• Johnny Rowel

    Pls if you can help me with what I’m asking it will be great every in this video I need but at the same time Too many things that’s what my website relying on you didn’t talk about it

  • Murphy Elo

    This is a great video. When I started my fashion business, I had few challenges communicating with my customers, most especially the ones outside the united state,
    and so I saw the need to get a website where my patronizing clients outside of the US can just input their measurements.
    and pick a style they want, as traveling over to their place was quite stressful. A friend recommended
    me to a web designer that designed a website for me, and so I had time to focus on my business fully while he did a great job for me.
    I recommend that you contact him for similar cases that can help your business grow. He is on Instagram @theweb_sean or send him a text on +13154961078

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