How to create a website free of cost with Free domain and Hosting in Hindi/Urdu | 2018
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How to create a website free of cost with Free domain and Hosting in Hindi/Urdu | 2018

Friend many people are thinking that website creation is rocket science and we should be technically skilled for that But today i will explain a way from which you can create your full featured free website without any technical skills in 5-10 minutes and along with that you will get FREE Domain and Hosting and you can publish the same absolutely FREE you will get unique URL for your website and you can share and access globally. Please watch till the end to get complete procedure as I am going to give you a live Demo by creating my own youtube channel (#imtechnical) website Please subscribe and press bell icon to get latest updates Free. You have to open google chrome/any browser and open website wix After opening website Click on get started to create new website. You can log in by giving access either from Facebook or google. Please enter relevant category from the list as per your profession or business. If you are not finding relevant category then select other and press next. On next page you will find 2 options to continue select option 1(Let wix ADI create your website) as it will take some input from you and it will create your website automatically On next page it will ask website category select relevant category As I am creating this website for Sample purpose so I am selecting Video Blogger After selecting category click on next to continue. On next page it is asking for some specific feature for your website select as per your requirement As I m making website for youtube so i have selected Get subscriber. On next page it is asking for website name give as per your wish I am giving my youtube channel name #imtechnical Now its asking for address if you dont want to put address you can skip this section also Next page is of Review and edit info It is further asking for some details Like website logo You can upload your Professional image here I am uploading my channel Logo You can add other details like social media, phone number, address Put some social media links in this section I am putting my facebook, twitter and insta links here further you can add address and mobile number. Click on next On next page it is finally asking your approval to start creating your website by pressing “Start” button now its asking to select 1 theme select any and press continue Now its asking permission to create color palette basically it will select all the colors from your logo and uses the same while creating your website. Now on next page it informing you that they are going to create your website on the basis on inputs which you have given till now. finally you have to click on “Create my website” to proceed further. It will take some time to process all the details Now the first look of our website is open..Hurray ! First we will see the preview of website which WIX ADI has created automatically Click on preview and it will open a new browser here you can see the preview of created website. You can cross check all the details whatever we have added at the time of creation it is coming perfectly fine it is selecting images and background theme as per the defined category you can see 2 browser on the screen the bottom one is the preview of your website you can edit section wise in this window. It will give you option of edit and design while moving cursor on each section Lets take one section for editing and see all the inputs which you have provided in the specific section its coming and editable You can edit everything at left side panel and the changes will reflect at preview window. You can choose number of customized options like text font design theme color in edit section as per your need You can add images also from your laptop/desktop Same practice of editing you can follow in each and every section of your page It will automatically select many options from your given input and design a relevant page/website. that is why at initial stage i asked to select artificial intelligence option you can upload videos also in this Double click on video panel it will open an additional window. it will give you couple of options to upload videos like recommended from wix, upload from your laptop/PC you can also remove the auto selected content for example if you want to remove this MAP then you just have to untick the Map button from left editing panel and it will remove Similarly you can add/remove any section Further you can add more pages and sections to your website by clicking on add button at top. There are many section coming under see more option you can add any section as per your business need. This was your section wise editing Now you are also having option of changing overall Theme font and color of page Once you are done with all the editing press on publish button at bottom of right side. click on publish your site and finally click on publish to publish it LIVE on internet It will give you two options before publishing 1 is free and another is paid You can choose any option but for learning purpose and to take experience you can opt free version Now it will publish live on internet Now see they have created URL for my website and i can share this to anyone globally The only drawback with free version is that they will add “Wix” also along with your website name Now i have open my website just by copying URL Now you see i have open my website in new tab that means its published live on internet Wix name from your website can be removed by taking paid version. Now cross check all the sections and editing which we have done earlier All social media links are working perfectly fine You can see all the options are in order I have not added any video but you can add your own videos while creating this It done hurray we have created website hardly in 10 minutes. Now lets see their packages there are 4 plans Each plan is having their own feature which is listed against them. you can see details on screen Please like share and subscribe ImTechnical for more informative videos.


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