana brasil

    I made my blog with bluehost before watching your video and when i try to add the wp insert code plugin none of those options are showinig up. is that because I used blue host? please help

  • Grald

    Great tutorial, but one question; I bought the theme, and it seems like they've updated it since you published this video. The menu on top is now automatically a dropdown-menu, saying "Show menu", and I really dont like it. How does one change that to a menu similar to the one you're making in the video?

  • Neo KirchBaby

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am working on mine and I will for sure send you after I am done. You deserve more subscribers than you have now. Thank you again

  • Alisha Chavez

    I am hoping you will see this. There is a really weird section on my page just above the Instagram footer that I cannot figure out how to get rid of. It says all kinds of crazy stuff with links that I did not add. the web address is Please help!!

  • Lærke

    Hey – so I followed the tutorial (Thank you for that, btw!), but my Main menu is displayed as a drop-down menu instead of the beautiful horizontal one, that you have – how do I fix it?

  • Juliana M

    I created a logo in PicMonkey and added it to my site header. It displays in the header add section but not when i preview the site. How can I b sure the title is there and will be displayed?

  • Samantha Vince

    Thanks so much Greg! Currently watching the section about Instagram widget on side bar & I have already learnt so much. Best tutorial for starting a new travel blog I have seen! I love the theme also!! Excited to finish off the tutorial and learn some more! Totally awesome! Thanks again!!

  • DJeanette

    Hi Greg, the Instagram widget did not load the 9 pictures. "Instagram did not return any images". I've been following you for now over one year. Also, the Facebook widget did not work as well. Thanks for all of your help.

  • gunasindhu saikia

    Its great to learn from end to end about starting a blog.I also started my blog few months ago.added google webmaster tool.but still I am not getting a single search engine view.Can you please help me how to overcome that.Thnaks..

  • Erin C

    I cannot get Instagram to show up in my sidebar or footer. It worked at one point. Now on my blog it says: Instagram has returned invalid data.

  • Tips On Tech

    I cannot install Instagram recommended Plug-in it shows an error (plug in not found). right after uploading the theme in the very start!

  • Andrea Moncayo

    Hi Greg, I am at part 1:04 of you video and my tool bar and options that you have don't look like yours. Yours has the "Microsoft Word" features on top with font colors, but I don't have that and I don't have the post layout on the bottom. Do you have any advice on how to troubleshoot that?

  • - Protected

    if u already have a Bluehost and WordPress account already, can you keep that to start a new site or do you need a new account each time.

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