How to Control Resources and Manage Virtual Hosting Subscriptions in MetaTrader 4/5?
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How to Control Resources and Manage Virtual Hosting Subscriptions in MetaTrader 4/5?

Straight from the platform, you can easily control the resources used by Expert Advisors and indicators running on a virtual machine. This can be done using the “Details” command in the Navigator window. The Details window features the graphs of: CPU … memory …. and hard disk usage. High values in any of the graphs indicate that the performance of the custom applications running on the virtual platform is not optimal. It is recommended to monitor these reports periodically, since resource usage above a certain threshold may lead to automatic termination of the hosting service. Enable push notifications during migration, and you will receive timely alerts of such overloads of the virtual machine. If you want to run another Expert Advisor or change subscription on the hosted platform, simply create a new trading environment, as you did prior to the first migration, and select synchronization type to migrate a “Signal”, “Expert Advisors” or all of them together. A message about the successful migration will appear in the platform and the hosting synchronization details will be added to the Journal. Control your subscriptions to provide continuous operation of the virtual platform. To avoid hosting interruption after the end of the paid rental period, timely renew the hosting subscription. Click on the link and check all your active, completed and canceled subscriptions. Enable “Automatic subscription renewal” on your virtual platform and make sure that there are enough funds on your MQL5 account to pay for the selected hosting plan. That is all you need to know about virtual hosting. Now you know how to rent and migrate your automated trading to a virtual hosted platform as well as to manage your subscriptions.


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