How To Create A Professional WordPress Website  – FOR BEGINNERS 2016
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How To Create A Professional WordPress Website – FOR BEGINNERS 2016


  • Marie Bernard

    I only wanted to watch part of the video but ended up watching it all. Thank you for a very information packed video. Excellent.

  • J Philpotts

    Prior to watching this video, I have watch dozens and you have explained the process so eloquently and clearly. Thanks Jade. Great video.

  • The Top Of the Top

    thanks you very much , this the site am great it beacuse if you

    love to hear more from you

    best regards

  • Philip Musyoka

    Thanks much how abt the CSS Code you Pasted to deduce space, cant see them cleary can you post em' please. your work really helped me

  • Aanchal Kishore

    hey i m following your tutorial but unable to find Lightbox Plus Colorbox plugin ?? is there some other plugin i could use

  • Krystaphel Reid

    hey man how do i keep my menu to the right? i added some custom css to have my contact details above the menu but it made the menu shift a little to the left. How can i keep the menu to the right? This is my website.

    This is the css i added.

    nav#mainnav:before {
    display: block;
    text-align: right;
    padding-right: 14px;
    font-size: 18px;
    color: #ffffff;
    margin-bottom: 8px;
    content: "13 March Pen Road, Spanish Town PO. ST Catherine, JAMAICA WI. Tel: +1(876) 749-4411";

  • Daniel Newton

    Hello, I have an issue with Sydney. It does not seem to be 100% responsive. When I open my site on an ipad/ Galaxy pad or a smart phone, the menu does not appear and some of the images on the home page do not fit the frame. Can anyone suggest why this is and how I can fix it?

  • Shaunie P

    Hi Jade, thanks for getting me further than anyone else did with following a tutorial to build a WordPress website.
    I would like to ask how much more theme and style customisation is available in the 'Sydney Pro' version.
    Could you or someone reply about that. IE – I would like to change the colour of the 'white box' that sits behind the 'Page Title' name on my pages. It's white at the moment and the body of my page is a colour that I would prefer to have.
    Thanks for any help I can get with the SYDNEY Theme.

  • Audiology SLP Talk

    Its was great tutorial !! One major problem my website is facing about header slider page which is not mobile friendly !! where i am able to see only middle part of front page image in mobile. plz help

  • Smith Patel

    well thak a lot @creatify marketing your video helps me a lot bt i cant not get css code.
    wt will i do to get those css codes plz help me as soon as possible.

  • Skip Barrus

    I already have WordPress on my PC…..I sold my domain but intend to buy another soon….will my WP have to be changed or upgraded to work with my new domain and do I have to go thru the hosting company in the video to get my WP to work?

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