How to Create a Website FREE of Cost (Best Website Builder)
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How to Create a Website FREE of Cost (Best Website Builder)

In this video we’re gonna take a look at
how to create a website for FREE with a few different options that you have available. OK? My name is Juan Gomez from,
and lets get started. So to get a website without spending a single
cent, you can go to places like,,, or if you wanna start a blog you
can go to Here you can register for free and create
your website without the need of HTML. They have different templates you can choose
from for each of your pages, and you can edit them with your own content and images. These places are very famous and popular among
beginners so you can go ahead and create your website there if you want, but what most people
don’t know is that there’s TONS of problems and disadvantages when creating your website
in these places like Wix. They lure you in making it look like it’s
a great place where you can build a website real fast without technical knowledge, but
they’re tricking you and taking advantage of you. So I’m gonna explain why it’s not a good
idea to use these services if you truly wanna have a successful and professional website,
and I’m also gonna tell you about my #1 alternative for starting your own website
and getting a bunch of FREE extra bonuses. OK? So first of all, these places like Wix will
include their ads all over your site. Your URL will be something like And they’ll also include banners and ads
promoting their services in every one of your pages. Now, if you think about it: when was the last
time you saw a serious business with a website like this? Probably never, right? If you take a look at even the slightest successful
business you know, I can guarantee you that none of them created their website in places
like Wix. Another great disadvantage of using these
free website builders is that your website’s not gonna rank in Google, and will not show
up in the results when people search for something related to your business. You obviously want people to find you on Google
so that they visit your website and buy your products or services, and with Wix and these
other places you won’t be able to achieve this. And one of the main reasons why your website
won’t rank in Google is because your pages won’t load as fast as they should. Google doesn’t like that at all, and nor
will the people who visit your website. On average visitors wait about 3 seconds for
a web page to load before they get annoyed and leave. So creating a website in Wix will only cause
people to go to your competitors. You will also have a very limited storage
space for your images and files, your site won’t be very secure and will be more vulnerable
to hackers, and you really won’t have much control over your designs making your pages
look generic and boring. So just put yourself in your visitors’ shoes;
if you go to a website from Wix it’s not gonna generate much trust, and it’s actually
gonna hurt your business and your image. These free website builders do have paid options
in which they’ll remove some of these problems I just mentioned, but their plans are much
more expensive than those of specialized web hosting companies, and you’ll get a lot
less features. For example in Wix their cheapest plan costs
$13 per month, that’s $156 per year, but all you get will be a bunch of crap! There’s other places where you will pay
a lot less and get a whole lot more than here in Wix. So for all those reasons is why you should
avoid Wix and all these other free page builders. And if you really wanna have an incredible
website that you can feel proud of, that impresses your clients, and that generates more money
for your business, then you’re gonna have to make a small investment. The good news is that I can show you how to
save over 95% of the usual cost of a professional website, and you will only have to invest
a total of $75! That’s all you’re gonna need in order
to have a very high quality and professional website, that has all the sections you want
and that it looks good in all devices. On top of that, I’m gonna give you a ton
of FREE gifts like hundreds of professional designs that you can import into your pages
with one click. OK? So free page builders like Wix do the following
two main things: They host your website and they have a visual drag and drop page builder. For the web hosting I recommend going to BlueHost
with the link in the description below. This is in my opinion the number one hosting
company in the world for many reasons that I explain in another one of my videos, which
I’m gonna link to up here on the top, and this is where I host all of my websites as
well as my client’s. When you register for BlueHost, you’ll get
a FREE domain name, a FREE business email address, and a FREE SSL security certificate. Your website will also come with WordPress
automatically installed, and this is the tool you’ll need to manage the content of your
website. Furthermore when hosting your website on BlueHosts’s
servers, your pages will load ultra fast just how Google likes it and you’ll have advanced
security against hackers, viruses, and malware. OK? So click on the link below to go to BlueHost
and get a special price of just $3.95 per month instead of the $13 per month that Wix
will charge you, and they don’t even have half the features BlueHost does. OK? And then for the visual drag and drop page
builder you need to install a plugin on your WordPress. So after you complete your registration on
BlueHost you’ll be able to access your dashboard which looks like this, and you go to Plugins
>Add new. Search for Elementor, and install it… and
activate it. This plugin will let you create all types
of designs without the need of any HTML just like you see here in this example, and it’s
my favorite tool that I use every single day. I have another video with the most comprehensive
tutorial you’ll find on using Elementor, it’s really easy to use so definitely check
it out as well. This plugin is free but they also have a Pro
version which you can get with the link below in the description, and this version will
give you a bunch more features that I highly recommend you get. The cost of this tool is $50. So with this plus the BlueHost fee, your total
yearly cost for a high end professional website will be about $150. But like I mentioned before, there is a way
to get everything for just $75! I have a link down below where I explain how,
so check it out. All these free website builders like Wix lure
you in with their free offers, but in the end you get what you pay for, just a crappy
unreliable website. If you wanna have a good quality website you
usually have to invest thousands of dollars, but I’m showing you how to do it for just
a tiny fraction of the cost. So like I said, check out the link in the
description below. Leave your comments or questions if you have
any. Please give this video a thumbs up if it was
helpful and subscribe to my channel. Thank you so much for watching and I’ll
see you on the next one!

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