How to Create a Website from Scratch in Under 10 Minutes!
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How to Create a Website from Scratch in Under 10 Minutes!

Hey guys it’s Jay here from
and today I’m going to prove to you that setting up a website doesn’t have to be complicated
or expensive. In fact I’m going to show you how you can set up a fully functioning, great
looking website in under ten minutes by using a very popular content management system called
WordPress. Now you don’t have to be a computer whizz
or have any fancy equipment or special software to set up blogs and websites using WordPress.
You just need two things. The first thing you’ll need is a domain name.
Now this is just the web address that people will go to to find your site. So for example
Google’s domain name is Google dot com and yours can be whatever you want dot com. You
can pick up domain names for less than ten dollars a year so they’re really cheap. The second thing you’ll need is a web hosting
account. This will give you a place to store your website so that it’s accessible to people
on the internet. Hosting costs around eight dollars a month but I’m going to show you
how you can get your first month of web hosting for next to nothing. Now both of these things are extremely easy
to get so here’s how you do it. So the first thing we want to do is register
a domain name. Now to do this we just head over to Namecheap is where
I like to get all of my domains from. They’re just cheap and very reliable. Once you’re
on the Namecheap website just enter the domain name that you want into the search box and
click search. So if I wanted to set up a website about bike tricks and I wanted to call my
site Uber Bike Tricks I would just type in UberBikeTricks and then click the search button. Next it will tell you if the domain name you’re
after is available or if someone else has already registered it. It will also tell you
the availability of the different types of domains including dot net, dot org, dot info
and all the other variations out there. So if the dot com version of the domain name
that you want is already taken chances are you might be able to get the dot net or dot
org version instead. Once you’ve found an available domain name
that you want to use just hit the add to cart button, followed by the checkout button and
you’ll then be asked to create a Namecheap account by choosing by choosing a username
and password. Once you’ve done that you’ll be asked to enter
a few contact details and then after that you’ll be taken to a page with the title ‘Domain
Options’. Now on this page there’s a few different options that you can choose between but you
really don’t need to do anything just now so just click the next step button to continue.
Finally just choose a payment method. You can either pay with your credit card or with
a PayPal account and once your payment has been processed you now officially own that
domain name. So the next thing we need to do is get ourselves
a hosting account. Now I’ve tried quite a few different hosting services before but
none of them have been quite as good as a company called These guys are
really cheap, they offer great support and I’ve never actually had a single problem with
them ever and I’ve been using them to host my websites for years. So what you want to
do is head over to and click the big button labelled ‘View Web Hosting
Plans’. You’ll then see a few different plans on offer but I strongly recommend choosing
the baby plan in the middle. It only costs around eight dollars a month and it allows
you to host as many websites on the one account as you want. So even if you wind up setting
up ten different websites you’ll still only be paying eight dollars a month. Once you’ve clicked the ‘Order Now’ button
you’ll be taken to the next page where it will ask you to enter your domain name. So
in the box on the right hand side that says ‘I Currently Have a Domain Name’ just enter
the domain that you’ve just registered. So for my example I would enter
Now below this box you’ll also see a section where you can enter a coupon. Now I’ve actually
got a really awesome coupon for you that will give you your first month of web hosting for
one cent. So you’ve got a whole month to try it out for pretty much nothing. To get this
discount just enter the coupon DIRTCHEAPHOST – all one word – and then click the ‘Continue
to Step 2’ button. Next you’ll be asked to choose a username
and a security pin and then to enter your payment details. Once again you can either
pay by credit card or PayPal. Once your payment is completed you now have everything you need
to set your website up. So what we need to do next is go back to to link
your domain name to your new hosting account. So to do this just log into your NameCheap
account and head over to the domains section that’s located up the top. We then want to
click the ‘Manage Domains’ link. You’ll then be taken to a page with a list of your domain
names so just click the one that you’ve just registered. Then in the menu on the left hand
side click the link that says ‘Transfer DNS to Webhost’. You’ll then see a few text boxes
where you can enter what are called nameservers. Basically these just tell Namecheap where
your website is located. Now this might look a little bit confusing the first time that
you see it but it’s actually quite simple. To get your nameservers just open a new window
and check your email inbox for the email that Hostgator will have sent you after creating
an account with them. In this email you’ll see a line that says ‘1st Nameserver’ followed
by an address and then another line below it that says ‘2nd Nameserver’ with another
address. So what you want to do is just copy the first nameserver address and then go back
to your Namecheap window and paste it into the text box marked 1. Then copy the second
nameserver address from the email and paste it into the text box marked 2. Then just hit
‘Save Changes’ and your domain name and hosting account are now linked. Now all we need to do is set up our website
and the way we are going to do that is with a system called WordPress. WordPress is a
bloggin software that allows you to easily create and manage a website. Don’t worry if
you actually want more than a blog because WordPress is extremely flexible and is actually
a whole content management system that can be turned into almost any kind of website
that you want. So to set up WordPress just head back to the
email that you received from HostGator and look for the line that says ‘Your Control
Panel’ and click the link next to it. You’ll then be asked to enter your hosting username
and password which you can also find in the email. Now once you’re logged into your control
panel you’ll see a tonne of different features but the one that you need is the little smiley
face that’s labelled ‘Fantastico De Luxe’. Fantastico is an addon that comes with HostGator
that allows you to quickly and easily install all kinds of different software including
WordPress in just one or two clicks. Once you’re in the Fantastico section look for
the WordPress option in the left hand menu and click it. Then click the ‘New Installation’
button. Then you’ll see a few text boxes for you to fill out. Leave the first box block
and enter a username and password in the next two boxes. Then in the last few boxes enter
a nickname, an email address, a website name and a website description. When you’re done
click the ‘Install WordPress’ button and then the ‘Finish Installation’ button and now your
website is ready to rock and roll. On the confirmation page you’ll see a link to your
admin area along with the username and password that you just created to access it so make
sure you save these or write them down somewhere. Now when you type in your domain name you
should see your brand new WordPress site. Obviously the website looks a little bland
at the moment but if you head over to your websites admin area which should be located
at then you can log in with the username and password that you
created and you’ll be able to access your websites administrator section. And this is
where you can do all that cool stuff like customizing the look and feel of your website
as well as adding new content to it. For example to change the look of your website just head
over to the ‘Appearance’ section and click the themes button. Then click the ‘Install
Themes’ option up the top and from here you’ll be able to search through thousands of different
themes that you can instantly apply to your website. Once I’ve found a theme that I like
I would just click the ‘Install’ button and then the ‘Install Now’ button and finally
I’d click ‘Activate’. Now my new theme will be applied and if I
go to my website I can see it. You can also find thousands of other cool WordPress themes
that are free to download just by doing a Google search for ‘WordPress Themes’. To add
content to your website just head over to the ‘Posts’ section and click the ‘Add New’
button and you can now write a header and some text. You can add some images if you
want with this button. And when you’re done just click the ‘Publish Now’ button. Now obviously there are a tonne of other cool
features in the admin section that allow you to completely customize and pimp out your
WordPress website. They’re all very user friendly and the best way to get familiar with it is
just to play around with it. Check out all the features and get to know how they work
and in no time at all you’ll be comfortable and fluent with using WordPress to build websites. So that’s how to create a website in under
ten minutes. Now the first time you do this process it might take a little bit longer
but once you get the hang of it you’ll just how quick and easy this stuff really is. For
more information on making money online, websites and all that cool shit check out my blog at


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