How To Create A High Converting Landing Page For Your WordPress Website In 10 Minutes
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How To Create A High Converting Landing Page For Your WordPress Website In 10 Minutes


  • WordPress For Non-Techies

    If you run any kind of marketing campaigns where you are paying for traffic, then you need a easy and fast way to add landing pages to your website. Let me know what you thing about these landing pages.

  • John Bennett

    Great video. I wish I could buy it through you but I already have it. I had no idea they had those local business templates, a real eye opener for me, THANKS!

  • Joseph Perez

    Great video. So many WP how too videos and I find I understand yours the most thank you. My inmotion hosting account will expire in about 3 weeks, can I re up with your deal. This is my current site thanks to you not everything works since I don't have much time, however I'd like to take advantage of your tutorials by renewing through you if at all possible and maybe using these landing pages on my site if it will make it easier for me to keep updated. Thank you!

  • Mustafa Noon

    I purchased the Thrive plugin as recommended by this channel. So far, I am happy with it. Yes there is still room for a lot improvement and it is a bit buggy, but I'd still recommend this plugin over Visual Composer. Visual Composer is one of the worst mistakes I have ever made.

    Check out the page below that I have created after watching videos on this channel and using Thrive Landing Page.

  • Matthew R Asaro

    When I downloaded the thrive visual editor it didn't download as a zip file. I'm on a mac. When I try to upload the plugin into my wordpress site, it's not working. Any advice?

  • Mohammad Noman Khan

    How can i edit the back-end of that mail form? As in how can i set which email address to receive mail when someone mail through that form,thanks.

  • Karo Stan

    Following your advise I paid for Thrive Leads $97 and I still don't have access to anything, only the tutorials and information how to use it. Whenever I want to access the Themes it keeps telling me I don't have access to any Themes yet and it takes me to pay for membership. I am trying to learn how to do all this myself but if I need to pay for hidden pays that don't say anything upfront can I have my money back? Please help!!

  • Jonas Nielsen

    For creating lead capture pages or any page that requires a form and a submit button, which wordpress tool do you think is the best today? Does Thrive beat Elementor Pro for the purpose?

  • Ana Fernandez

    Hey Adam…another great video, thanks. Just to be clear though…this is a plugin not a theme, correct? If so, will it work with any theme?

  • Ana Fernandez

    One more question…in order for the "book an appointment" button to work, it would need another plugin for a booking agent, right?

  • want to try creat something new for helping all

    can you give me the ZIP file of this plugin?? i am new learning wordpress .. can you give me dear? iy will be very helpfull for me

  • malo yalo

    pls sir i need your help what is the best alternative for click funnel,what is wrong if i create a good landing page with call to action to where i want to direct my cpl

  • Viviana Munoz

    HI I have been watching your videos for about a month now which is when I discovered you and I created a landing page but now it's not coming up as my main screen. Would you be able to guide me in the right direction?

  • A Deus

    Do you have to buy a domain/hosting to be able to build every landing page? Or can you do it on existing WordPress site making a subdomain or something?

  • Ravi Shirurkar

    Hey Adam, I have already made an astra websites with elementor looking at your tutorials. My question is can I integrate these thrive landing pages for new pages keeping my rest of website intact. Also does this affect blog or SEO in anyway?

  • Eric Green

    Off topic… Can you tell me what screen capture software you use to make your videos? Also, how is your face being placed in the corner. You do great work.

  • Dale Neff

    I found you a while back and thought no I will use you only once, I have more subs than I wanted. Ok so after the sixth time I had a question this week and you can up , I said why fight it ? It is not his fault he Knows more than most. Ha, thanks for your help buddy.

  • Harry Karanassos

    I am having problems downloading "3 steps to WordPress success". Is it still active? Thank you for your assistance which is appreciated.

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