How To Create A Sales Funnel Website
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How To Create A Sales Funnel Website

I’m John Crestani. I’ve made millions of
dollars on the internet and in this video I’m going to walk you through how to
create sales funnels websites and show you step by step kind of how I’ve used
funnels in my business to lead customers through a coherent
journey for… I’ve marketed lots of businesses and each one is different. So
stay tuned. Strap in and get ready for the wildest ride of your entire life. Okay, the subject is not really that
exciting and to be in the wildest ride for your life. But, if you come over with
me understanding how sales funnels works at work and understanding how to lead
customers or prospects on the coherent journey from beginning to end has just
totally revolutionized my ability to be a marketer and make money from the
internet. You know my business model is I do affiliate marketing which means I
market other people’s products and earn a commission if I thought if I sell some
of their stuff. I’ve made millions of dollars online. Last month I made like
$690 something which is like mind-blowing. But
it’s really cool because if you understand marketing, you can really just
work from your laptop and do anything. Now, what sales funnels are is basically
you know marketing has evolved. Not… You don’t just you know have a customer
click on your link and click buy and purchase a product. Marketing is a lot
more complicated than that most customers don’t just want to click on a
website and be told to buy something. What you need to do is you need to lead
people on a journey. Sometimes you need to convince people why they need to
purchase a particular product. In other cases, you need to filter and understand
what product is best to offer that particular customer. In other cases, you
shouldn’t even be selling things online at all. You should actually be you know
getting that customer to get on the phone with you. Every
situation is different, okay? The first step is you’ve got to research your
competitors. Research the other people marketing in your niche. Now a dirty
little secret I use is I’ll simply copy the sales funnels of my competitors and
change a few words. Now, typically speaking if your competitors are
consistently advertising a particular sales funnel. Maybe they’re putting up an
ad, maybe they’re collecting an email address and then maybe they’re giving
that customer some free information before they ask for the sale, there’s a
pretty good chance that that’s a pretty good version of a working funnel for a
business, okay? And that this is what you should be using. At least this is the
good starting spot. It might not be perfect but you know if this works, you
should be doing it. Again, do what your competitors do. There aren’t new
businesses around. Every human need and desire has been fulfilled in some way
shape or form for thousands of years. Every single need and desire, you know
even if there are new products and new services or new ideas, they all come back
to basic human needs and desires and there’s a way to market to whatever
those solutions are. So I’m actually going to walk you through one of the
original funnels I built. This is back in early 2012. This transformed an
entire business .This funnel was the responsible for the the jobs for
directly for hiring hundreds and hundreds of employees for a company that
ended up getting bought for hundreds of millions of dollars. Now, that company is
Greenlight financial and this was their landing page before they started working
with me, okay? At the time, I was working for an ad agency. So I wasn’t
actually they weren’t actually my client. But I was the only person working on
their account. Now as you see here, they you know… Their logo was in the
upper right and they said, you know “Refinance now before rates rise.” Then a
phone call and then they had a long form like this. Very basic form. They asked a
bunch of questions that they needed to hand over to their sales reps to help
give that customer a quote. They had some benefits, you know they had a good
mixture of white space. They had a picture of what their kind of customer
demographic was and they even had a testimonial. So in many respects, they had
you know many of the essential elements for what a good landing page is. But the
problem was that their competitors were all using what I called multi-part forms.
And I did analysis of what their competitors were using and I said, “Hey
let’s do something similar.” Now, what we moved to was creating a 3 step form
such as this. This was the form we built. We just streamlined everything and we
kept things very basic. Get your personalized rate quote and we led
people through what I call a filtering process where people are
committing more and more information. In sales, this is called a “yes ladder”. So as
you see we’re collecting all of the same information but we have the main things
already filled out. Then we’re asking them for their zip code and then we ask
for the rest of their information in steps 2 and in steps 3. Now in
funnels, you generally go for the easiest information to gather first. That’s why
in this particular funnel, I went for the zip code information first because
people don’t mind giving out their zip code. The zip code is just a very easy
piece of information. It’s anonymous. Nobody minds giving it away. but as
people progressed from step one to step 2 and then from step 2 to step 3, there are increasing amounts of commitment. Each click of the mouse
somebody makes, they are more and more willing to give more personal
information because in their mind they’re more vested in the actual funnel.
They’ve spent more time. They’ve… By clicking,
it’s like an investment. This is one of the reasons why 80…
I think it’s 86% of Facebook users never click the audio button on Facebook ads.
Oh sorry, on Facebook videos because if you click that button on a Facebook
video, it’s like you’re committing to like watch the whole video right or it’s
like you’re committing to the video in some way, shape or form. So a lot of
people just watch that video on silent because they don’t want to commit to
that video. A click is a commitment and you know I use that to my advantage here
so I asked for little pieces of information which made people more
likely to give me their name, phone number and email address at the end. And
as you’ll see, the second step, you know I… It was just an easy step all they had to
do was really click continue and then the third step was asking them for their
information. Name, email, phone number cell phone and address. We made it really easy.
In this form, if you look above, let me actually bring up the raw
data. My version of the website ended up converting leads 55% better. So that
means for the same amount of money, I was getting the company 55% more leads from
their spends. So that means if they were spending $100 to get 2 people
contacting them, they were now getting 3 people contacting them. So their
business grew exponentially and what happened was they actually started over
time we split tested that page to make it work even better. And the result
was, I was able to take this company which was a client of mine at the time. I
was just consulting from spending about a hundred thousand dollars a month on.. in
online advertising to spending $2.2 million dollars per month in online
advertising because what we did with our new sales funnel was so unbelievably
effective and the entire reason that this campaign worked so well was
because we implemented these new landing page. Okay, this new funnel. So
that’s the power of funnels. If you have a better marketing funnel, you’re
gonna make more money, okay? Plain and simple .Look at what your
competitors are doing and copy their marketing funnels. You don’t need a copy
word for word. But copy the layout, copy the flow. Is your competitor using a
survey or questionnaire to filter people? Are your competitors giving away free
information at a certain point or your competitors giving away a free demo or a
quote or an audit? That’s how you build sales funnels. You don’t need to make it
too complicated. Check what your competitors are doing and try to do
something similar. You can count… There are all sorts of fancy trainings
out there that will tell you way more complicated ways to do things. Way more
complicated ways to to figure out what the best flow is or what the best funnel
is for your business. Don’t make it complicated. Look at your competitors.
Look at similar companies that are spending lots of money in advertising.
That are getting lots of likes or shares on their ads or that are putting lots of
ads on Google and simply create the same sort of flow for you and your business.
Now I hope this was helpful. If this was helpful for you, if you would like to
learn more about marketing funnels, let me know specifically what you’d like to
learn more about in the comments below. I’d like to hear from you. If you have
any questions or if you disagree with anything that I’m saying here, let me
know in the comments below. I’d love to argue with you. I’d love to debate you. I
I know marketing pretty well and I just love debating people. I’ve been
getting bored recently. I want to debate more people. Also, if you’re looking to
learn more about internet marketing and affiliate marketing, make sure to
subscribe to my channel and hit that notification belle. You’ll get a
free course. It’ll be available on my Youtube channel homepage which is 10
videos of how to do affiliate marketing and you can learn how to do that
step-by-step and see how I make money and see how lots of others around the
world are creating their own internet businesses. Talk to you soon. Hopefully
enjoy this. Go out there. Make some freaking money and have some fun.


