How To Create A Website for FREE Step By Step – Free Hosting, Free Domain & Training
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How To Create A Website for FREE Step By Step – Free Hosting, Free Domain & Training

how to create your own website for free
step by step my name is Craig and in this video I’m
going to showing you how to create your own website for free and I’m also going to be showing you
step by step how you can build a website now I’ve been building websites for
several years and the platform that I use is WordPress it’s a great platform to use for building websites because you don’t
really need any experience at the end of this video I’m going to
point you to another video where I show you step-by-step how to build this very website now you may have seen WordPress websites
before I may think this is that what the professional
use well I’m going to show you some other web
sites that are also running the WordPress platform now this is one I was building for my friend he
owns a the local moving company and this is running WordPress here’s another website runs WordPress
and you’ve probably seen him on the discovery channel here’s another one now I know all of these websites are running
Wordpress because the way to see if they’re running WordPress we right click and we click on view page source and you’ll see that we have wp-content and that’s part
of the WordPress uh… platform and here’s a famous tennis played from
the uk so the WordPress platform is great for
creating websites and no they’re not just blogs you from create what people call a website now you probably wondered how can I
create my own website for free if I don’t have my own hosting or if I don’t have my own domain name well I’ve been a member of the
membership websites since 2007 and just recently they made some huge
changes and they are giving away free hosted and they are allowing you to use
there free domains to build your own website now they may come a time when you want
to host your website on your own domain and then that’s a time when you can
go out and you can to Godaddy to spend nine dollars and purchase your own domain but the benefit here is you can join their website you got to use their free hosted you get to use one of their free domains you got to learn from all of their
training material how to build websites that get traffic make money and everything like that and it’s not going to cost you a penny later down the road if you want to
transfer your website you own like Hostgator hosting or whatever I will gladly show you how to do it
you simply install one little plugin and you backup
everything up and transfer the website if you want to put you website on its
own domain name well you simply go to Godaddy purchase your domain and point it to your domain name so what we need to do first is entry
into our browser and it going to take us to this page and what we need to do is create a free account so were going to enter in our first name and our email address and then when you click on create my
account were then going to enter in our last name give ourselves a strong password and we can
to choose a username and my username is available so I’m going to
click on create account and continue and then were going to be presented with this screen and these are the two co-owner of this community website and you’ll automatically be following them and if you went to
you’ll automatically be following me and basically this is a community of people
that are interested in making their own website to make money or build a business or perhaps a you
know they own a landscaping company and that he had to build a successful
website so we’re going to click ok I’m ready to
get started and this is the welcome page now inside
this website there is tons of training material which will teach you how to build a website how to customize your
website how to get your website ranking in search
engines how to drive traffic to your website and
much much more there’s also a live chat area so if
you need help you can jump on the live chat and ask questions and to build a website we simply come down here and click on
build websites now because we’re not going to be paying any money it’s is going to ask us to become a premium member but until you’re ready to become a
premium member you can build your own website
for free and to do that were going to click on this button here which says on a free
domain and now that we presented with this screen
we have to decide what we want to call our domain name now we can enter in
what ever we like here and then it will be dot siterubix dot com now for example this is how to build a blog dot
site rubix dot com now for example we could enter in
whatever we like perhaps and wanted to make a website
about making money at home so we could enter making money at home now double check the spelling and then hit
next step and this is where we enter in our
business name now I’m just going to entry my website all of these details we can changed later
from inside our website that scrolling down this is where we
get to select our website theme now as you can see there are currently
136 pages that you can browse through and find a theme that you want to use now keep in mind that you can change
your website theme anytime you like from inside of your website now a theme is basically the appearance and the layout of your
website now all of these websites here are using
different themes now I have to point out that some of these themes maybe premiums themes that you have to pay for but with one hundred thirty six pages to pick from
to build your first free website you can’t complain so for this video we just going to select
the first theme that we see here local business and were going to scroll down and click on
the next step I’m were just going to double check the the domain name I’m fine with out the
website name is fine and the theme is fine now we’re going to click on build website and what it’s doing now it’s going off
its installing all the files on our website and it’s going to create us some login details
it’s already done here it gives us our username and password
and if we want to look at our website right now this is what it looks like and we haven’t even
done anything this you know let’s say we were a local
painter well we can come in and start editing
our website now you can login into this website anytime
you like to go over the training and to learn more about building a website uh… perhaps you want to learn how to
drive traffic to your website or you want jump on the live chat uh… you can come in here anytime you
like your free starter account will not expired and your website is always going to be available now as a free starter member you can
couldn’t create two website using a domain now your always going to find your website details under build website and click on website it’s going to load up this page if we click on details it’s going to bring up this popup and give us
our usernames and passwords and here we have to website address and
then we have the login page and then click on the login page and
this is how we go in and edit our website now we enter in admin for our username and I’m going to press ctrl v and paste in our
password and this is like the back end of our
website now you might think wow this looks
crazy and you’re not sure what to do but keep in mind that I show you how
to build a this very website on my YouTube channel but if you click on this big square
right now it’s going to take you directly to that video so now that you know how to create a
website for free without paying for hosting or purchasing a domain name it’s time you learnt how to build a website
step-by-step now if you click on this video
overlay it should take you to my other video were I show you step by step how to
build a website if for some reason it doesn’t work just
visit my YouTube channel or you can contact me from inside of wealthy
affiliate again my name is Craig and I wish you
all the best if you need any help don’t forget to post a comment or come and find me and ask questions


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