How to Create a Magento Store in 2 Minutes | Magento Overview
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How to Create a Magento Store in 2 Minutes | Magento Overview

you are going to build a Magento
ecommerce store in only two minutes! In the dashboard go to the e-commerce tool, click on it and click on the enter button. if you don’t have the e-commerce store inside your dashboard go to the “customize your back-office” it will open
you this window and here you have the e-commerce tool. if you click on it you
can enter it or install it. click the enter button, it will open you the
e-commerce builder and here you can create a store. click on “create store”.
here you have two options you can create your store with your domain, and you can
use a subdomain of stores, I’ll try with my domain: so my domain is and I use a subdomain. I call it “store” and the
domain is connected. I call it “store”, country others select
layout, changed user name to admin and I put a strong password I’ll copy it
and click on the “create store” please wait I stopped being created it can take
up five minutes please wait I’ll pose the video and I’ll show you what
happened after that. After three minutes it created my Magento store I can open
the store and I can enter it with my admin. this is the first store and now
I’m going to edit it. next tutorial we start to customize our store. please
click on the next tutorial button or you have a link down inside the description.
I’ll see you there

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