  • Hasham ahmad

    Hi john! Clickbank does not accept affiliates from Pakistan… So can i sign up for clickbank using a vpn and fake address..

  • The Super Affiliate Show

    I owe so much to funnnnnnnels!!!! The only thing I would add is that funnel software and page builders like Clickfunnels make it easier than ever to build funnels, but old direct response principles are still the secret sauce. The "big marketing idea" as +Todd Brown talks about. The messaging and the offer is everything… Without it, the slickest funnel will not help.

  • Leigh Michaels

    Great stuff, John. So u broke the ad down into three steps (pages) instead of the single page ur client originally had, correct? What tool did u use to author those pages? Thx!

  • Ryan Strong

    Can you build a funnel that promotes your affiliate course? (I’m aware that that’s also a funnel on itself).

  • Raffaella La Forgia

    Thanks John, I look forward to your content. I just joined your 6 week program and after a full time job and coming home to take care of the family’s needs, I spend an hour or so going through the training. I’m excited to know that there is a solution to the rat race, NOW just to take action on it! Thanks again.

  • Dan Tetreault

    You've "made millions of dollars online" but you still have a hairdo like that? Fire your barber. I am kidding. Lol

  • toordog

    I've been doing this type of work for a while, I mainly am an entrepreneur and start businesses. The funnels I need to build now are in an untapped industry in need, not sure where to go with this one. I know how hard it is to teach people about something they have never seen before, but whole heartedly need it.

  • Deborah Awe

    Can I create a sales funnel on like wix, wordpress, squarespace, and other website builders if I can’t afford to market my business with a sales funnel on click funnels, builderall, the conversion pros, online sales pro, or jvzoo.

  • Gary Stumpf

    John, your awesome comparing to others on there websites, you seem you have the good ole boy syndrome which I can relate to, and you show people how to do it . I'm just  slow, i'll get it after watching several times Im sure

  • Tomtastix

    Awesome like always!! Nice hint with the Copy-Style! imitation is a basic of learning 😀
    But i ask myself if you didn´t get trouble for some kind of copyright laws, ..i mean at least here in Germany we also have a strikter DSGVO (new Data-Law: tries to prevent customers from scams and sniffing out) …so it might be a bit harder here i guess, what do you think?

  • Paco D'rocker

    Hey John, I'm new to this game and I'm trying to figure out how I can make a situational awareness training funnel, where I can promote my business to companies. Any ideas?

  • victor elisha selowa

    Thanks man, I appreciate your work. Though your in it for something because nothing is ever free, you are still giving much to the world.

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