How to Create a Hosting Company Website With WordPress and Elementor – the Data Centers Page
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How to Create a Hosting Company Website With WordPress and Elementor – the Data Centers Page

Press the Add Template button with the folder icon. Switch to the Blocks tab. Change the category to “Call to Action”. And insert the one called “Finding something interesting”. Switch to the Style tab ->Choose Image, and insert this one we download from Pixabay. At the Background Overlay menu,
change the color, set the Opacity to 0.6. Update the Title. Change the color of the
text by going to the Style tab. Update the subtitle. Press the Add Template button. Change the Category to Contact. And Insert the one with the “Welcome” title. That’s the one. Press insert. Press the Plus sign “Add Section” and
Insert the one-column structure. Drag and drop a Heading type of Elementor element. Change its title to “Cyxtera / USA”, and increase the size of the text. Now right-click on the Pencil icon ->Edit
Google Maps and enter the location of the US data center. This will automatically update the map. Delete this title. And now we’ll update
each Text Editor element with characteristics and specs of the actual
data center. Again, I have the text prepared so I’m just copying and pasting. The idea is that this whole area will
show the features of the US data center. We are deleting the social media
icons. Delete the email. Click “Edit section” for the Cyxtera / USA
title. Go to the Advanced tab. Set the padding to 60. Unlink the values and set
the Bottom padding to zero. Now we’re proceeding with the next data
center. We are basically repeating step 3, 4, 5 and 6 with the other two data centers. Now we’re going with the one in Hong
Kong where we dragged-and-dropped a Heading type of Elementor element. Updated the
Title. Press the Add Template button again under the Blocks tab change the
Category to Contact and Insert the one with the “Welcome” title. Again, you can get
all the details from the website. Now we’ll update that Google Map
Location. And we’ll enter all of the specs for the
HK data center. Real Estate Summary. We’ll delete the social media icons. The third paragraph would be called “Connectivity”. Let’s enter the details for
it. Let’s delete the email. We’re proceeding with European
data center. Insert a one column structure. Drag-and-drop a Heading type of element. Set the title to the “Neterra / Europe”. Increase the size. Add Template. Set the Category to “Contact”. Insert the “Welcome” block. Now let’s Edit the Google Map. Update the Location. Delete the Title. Change the first title
to “Real Estate Summary”. Set the actual specs. Change the one called “Our Hours” to
“Electrical Summary”. Set the description. Delete those working hours. Delete the social media stuff. Change the label from “Contact Us” to “Connectivity” and enter the actual specs. Delete the email ->right-click ->Delete. And these are all the three data centers
that we have. You can see them listed on the page.

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