How to create a website: make your own website in 20 minutes
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How to create a website: make your own website in 20 minutes

with this video course you’ll learn how to create a website in an easy and fast way I will show you some examples of sites that you can realize today you can create sites of this innovative and professional design without paying one thousand two thousand or even more than four or five thousand dollars for a web designer and for a website developer you’ll be able to create your own website with this detailed explanation I’ll be following you step by step and in less than twenty minutes your site could be ready and operationally online finally I remind you that you can find all the pages links that I’ll use in this video in the description let’s start immediately so how to make a website we need to start with two things hosting and domain the hosting is where all the files of your website will be uploaded while the domain is wwm of the site that you choose com or whatever you prefer let’s start by considering the hosting in other words where the files of our website will be uploaded but the question at this point is how much will a hosting service cost it clearly has a cost but luckily it costs way less than you imagined since that online especially on this website you can find really really great prices instead of spending 20 or 30 dollars for this service here it is possible to have a host and utility for only three dollars and 95 cents per month in addition this service is good for people who only need one website lost for those who need more internet sites we have a more complete offer consequently also this offer will be better than the previous one obviously nobody is going to stop you from changing from an offer to another in the future this package is exactly what we’re using in this video tutorial so everything will be as you’ll see here and the job as a website builder will perfectly work an important thing is that with this package the domain is not included in the price already discounted little integration must be added as we’ll see let’s choose and let’s insert here the name that we will give to our website the domain let’s then choose the extension of our domain ComNet org as you can see there are a lot of them I personally recommend to always use com since it is the most professional extension let’s then click on proceed and if your domain will be available we will move to step 3 otherwise we’ll have to choose from different options and here’s the final step the third one here you’ll only have to insert your email address pick a password confirm it and then you just need to complete the other data your city’s zip code while you can leave blank companies and more the other information is your name your surname your city your address and your phone number below we have your payment information such as your credit card number the month the year of expiration and the security code that usually you can find behind your credit card lastly your name and surname in case you have decided to change your hosting plan you can easily change it here without redoing everything from the beginning but as we’ve seen will keep the startup it is more suited for us we can also change our data center position choose the best for you let’s finally choose for how many months we’ll buy our hosting the 12 months offer is the most recommended and convenient if we buy only one month of service the discount is only applied for the first one and an additional cost of $14.95 will be added for the setup it would be a waste of money since nobody is going to keep a website for just one month with the 12 months offer we have an affordable price without unnecessary costs as you can see down below from the extra services the domains registration costs $15.95 let’s select it it’s useless to buy the other offers because they’ll have a supplementary cost and we do not need them at the moment let’s carefully check every data on the page accept the Terms of Service and lastly let’s buy our service at an extremely advantageous price ultimately let’s click on pay now as soon as we’ve confirmed we will arrive on the confirmation page let’s log into the website to find ourselves on the administrative page now let’s see how to set up a website soon after the login on the website this page will immediately come out and we’ll have to go into the hosting section then clicking on the write on configuring this section will now appear and here we’ll start to setup our website let’s then click on start a new site let’s now choose the software that you’re going to use for making your own website and I obviously recommend to always use WordPress since it is the best and the easiest to utilize let’s leave this box blank and let’s choose under our information our email and username let’s then insert a password and confirm it be sure that the password is strong so that your account will be safe let’s then click on a confirm here it will ask us if we want to improve our account we can select nothing and simply click on confirm let’s now confirm the Terms of Service and after click on complete installation let’s wait for our configuration to be processed in order to have the confirmation to access our customer area at this point we’ll soon have the confirmation to access the area or in my case we’ll need to wait more time and a confirmation email will be sent to us usually it takes a few minutes to arrive so do not worry and wait for a moment once it has arrived you’ll just need to click on proceed to customer area this connection will give you access to the area for make your own website with WordPress once we’re back to our personal area we will go back to the same page as before but we won’t need to set up our website and we’ll simply click on go to cPanel we’re almost there to finally work on our website and to ultimately answer the question how to make a website we should now look for wordpress is auto installer WordPress is the platform that will use to realize our site under the install entry will find the Install Now entry the installation will be almost semi-automatic so let’s leave everything as it is the only thing that we need to add is the name of the site and the description of what we are going to realize after doing so you can modify your username and password if you want make sure you save them in a safe place since the username and the password are those that will let you into the administrative area of your website and if you lose them you won’t be able to enter especially at the beginning do not use the administrative email that is suggested to you but use your main email or the one you use before to log in to the hosting service finally you can leave the rest exactly how it is and then click on install as you can see the website is being installed you just need to wait for the automatic installation of WordPress and in a moment you can access your website and become your own website maker and here you have the URL to access to the administrative part of your site that we just created save it only because through this specific link you can go to the administrative part so name of your site comm slash WP – admin maybe add it to your favorites once you have clicked on the link this site will suggest us to some free themes to change the website design I do not recommend you to choose one of these options even though they have an incredible visual impact they have many limitations and in a moment we’re going to work on the graphic style so your website has a high quality impact let’s skip this passage and click on exit here we are inside WordPress from here we can modify our website by inserting contents through pages posts media comments and plugins how to create a website we can do it from here however working on WordPress now maybe more mechanic and less intuitive especially if you do not have experience for this reason we are going to talk about the graphic style that your website will have the creation and modification of contents will in fact be on-site and off-site to guarantee a unique easy and advantageous solution we’re going to talk about the website design that you’ll have soon as you can see I’m showing you many possibilities of designs I don’t know why you’re creating your website but I’m sure that inside this solution that I’ll propose to you you’ll be able to do the right choice because in just a package there are so many options that will perfectly adapt to your needs through a performing theme on which will work together directly inside the test site that I’ll create for you step by step to create a website unique themes you can find some free ones but I