How to connect your Uniregistry Domain to Builderall – [Simple Steps]
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How to connect your Uniregistry Domain to Builderall – [Simple Steps]

Hi, it’s Colin McIntyre and i’ve just shot
in a very short video that shows you how to connect your Uniregistry domain to Builderall. Okay, connecting a domain or a custom domain
that’s held by, held in Uniregistry to Builderall. So I’m using a responsive blog builder
at the moment and I’m actually making a blog in Builderall. I’m moving away from WordPress.
Now I definitely want that to be branded to myself
and so this general domain name URL is not going to be what I want at all. So as I’m
editing the blog I get this screen and it tells me “do you want
to use a custom domain name?”. It’s a blog, I want to brand -the answer is yes. So what
does it tell me you need to do? It tells me that I need
to point my nameservers at that, at Uniregistry to these servers (Nameservers). In other words
Builderall is going to host that domain for you.
Okay so I’ll go to Uniregistry and I’ll login. Get that out of the way. Okay I’ve only got
one domain registered with this company and this one actually would be very good as a
custom domain name for a block – for a blog. It’s not the one I’m
going to use and so I’m not actually going to save this, but I’m gonna go through the
process. So I click on the domain and I look for the DNS records
and it tells me that currently that domain is hosted by Uniregistry itself. If I want
to change that I can choose set new nameservers. Okay now
fortunately it tells me I have to save this for it to take it, for it to happen. So I
won’t save it, but I’ll show you where you do. So I would take that
– copy it and drop it into Builderall, just making sure I’ve got no spaces there which
I haven’t which is right. I would then copy that and press add
will then get me another box to put in a second server, and I would just take that one copy
and then on the second drops it shows up I would do that.
So that’s nameserver one and two have been added. I would then go to the bottom where
it says “Save Changes”. That’s all that you would need to do. Now
for a nameserver to propagate, the domain to move from one nameserver to the other can
take up to 48 hours. In my experience it normally happens in a
matter of minutes. So once you’ve put that, saved your changes typically you would go
back and you would get “a domain successfully added” and you would
have added your custom domain to Builderall that is currently held in Uniregistry. Simple.
I hope you’ve enjoyed the video and you found it useful!
if you have – please subscribe to my channel where you’ll find lots more of these types
of videos and plenty more to come. Thank You.

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