do not recommend them since they are not professional and with the new WordPress is updates there can be some problems with the link that I gave to you in the comments you can visit this page where by clicking on sign up today you’ll go to the purchase page for themes I’ve showed you let’s do all the steps together we will have a display with two possibilities one more cheap where all the plugins and updates will be valid for a year and the other one where all of these options will be available forever I suggest the cheaper option because after a year of access to all these benefits will count on having completed everything already but if you have the intent of having unlimited access to these benefits with a premium support for life feel free to choose the more expensive option that will last forever we should now log in by filling in all the sections by writing your username email a password and then by confirming it write down your name surname country of residence let’s accept the Terms of Service so let’s finally click on complete the registration to pay with your favorite method of payment we will have to access the page where you can download your theme for WordPress let’s go to appearance and then click on themes at this point if we have already downloaded the file that will be on our computer we should click on choose file we will find ourselves inside the computer whether you’re using a Windows or a Mac you have to find the Downloads folder let’s select it and let’s choose the file that will be uploaded by clicking on open we’ll have a zip file do not modify it in any way and upload it exactly how it is let’s finally click on Install Now we just have to wait to the end of the installation once it is completed click on confirm at this stage let’s click on activate and will officially have completed the installation of our theme inside of WordPress it should now show together with the other themes let’s now see how to transform our theme and in other words our website let’s create a page by clicking on pages and then on add a new one we should now insert the title of our page let’s create a test one by calling it let’s try together let’s now click on the purple button that is part of our theme and then on use visual builder so that we can work on our website watching the changes in real time we are now going to see how to work in an easy and fast way inside of our theme so let’s create your website what I’m showing you right now is classic overall structure of a finished website with a particular visual style the site where I’ll be working on is a page provided by the creators of a theme in order to let you to get used to all of its functions you’ll already have access to this page and you’ll be able to create all of these sections on your own let’s see how our template works first of all any action we are going to do inside the theme is completely visually changeable thanks to the visual composer that makes this template very unique an inscription like this can be modified directly on the screen by writing for example let’s try together we can do everything in a few clicks in an intuitive and visual way once we’ve inserted a column of text writing on its inside will be super easy we can write any sentence and it will appear in real time on the screen add buttons and boxes is also easy because we have these clickable icons with a plus on the inside through them we can add new forms as we can see there are many of those if for example we want to add a countdown for a new product that is going to be launched and that we are promoting we only need to click on it to see it appear from here we can set it by choosing the day with the hour and minutes after having chosen everything we are simply going to confirm through the green bun and our countdown will appear on the site clearly in order to work inside our template we have to insert every single element and then we’re going to modify them but this is very simple and I’ll show you how to do it right away let’s imagine that this part of the page really gets us because we like these four forms with icons and we want to add four more over here let’s see how it’s done as you can see if we go mouse over on the box this green container will appear this delineates the border of the form with the four icons inside below we have the same form made by four icons so how do we insert a new form we only need to click on the plus symbol already inside of the theme with the right add new row and we’re going to choose the style best suitable for us in this case we’re going to keep the style with the four icons and we’re going to add four more will now see different examples of buttons that can be added first of all I’ll try the classic action button it will appear the test button preset by the theme n on the right a box where we’re going to interact and we’ll see the modifications in real time we can immediately change the text on the first line for example we could write let’s try together at this button we could also add a link if we want to connect to another website or another page of our site we can then create a design to define it if we want to co-locate it more to the left or to the right in this case we’ll leave it in the middle we can also modify the text the color or this space that needs to be present between letters or sections it is very comfortable since we can see the changes in real time we also add some shades to make the designs of the button more appealing once we have finished all the changes let’s click on the green button to confirm and we’ll see it completed let’s now see another example of how to add a new different type of form for example a round counter by clicking on the icon it will open and we’ll have the counter that will indicate a 50% of default we are going to choose what to make a count of we have the buttons title and we could write for example happiness counter the counter of our happiness and choose a number that will be seen by the users let’s choose the 85% and it will modify in real-time at this point we could choose at the elements the link if we want to connect it to another website or page the background that could have indirectly from these buns we can modify the single values for example we can choose the color on the circle section as you can see once it is over we will confirm let’s now see how to add another small section we’re going to add for example a real person of our company we have our person’s icon and let’s insert it he always proposes to us some pre settings on the inside it will appear a picture that we can add and modify directly from this button or we can go down below and insert an image choosing it from our computer now we can change the text and start writing the name of the person for instance lupus we could attach a Facebook link or whatever social media and modify it in real time for our description let’s write for example hi there I’m using the best template ever here you have the changes made we could right away choose how to modify everything thanks to the visual editor if you want to put in bold and italics or transform any other element as you can see once we decided what interests us let’s simply click on confirm as you see this box didn’t exist but in a few clicks we created a part of our website and intuitive and easy way working inside the theme is really easy everything we need to learn is how to create these green boxes with the button and create exactly the graphic style that we want in the inside we’ll find that working with the single’s element is really easy let’s now see how to modify this section and maybe reverse it with another one because we want to change its position we only need to take the first one move it above and then take the second one and retake it at the starting point so that we have changed its position we do not need to have a huge knowledge we just need a little bit of intuition and a little bit of fantasy you have the possibility to create everything you want here it has been placed for example a long background in a green section where on the inside it has been put some images and a simple text with a bun as we’ve seen before remember that all these graphic styles are easy to realize thanks to the pre settings of this themes layout just remember one important thing once you have finished all the changes and you’ll have inserted everything you want on your website such as sections buttons and text remember to always save noter to not lose all of your modifications finally I remind to you that you can find all the necessary links in the description thank you for watching the video leave a comment like and share [Music]


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